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Anyone want strange?

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posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 01:19 AM
I did some looking on Luft46 and some of the model links and I came across this:

Along with this description:

[The Kolko ACA-5 was mentioned and illustrated in AVIATION MAGAZINE No.727, 1978.
On the 9th June 1939 the technical director of SNCAO , former Loire-Nieuport, M.Kerguistel received a letter from engineer A.Kolko. Recommended by M.Caquot, president of the SNCA firm A.Kolko proposed his plans for a complete new aircraft concept.(patent Kolko Nr.825.657) Following this patent a tourist aircraft, a bomber to B.5 and a fighter was suggested all with a very compact look.
The main principle was to keep the concept compact by placing all elements of the construction as close to the center of gravitity as posibe , wile still retaining a great movability. Interested by this concept , M.Caquot ordered on the 13th of June a windtunnel model to be tested in the windtunnel of SNCAO.
Already on the 20th of June M.Kerguistel was ready with his first report about the results of the initial windtunel tests. Despite the longitudal stability was reasonable the stability on the ground should be far less. Several modifications to the fins and rudders could only partially solve the problem. Most of the calculated performances were found correct but the air intakes for the radiator and the cooling of the engine was very doubthfull.
In general it was concluded that the design had certain technical advantages, but has a lot of problems too.. By letter of the 22th June 1937 from M.Caquot all work at SNCAO was stopped. Maybe longer studies and tests could have resulted in a war winning fighter...
Dimensions and performences.
span:6.38m lenght:3.60m height:2.33m wingsurface:7m?
empy weight 875Kg total weight 1320 kg. fuel 320L.
armament : two wing machine guns two fusealge MG and one cannon.
Engine : Hispano Suisa 12X of 660HP 3 bladed airscrew of 2m.diam.
max speed : 645 Km/h cruising " : 350 " " landing " : 145 " "
climb speed : 31m/sec
range at 4000m. of 1600Km.

I'm just speechless about this one. Any comments?

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posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 01:47 AM
Wow, sexy.

But I'd imagine it would be like the flying wing-shaped bodies: too hard for a human to fly unassisted. Like the YB-49, it would continually resist the movements of the control surfaces, or there would be too much overcorrecting going on. But Ill tell you what, it is a fair dinkum design. A real fighter. Meant as a gun platform, obviously. It's also would have been a damn small target. And a range of 1, 600 km? That's pretty impressive. I want one.

posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 05:04 AM
Holy Crap lol, That is some Metal, Just goes to show what weired and wonderful Projects were going on During WWII on both sides and the perhaps Inginuitiy of the scientists and engineers of Both sides


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