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Planet earth prison colony?

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posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 02:52 AM
For what? Why? Why us? Your take on all this.

Crossbreeding one good reason. Greys lost their genitals & emotional capacity & want to borrow ours. there's one line of reasoning.Gotta be more to it than that. What else? Spiritual reasons? we must learn something while we're here? What is it? I wanna go now.

Perhaps it's materialism? TPTB wanna make cash off of oil & prozac & need us to buy it? What d'ya think?

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 03:05 AM
That Earth is a Prison planet is the Church of Scientology's view. It's in another thread here The Truth Part II

Personally I believe this is hell, and we need to advance in spirit to get off this rock

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 03:28 AM
Earth as a prison planet is a belief held by many that have nothing to do with scientology. There are many OOBE that report trying to fly through space butbeing "pulled" back and told not to leave. I dont personally believe Earth is a prison planet. I think Earth is another "step" towards ....something. I think we have all lived many many times as countless types of beings. Our experiences are all stored or remembered by us "in-between" lives. When we have exiseted long enough as rats, we live as a chicken, something like that, hard to explain. While we are living we cant remember anything about past lives but sometimes past livesslip through. You must have heard stories about kids whonever left their hometown talking about far away places and people that they could only know if they lived their before.(sorry I'm rambling, kinda drunk) If you do a little research you can find may people who swear they were an alien in a past life. Unfortunatlytheirs no way to prove this.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by Tiloke Unfortunatlytheirs no way to prove this.

Prove to the outside world... no

However you can get regression hypnosis. Takes you past when you were born. University of Toronto is one place that does this. It depends on how much YOU want to advance

Again it will prove nothing to anyone but yourself. BUT isn't that all that really matters? I am in my 8th incarnation and I never needed that hypnosis

Alien worlds possible, but not yet. When I stated I thought this was hell I meant it as my personal hell as I am anxious to move on. Rather a better way to describe it is kindergarten. We are at the edge of an unempressive young Galaxy. We are just starting out with a long way to go...

If you REALLY want to find out... visit Tibet

Originally posted by Tiloke There are many OOBE that report trying to fly through space butbeing "pulled" back and told not to leave.

As you state "there are many", but not all. That is because your/their soul, your inner voice is pulling you/them back because they are not yet advanced enough to be one with the universe. Think about it for a moment. Kinda like trying to surf the internet with all its vast store of info with a commodore 64.

Serious overload... Put down the bottle and give it some serious thought

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posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 10:05 PM
Agree that only to yourself is what matters. Getting back to the stable theory, again an old alien civilization does neccessarily advance to the positive, we for example are becoming more & more materialistic, schoolkids getting dumber, ( I saw one kid on tv who didn't know England was an island ), So perhaps we like many older alien races are devolving & the prison wardens are interested in us because we are still fresh & have good energy & they want to steal/harvest it.

Don't think that just because we evolve technologically, we also evolve socially/spiritually, often we don't. How bout all the frivolous lawsuits of late, Mc donalds etc & the change towards chemical solutions to emotional problems, ( prozac, zoloft & whatever else shuts off the neuron synapses ). I will venture a guess that many technologically advanced races have atrophied mentally, physically, ( Greys ), & spiritually. Too many Srri's will atrophy the brain.

Kids today play video games & toss down junk food. 30 yrs ago it was sports, preceded by cowboys & Indians, making forts & whatnot. In other words, outside physical stuff. Now I'm rambling.


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