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posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 04:59 AM
Don't know if any one's noticed, but the background colour of every post on this board is different to the one above/below it. There are two colours involved, a grey and a lighter grey:

The first post of any thread is always the darker grey, and the next one is the lighter grey, and the next is darker, and so on. Why is this? Is it really necessary to help distinguish between the posts with all those other bars and buttons and sigs providing a clear line anyway?

And why does the background colour of the signature box always correspond to the background colour of the post (whether that be dark or light)? Providing a set colour for sig boxes would not only help separate their message from the main post, but would also enable the user to insert a picture and have it mesh into the bg-colour like some avatars, which users are unable to do now because of the alternating background colours.


Also, why is it that the text of some posts is distanced from the post id bar while others are not? i.e.:

Normal post:

Marginally big gap:

Very big gap:

As you can see, even the first post in a thread can have this happen to it:

The colour of this gap is also darker than both of the other bg-colours. Why is this gap here?

I mean, I can understand the gap under the posts, which has to be there to accommodate all the mini-profile info if the user has a tall avatar, but why the gap at the top!?

Once again, and why do post and sig backgrounds have to have alternating colours?

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 07:09 AM
No replies? All I want to know is why do the backgrounds have to change colours and what on earth is with those spaces?

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