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U.S secret agent killed Russian diplomatic agent In Iraq?

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 07:08 PM
According to the Russian newspaper ,The four Russian diplomatic agent possibly killed by U.S secret agent.

here is the link

The article review the example of the Italian journalist.The journalist said "They[U.S] don't want me to leave alive.when I got rescued,they[U.S] shoot me.

Aleksey Vashchenko,the russian expert said U.S establish a terrorist team in Iraq.all of it's member are Arab.they follow order of their American help U.S solve some intractable problem.kill the four Russian diplomatic agent possibly get the permition of their U.S military boss.

here i will give you the translated article in english.

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 07:19 PM
Janko- terror
to the theft of Russian diplomats in Iraq can be participating the American special services

The independent Russian experts found in the Baghdad tragedy the track of the USA.

Its own investigation of the loss of diplomats conducted the group of specialists under the management by Aleksey [Vashchenko], member presidium of the confederation of the peoples of the Caucasus.

In 1995 - 1999 it headed the working group of the State Duma for the affairs of the Caucasus and the Near East.

- I assert, that our diplomats executed it was slave the USA! - stated [Vashchenko] “of life”. - You know about that, that the jeep of diplomats is armored, but only in its forward section? So here, shooting was conducted from behind and on the side, as if someone knew, where to conduct fire. The mujahadeen hardly possess this information, and here are Americans and the so-called Iraqi police - they knew. But they would want to kill - they would kill. Therefore shots there were only four: two - so that the jeep would stop two more - according to Titov.

Expert gives the sensational fact:

- Interception on Baghdad, in spite of the requirement of our embassy, it was declared only one-and-a-half hours after attack!

Aleksey [Vashchenko] is convinced, that to the theft of our diplomats applied hands the secret terrorist force “[Mukhabarat]”, which recreated the USA in Iraq.

Aleksey [Vashchenko] it is confident, the Americans know what, where the body of the hostages


“[Mukhabarat]” - secret service for the special operations “delicate” nature. Force was noted with conducting of several explosions in the mosques, in a number of provocations on the collision between themselves of Iraqi oppositionists. On the service local Arabs consist in essence, but control “[Mukhabarat]” Americans.

One of the very first serious operations of service - theft in Baghdad Julian [Sgreny], the collaborator of Italian military intelligence, working under the journalistic legend. To Julian saved then only that, that by it to the gain into Iraq rushed personally the chief of its reconnaissance department the Major OF [SISMI] Nicolas [Kalipari].

- In me was impression, that me retained the Arabs, - it confirmed Julian in the exclusive interview “for life”. - And only, I, until now, cannot understand what, - why during the release at me shot American. I want to understand - and I do not can.

Two days ago these soldiers were justified by American investigation commission.

- It should not have left living! - it explodes as the answer to Aleksey [Vashchenko]. - Here Americans opened fire on its machine. Of [kalipari] shut woman with its body itself perished. But history obtained this publicity, that to suppress it it was necessary personally for George Bush in the telephone conversation with Berlusconi.


- I know, that our diplomats of [mukhabaratovtsy] they held or in one of the Baghdad prisons, or generally on one of the American bases, - asserts Aleksey [Vashchenko]. - Week after theft they were living, then there them they executed. On some, true, by thus far officially not confirmed given, bodies on the refrigerator exported abroad Iraq, where - I do not know. Therefore and they cannot find them.

To comment the results of the independent investigation we asked the colleagues of special services.

- In order to organize this theft, it is sufficiently eighth 10 people, - described “life” the Major of the KGB in the resignation, specialist in the diversionary activity Yuri [Petrunin]. - A to export for the boundary - and completely not problem. The chief problem: who can this measure cover? In that chaos, which reigns in Iraq, it is obtained - only Americans, it is more to no one.

- To exclude, that simply they exported the diplomats from Iraq, certainly, it is cannot, - it is confident the President of the association of the veterans of anti-terrorist subdivision “alpha” Sergey [Goncharov]. - I know, that in Iraq Russia began to operate all, whom it could - all! - but without result.

Vladimir Antonov, Svetlana [Makunina], [Talyana] Of [tobert]

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 07:22 PM

Julian [Sgrena] he does not understand, why in Iraq at it the American soldiers shot

Aleksey [Vashchenko] it is confident, the Americans know what, where the body of the hostages

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 09:38 PM
This article is mostly just speculation by it's author. The Italian hostage never mentions that she thought her kidnapping was carried out by US, only that the US soldier fired on the vehicle.

Also the article does not mention the most important part- Why would the US have any interest in killing Russian diplomats. I do not know much about the bombing of the mosque theory and Mukhabarat spec ops. But an assault on Russian representatives seems over the top. I am sure US never thought about Russia joining the fight on terrorism, because Putin never would. Yes Russia pledged to seek out and kill those responsible, but it will not participate in the WOT.

Why would US risk confrontation with Russia. FSB agents are very well trained and I am sure they will find the hostage takers. So if it was pro-US factions that did it, Russia will know. This is why I doubt American involvement. Although during war with Serbia America did bomb a Chinese embassy, which they perfectly knew was an embassy and not a military target. So I would not completely rule out that America knows more about the killing of the hostages.

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