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Is Iraq Helping To Pay For This War?

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posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 10:54 AM
to the thread stater;

quite simply this - Iraq did not ask to be illegally invaded , nor do they want `freedom` - what they want is an end to the civil war , which has been unleashed by the usa - which was controlled with an iron fist by hussein

a country with 3 sects , 2 of which hate each other , and you remove the restraint??

as for money - you invade a country and now , years later it has conditions of that of the stone age - all the while assest strip the country , then when its a dry husk simply abandon it

pay your own debt , as the blood money is truely your own.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 02:40 PM

Originally posted by rich23

Originally posted by MagicaRose
Well, I see that no one agrees with me .
Just alot of Bush bashing and hatred for our President and I don't want to hear it.
Why do you think they haven't attacked us again?

Because we have a President that won't back down and he keeps his word.
I don't like this war either.
I have a Grandson that will be 18 in 2 years and I worry about him having to go into a war that will never end.


MRGERBIK - you are THE MAN! LMAO! You're right, I am tired of critical thinking and I want the soothing tones of Bill O'Reilly to send me to sleep. I almost want a threesome with Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, though I think Ann's Adams apple might put me off a bit. I'd be thinking, Pudenda Shenanigans, is that you? (Google the name if you don't know already. You'll like it.)

Oh yeah... wouldn't it have been cool if the pilot flying Bush in to his "Mission Accomplished" multi-million-dollar photo-op had said, "hey, you used to fly with the National Guard! I'll let you land this one for the folks back home!" and EJECTED?

Haha That's just about right. But you cant question his military record because that's
seen as Bush Bashing. He can fly, that's just the Liberal Media telling you lies.

Nobody wants to talk about how we are arresting veterans who are just wearing T shirts in actual handcuffs. And people actually think this is acceptable behaviour.
We are talking over a shirt that says "Veterans for peacE" and here comes boys in blue putting handcuffs on veterans. Not Handcuffs on War Profiteers or corporatist thieves and people wonder why the rest of the world has been saying, "Wait a minute whats wrong with you guys" This is happening right now it's not conjecture and the country loyalists just say "Yup thats what we need to do"

All of these people who support this administration they give a hall pass for every faux pas. A VP that got 5 deferrments to not go serve his country, can you imagine if he was a democrat? Jesus, I can't.

This administration brought us unprecedented debt and we actually got water carriers talking about "We bringing freedom to Iraqis" Are you kidding me?
And if you bring it up it's a classic duck n dodge "You hate America" Do you hate your child if he is caught with drugs and stealing money from your wife's drawer ? The hell you do. You are questioning their actions and their behaviour. That's what's happening in Iraq on a microscopic level. And most of the Right isn't questioning anything what is going on in middle east and more importantly our country. So you just let everything continue to happen without any accountability?

On top of that Rich did you notice Ken Lay died of a heart attack? Isnt he the reason why Bush's campaign was so successful? call me paranoid but i'd like to see a autopsy of the energy don himself.

Not to mention 10 (Count them) Missles went off in the face of Bush as if to say "And who cares what you say and who you are" (You're not the boss of me You're not the boss of me~) Malcolm and the Middle Theme

And still...STILL we get water carriers who come in and say "I Like Bush don't talk bad about him." Sycophantic symptoms are felt so much in this presidency that it's sickening. But you can't say that because it's bashing. Gimme a break this is so "LA LA LA Im not listening" gag.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by Liberal1984

In fact even Saddam's human paper shredder story has turned out to a total lie (according to the person who started it that is). Saddam kept control and order of a country full of Muslim Fundamentalists. Our government has empowered these people; few of them have ever wanted democracy although they did want freedom from Saddam because he oppressed their religion for doing things like forcing woman to where veils, or making them live in harmony with his secular Sunnis who drank alcohol.

The woodchipper? It's true. I readz it on NEWSMAX bulletin. They said the woodchipper was used to put in IRAQ Grandmother! AN IRAQ Grandmother?!! For shame For shame this country and all who support murder and horror! I seenz what a woodchipper does. I went to Ace Hardware and I got a demonstrayshun. And let me tell you I bet you Sodom's son worked the chipper. Like father like Son.

NEWSMAX aint got Dan Rather and they got the right on their side. I bet there's polaroid photos of someone in the woodchipper. That sick bastard we need to get those photos! It's not over yet! And the WMD's are moved to SYRIA!! SYRRIAAA I SEENz it on World News Daily tip o the day! I can find them I bet. Let me get my Canteen FOX News shown me the terrain I think I can find my way.

Some feller on FREE REPUBLIC tole me we can get a discount airfare on Jet blue. Can't do that in a commie state. You got to take a raft!

Starts downing Jack Daniels and Anti Freeze:: :Whooo some kick
I am so pumped to go to IRACK!!

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 05:39 PM
I just read some of the responces that have posted In this topic my wife said that I should not try To talk politics because Of how smart the people are that I am dealing with. I have not read the first one yet so try to think for one min before you attack. The whole thing was taken the wrong way just because I wanted to know something, remember.................................We are not afraid or dumb.

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