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my embarrasing world cup day

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posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 04:47 AM
after being thrashed by portugal on saturday and watching the game with portuguese friends, the streets went wild!

my office is on the main avenue of the town of lagos , after 2 hrs of the streets being blocked with celerbrating lunatics:- motorbikes doing burnouts, fire crackers going off, 10,000 people beeping their horns etc i decidede to face the music and pull out into the traffic with my ENGLISH registered car.....that was embarrasing enough until it broke down in the traffic and i had to get out and push...

the portuguese found this highly amusing...i didnt...anyways after struggling for 3 minutes the good old portuguese helped me push....

after half a mile i eventually found a parking space....much to the cheers of the portuguese....

things like this always happen to me....

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