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built atop a historic Mohegan tribal burial ground

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posted on Oct, 25 2003 @ 10:45 AM
Mohegans May Decide To Raze Masonic Temple
Oct, 25 2003
The Mohegan Tribal Council will decide in two weeks whether to tear down the Masonic Temple at the corner of Washington and Sachem streets and to compensate the city for failing to carry out a plan to renovate the theater and auditorium for community use.
Mohegan Tribal Chairman Mark Brown said the tribe doesn't have many options for saving the temple, which is built atop a historic Mohegan tribal burial ground. Major renovations are needed to modernize the building.


Was it a trend for the Masonic temples to be build atop burial grounds. Possibly for satanic purpose?
Has anyone ran across other temples built on burial grounds?

quote from artical:
I always felt the building was out of place, even as I was growing up, said Lathrop, former president of Norwich Heritage Trust, a historic preservation group.

------- Sounds like the Mason's picked out the building site for a reason.

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