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Is it too late to stop World War 3?

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posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 12:39 AM
If some of you havent been keeping up on the news lately you may want to read this story.

The Israelis know exactly what they are doing...this is getting out of control. Sure they want that soldier back but what they are about to do can cause WW3. This is almost like history repeating its self. WW1 was supposedly started because a prince was assasinated but there were far many more reasons than that. The assasination just gave a simple justification for a war to be started and the abduction of this soldier is being used as justification to start another war.

It is obvious that this has been building up for some time now. Think about it. Sharon wants peace, he wants to come to terms and wants to work on a deal. He suddenly becomes extremely ill.

There are things at work here that I have a hard time understanding but too many things are happening all at once for this to be some kind of coincedence. Iran is working on nuclear material, the iranian president has said that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the world. U.S. wants to stop Iran.

Palestinians democratically elect a terrorist organization to power? What are the odds of that? No one was predicting that Hamas would win the elections. The amount of palestinians that are against Hamas far out weigh the amount of supporters. The election was obviously fixed, thats why the CIA and other US intellegience agencies were caught so off guard.

Things have been moving towards this moment for some time now and it is obvious to me that Israel and Palestine are just pawns in the larger scheme of things and unfortunately these pawns may be the wick to another World War bomb that is about to go off.

Below is a quick list or time line of events.

1. 9/11
2. Afganistan war
3. Iraqi war
4. North Korea continues with nuclear programs
5. Iran continues with nuclear program
6. Sharon wants to have peace.
7. Sharon becomes ill.
8. the Palestinians elect a terrorist organization even though the majority does not and has never supported Hamas.
9. Israel soldier is kidnapped June 25/26
10. Hamas fatah is said to explicity recognize Israels right to exist June 27th

11. Israel raises aggresion against Palestine using the kidnapped soldier for justification
12. Israel tanks amass on palestine border ready for invasion.

Maybe I am being alittle to paranoid about all of this but I feel the need to say something and I hope people understand that.



posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 02:08 PM
I cant believe no one on this board has responded to this.

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 05:20 PM

Originally posted by SaucyRossy
If some of you havent been keeping up on the news lately you may want to read this story.

The Israelis know exactly what they are doing...this is getting out of control. Sure they want that soldier back but what they are about to do can cause WW3. This is almost like history repeating its self. WW1 was supposedly started because a prince was assasinated but there were far many more reasons than that. The assasination just gave a simple justification for a war to be started and the abduction of this soldier is being used as justification to start another war.

I happen to find the above paragraph very interesting since you mention first off that The Israelis want to start ww3 ? I suppose the radical, fanatical musslims have nothing to do with this matter ?

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 06:20 PM
My belief is that the things going on in the world may have been staged as you mentioned.

I think the reason this is being done.. and its been going on for a long time.
I think ever since Israel was set up in 1942 there has been a plan by elite leaders to eliminate Theocracy from the world.

I agree with the worlds elite leaders, I believe Theocracy must be eliminated.

ADD: I forgot to mention, that yes I believe the elimination of Theocracy will lead to WW3. It's at a boiling point with out a doubt and I think things will pop any day.

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posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 10:44 PM

Originally posted by Techsnow
I think ever since Israel was set up in 1942 there has been a plan by elite leaders to eliminate Theocracy from the world.
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1942 really, right in the middle of WWII ?, I don't think so, must have been right after.

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 10:57 PM

Originally posted by SaucyRossy

Is it too late to stop World War 3?

About your list...

You forgot to include the massive invasion at the US/Mexican border !


posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 05:38 AM
WW3 is a good thing becuase after all that we will realize how stupid we were then aliens will show them selves to us then there will be peace that will last for a thousand years

posted on Jul, 9 2006 @ 07:22 PM
I heard that the US was placing soldiers at the border between Canada/Us, and Mexico/Us, if I am incorrect please tell me. It really does seem that the Us along with several other countries in the world are getting ready for war.

posted on Jul, 9 2006 @ 07:53 PM
Seems to me that there is nothing that can stop the coming onslaught of World War III.
The reason I'm sure of this is because there are too many sides.
This is not gonna be a war of two differing sides. This is going to be a true world war, a mixture of Country on Country, People on People, Kinsmen to Kinsmen and even Family against Family.
The heat has risen and boiling point has past.
Its not a matter of If, its a matter of When.
We all know it, we all feel it coming. At a primal level we are tuned into this feeling thats why we know whats to come.
People have to start choosing, right now, what their beliefs are. What they are willing to fight, to die and to sacrifice for, because there is going to be no escaping this, no matter what anyone says.
This is possibly THE most crucial moment of mans social evolution because the 'winners' of this war, and believe me there will be some as it has all been perfectly orchestrated by the NWO to the point of including everyone in this battle to take out as many people as possible while leaving enough people to do their bidding, will hold the true future of mankind in their hands.
We can't stop this, but I know we can change the already accepted outcome. We still need the War, Yes even us, but we need to make sure we are fighting the right people, and we need as many allies as we can find.

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 06:51 AM
Please open your eyes people....The War started ages ago, its now getting to the point when even ordinary people are starting to see it.

WW3 started way back when Israel was created, check the Bible for it, its written there. I'm sure it goes something along the lines of 'when the Jews return to the promised land, 2 lifetimes after, the Anti-Christ Arrives'... don't quote me on that as I'm using my memory here, but you get the drift.

Now, if Israel was created say in 1950, then 2 lifetimes later would be roughly be about now...all depending on what a lifetime was during the Bible. Also, if memory serves me right, what all this boils down to, is the building of a temple in the Holyland, where the new King is born.....If you watch the TV, you'll see the stretch of desolate land that this whole conficts about....the plot of land, where who ever wins, thier new King shall rise from.....

We are all knee deep in it now....we just need to work out our best way to survive when it does kick off.

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 06:57 AM
Was just watching the lunchtime news here in the UK....3 more Israeli troops have been kidnapped and a tank has been fired upon from over the border by 'militants'. The Israeli PM has been quoted as saying 'its an act of war, and those say be punished'. Looks like the poop has hit the we go I think.

posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 04:04 PM
all that the CIA needs to do to stop the world war three is to stop project monarch. Stopping that is an unlikely scenario, but if someone in the chains of commands, busts the two bushes for their crimes against humanity, then it most likely would be a good thing.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:34 AM
WWIII has not started yet, but it is inevitable. I don't see how anyone could argue otherwise; the nature of world politics dictates that another world-wide war is going to happen. Also, resource wars are likely to begin in full in the next decade or two. The US has already established a presence in Iraq, part of the Golden Triangle. We are targeting Iran, the second nation (of three) in this oil-rich geographic area. Saudi Arabia is third, and is constantly being subject to terrorist attacks and instability in the ruling class. Seeing as how we are right there, when this nation collapses, we'll be there to pick up the pieces. What is curious though is how we disassembled our bases in that county - I've heard that we have done this to prevent damages during the societal upheaval during that country's fall.

Soon, I believe Hugo Chavez will be demonized (as he already is) and connected to terrorist activity in some way, thus justifying an invasion of Venezuela. That is, of course, if other South American countries do not take sides. We already staged a pro-American coup in Haiti, an excellent staging ground for an invasion. Also, I have heard we increasing activity in and around West Africa, where some significant oil reserves have been located, and, of course, where the necessary Al Qaida connections have been established.

The reason I say WWIII is not here yet is because we don't see a national draft or complete wartime mobilization. Also, I believe that the nuclear option will be exercised, as well as bioweaponry, when the war truly begins. In this way, WWIII is not going to be so much a war as a worldwide massacre of the human race. Not millions, but billions will probably die as the most concentrated centers of population are nuked and dirty bombs and smallpox is unleashed across countrysides. I find it strange that smallpox was supposedly "wiped out" and yet small samples were held onto; now the human race is entirely exposed to a smallpox outbreak. Also, the destruction of infrastructure will lead to mass starving and sickness. No WWIII is not here yet, we will certainly know when it arrives, as it must for the transnational elites to truly establish global rule. After all, who will give out those loans for rebuilding, thus becoming the creditors and establishing the rest of the world as debtors?

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 06:13 PM
I woudn't worry about WW3 because it's not gonna happen.
You can't destroy what you need.


posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 10:22 AM
For Iran and Venezuela i've found these news

An italian news said that Venezuela will cut the oil only if is attacked hostilely by US army

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posted on Aug, 1 2006 @ 12:50 PM
how can we stop something that hasn't yet been put into motion?

it's just media hype to get higher ratings

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 10:02 PM
The political system is dominated by the will of pro Israelis. Preventing U.S citizens from Boycotting Israel is part of that; but so too are America's arms sales to Israel.
The arms sales have nothing to do with representing the will of the American people, they are Christian and though some Israelites (calling themselves Christians) think that Israel’s 1 to 10 civilian kill rate is in "gods" interests the fact is that it is not in the will of any religion (accept propagandas ones).

America's arms sales are a symptom.
They are symptoms of a pro Israeli press
And they are symptoms of a pro Israeli government
A government so pro Israeli that it not only denies its citizens the right to boycott, but it does something completely against the majorities moral will-interests.

If Iran can be removed then the Middle East belongs to Israel. The whole thing is invasion material. Think about it; nobody to stop an invading army. No WMD’s accept perhaps some rusting tins waiting to be destroyed in a bunker. Even then we have to ask "and from which nation(s)"?

And if we decide that we don't like such an Israeli invasion on moral grounds then I'm sure China will decide it likes Arab oil on no moral grounds whatsoever.
Israel is going to steal land from Lebanon in the name of building a buffer zone. But when Iran is destroyed by its slaves (that's us) then control of Middle Eastern oil is for Israels taking.

People might imagine that our government might prevent this. But as many of them are paid up the ass by lobbyist, backed by groups like Friends of Israel, and because we already consider Israel our ally anyway; we will not.

But in order for this to happen Iran needs to be invaded. If they are not then this plan simply cannot happen.
Basically Iran needs to get some nukes pretty quick if it is to avoid being wiped of the map of nations. However even if it did there’s a chance it might still happen. I think the allies will use nuclear weapons in an attempt to prevent the use of chemical or biological weapons against Israel. This attempt might not fully work; but boy will it do some damage.

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posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 06:32 PM
This is the first time I ever created an account on a forum site and I have done it because I feel I need to say something.

- The power of the world lies in the hands of the people ( that includes people in
the government as well but they're smarter emotionally because they are playing one
big emotional game ) and not the government or governing bodies ( trust me without
us they could not be).

I feel that I need to explain things and break things down to a great level of detail since I have noticed a great level of naivety happening everywhere in the posts I have come across. I have been in the North American continent half my life and I chose to remain true to the facts at hand and not be brainwashed or steered towards nobody's opinion or standard.

I believe we let them choose the standards for us and ultimately our needs. This has nothing to do with being Israeli or American or blue with yellow polkda dots because if I remember right, we're all humans ( well some of us are aliens but I won't get into that ).

To correct NWObringer, the CIA can't stop the Bushes because they are owned by the Bushes, etc etc... open your eyes. Actually close them and look into the Bush family history where Bush was a member, and probably still is, of the Skull and Bones society. Then you'll see that him and Blair are now members of the highest order Freemasonry and members of the Illuminati.

Now open your eyes and see if you like the truth. I cannot say that some of the things presented here are all facts but I do have a strong inclination to believe that when you have that much power to control the minds of the people, why not keep things from them and do certain things... I know I would

The answer to that question must be found inherently in us. We must ask why... we must ask the Americans or whoever why they want to be blind. Why are they letting others control them and seduce them to false idealisms. It's not about if, what, when, where, or how... it's Why. That's all we should care about.

More ideas that I can't possibly cover in here are that the Rothschilds started a banking empire in the last century or so in order to control people's money and to set standards which WE DO NOT NEED. They are there so that others get rich etc etc.
Why must we accept anything they give us? Penalites? We're afraid of fire and lightning when the only thing that could possibly defeat us is ourselves.

I am disgusted at the world I am living in. Pictnation you quoted a passage from the Bible regarding the Anti-Christ. It is said that the bible 'prophesied' the coming of Anti-Christ or the return of Christ. I thought that the Bible was written by humans and as far as I know humans don't have the ability to see the future, unless... the Bible was written by aliens.... nice gooey aliens.

We believe there will be a third world war because we believe in a book that was written by others - maybe dave down the dirt street from john's hut - in order to make people think something's gonna happen. I believe we are either going to destroy ourselves or realize we want to live and colonize planets and just relax on the grass from time to time.

posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 08:02 PM
You are rational to be fed up the world we live.
We have the privilenge to know about things to come but we are not capable to stop or at least change the future.
I am so confused, who of us didnt want to know about aftertime to prevent things from not happening to him and his closest people?
We have that knowledge but nothing seems to happen... All facts present a reality to be very inevitable...
somethin in me tells me that it is for the best to come this ww3... even if i dont like death,pain,sorrow,moan,etc this up-coming war may open humanity's eyes and throw our tyrant from the throws of power to dust

posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 03:58 AM
You ask If WWIII is preventable, yet it is allready upon us. We have begun a holy war which in all inevitability will casue a true Global Conlict, escelation, proliferation, and then near extermination, into unification. It has all been forseen, an will continue as such, it is destiny...

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