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Satanic Cult in Hollis,NC

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posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:00 PM
This location is said to be a Satanic/Cult Church area...
Setting: The Nights we went it was very cold and wet, and there was a erie stillness, during the day wasnt to bad, wasnt even to cold..very weird


I haven’t shared any of our "adventures" before. Because I often don’t like to remember them..Exspecailly this particular night..

Day - 1:
We had heard tale of a supposed satanic church located in Hollice,NC which is like 40 mins away from my location. So Everyone agrees that we gotta check this place out and see if its legit..

Everyone Readys up and we jump in the car ..and set up to preview the joint before we make our "enterance".

We drove for 4 hours...never found anything...we even asked some locals if it was real, and if they could show us the way.

Responses varyed from "Never heard it..?" the "Stay away from that area..Please...its for you own good"

Well later on that night, around 9:30am we stopped at store, and there was an old women there..we figured she new the area pretty well, and it just so happened..she knew exaclty where it was and pointed us towards the church.

We looked for ever and FOUND NOTHING...we called it quits...for that day.

Day - 2:
Today a few of my friends who have been through that area more than me, took a jorney towards tha area again and found the church..which was located in the middle of a field surrounded by trees, mind you it CANT be seen from the road AT ALL So they decided that next weekend would the time were gonna go, and take everyone.

But here is the general area. the actual church is a good bit further up/north than the ruins. The picture is rather condensed, but some what accurate.

Old building - 1: When we arrived here the first night, we couldnt find the church, so we decided to get out and look around abit..we parked in the area labled "parking area" and walk a good bit south past that building...and heard some of the awfulest bloody screams, I've ever heard..sounded like it weas off a movie...very weird..everyone is like WTF at this point so we leave and decided to return tomarrow. ( after which we found out that a woman had been raped and murdered in this building...)

I Dont know the story behind the burnt gym...but inside was pretty creepy...there was a stuffed bunny rabbit hanging from a noose when me and a friend walked in, we thought it was funny when we saw it, so we went to get the others...when we arrived back in the gym..the rabbit had been removed from the noose..and sat on the floor by the door...I hope there was someone there #ing with us..if not...damn..

The Ruins (which contained a weird alter looking thing in the center) are also little further north than showed in the picture, again its condensed for viewing pleasure.

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posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:02 PM
Day - 3:
I should say night 3 rather than day 3...we decied to have a good look at it and maybe get in...

When we got was cold dark and just felt weird...maybe its just me..i dunno..

anyway...we walk threw the deep wooded areas, and as if it came out of no where there stood a the middle of an open road..nothing leading towards it, there was no indication that the building was located there.

we walked further and until we arrived at the church...and it was locked with a black iron gate..and a 10 year old master lock that was HUGE..(I went in to lowes and they dont even makem that big any more)..under the lock was a good sized dent..looked like someone tryed to shoot the lock open...

there was a black cross at the top of the church..and was spiked on each end..the gate also contained a black cross with an upside down triangle around it.

around back was what seemed to be BRAND NEW restrooms, that were built on but outside the building each locked up with smaller newer master locks. So it is being used...i dont know when but it is...

There were no windows in the was completely bricked up..but looked very well kept...

on the back left side was the writing "JESUS CHRIST"(looked like it was scraped in with a key or metal object) which has been covered up with was still readable though..but barely

we decided to leave and comeback with bolt cutters...WE WERE GOING IN

Day - 4:
again it should be night 4.
ok me and 6 other friends got what we needed. heres the list:

bolt cutters
night vision goggles (ex military friends) always a plus
protection (knives)...(wish it would have been guns)
thermite (as last resort)

ok its around 10:00am and we set off.

When we arrive in the area labeled "parking area" we head towards the church past the ruins...10 minute walk or so. We scout the area with night vision to see if the coast is clear...we stopped and said a prayer...(we wasnt sure what exaclty we were up against)

north past the ruins the area looked similar to this.

just to give you a general idea.

We get to the gates, I take the bolt cutters..(since I've used them many times before)..And try to cut this massive lock..and it isnt doing anything...not even a a pretty strong guy too..and im getting no results..

about this time a friend stops and tells every to be quite.....FROM WITHIN THIS CHURCH WE HEARD MOANING... Almost sounded as if we had awakened the dead (I know this sounds corny...but it is completely true)

Several moans were heard and recorded on video tape..

at this point we retreat back to point A and regroup for a second. Then suddenily we see lights...

With the night vision we see a truck in the distance..getting out of this truck is people dressed completly in black...2 people get out and head towards our location..but are taking a different route..luckily for us ..they took the longer way around...maybe to cut us off..i dunno

We headed for the ruins, and started looking for places to hide...we stay there for all of 3 minutes..we had no idea were those people where, or what they were up too

...we took off back to the parking get the # outta there..Right as we were pulling off, these people dressed in full black came running out of the tree line down the road after us..of course we're on back of a truck so were leaving them in the dust..and that was the last time we went back...

THE ENITRE DAY 4 was on video tape, so look forward to seeing that. and I will post some pictures aswell..

I dont know what was in that church..drugs..bodies...or even demons maybe it wasnt keeping us out, maybe is was holding something in..we arent sure...untill this day we are pissed..that we never made it in..but worry'ed what might have happened if we did get in..

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:04 PM
Sorry for post after post, my characters are limited..

Anyway I have a good bit of pictures if anyone wants to host them.

Right, this is a copy/paste of my oringinal writing. I even drew the maps in mspaint.exe

My user name on the binrev fourms was H5N1...get rid of the warning crap..messin my post up

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posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:14 PM
Well, that is interesting. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to the video and pics.

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:41 PM
As Mirthful Me has pointed out, plagerism is NOT acceptable on ATS.


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