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OBE Questions!

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posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 01:04 PM
When OBEing, can you chose when in your sleep you become lucid. Ethire way,
considering that when in a OBE you are in a pretty much identical enviroment can you touch
things? read books? What if you left the book open. I think that that would be a extremly
interesting experiment, but back to the point. In a OBE, you can think. You also have access to
any memory that you would when awake. That means that if you are able to lucid dream, then
you can plan out things. Such as a paper. Anything non physical can be done. So theoretically,
you can almost double your lifespan in a certin sence. Also, dreams can seem like there an hour
long, but when you wake up its only been a few minuties, so time may not be relavent.

Also, regarding the supposed "unlimited travel options" when in a OBE, doesn't it mean that the
power of a remote viewer is almost nothing compared to this. Is it the lucid dream a mental
projection or another world? Can you do things such as "study for a test" What about read a book
you left open? Can you plan out the next day? Not that i am in any way promoting this, or saying
that I approve of it, but could you look at som1 who was naked? If so are we ever safe from a
potential spy? Do things freeze in time, or does life continue while in a OBE?

posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 02:14 PM
When I have an OBE, everything in my bedroom feels exactly like it does when 'awake' and I mean exactly and when im having a lucid dream it does too but just a little bit blured... my OBEs are never planned though I always end up waking up half paralized and generally just feel detached then realise im able to project and mentally sit up etc and try to gain or clear my vision.. Ive not looked into the differences between remote viewing and OBEs but ive got a feeling there probably the same. Im not too sure about your other questions.


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