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ats bug?

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posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 05:56 AM
on the todays posts page, this thread - is listed as having -2 replies yet there are 4 replies. i pressed refresh but it still says -2

anyone know why?

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 07:03 AM
I clicked the link.
I see five replies.

But it may all be a delusion on my part ???

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 07:17 AM
i think you have misundertood me ... in 'todays posts' it says '-2' (MINUS TWO)

in the thread there is one starting post and four replies.

my question is how can there be '-2' replies?

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 07:24 AM
I think it's a combination of the "age" of the thread and the recent migration to the new servers. I've noticed it in a few threads as well, and the only common factor I noticed has been they were all very old.


posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 07:26 AM
Probably just a glitch in the Matrix.

When you entered the thread, did you see something like this?

If so, this could be bad...

There's a secure line in the ChitChat Forum...get out of ATS...GO!!

Why, oh why didn't you take the BLUE pill?

[edit on 2006-7-3 by wecomeinpeace]

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 07:48 AM
i think you are probably right 12m8keall2c as the date of the start of the thread is 2002.

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