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A Toast

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posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 06:55 PM
Here's to those who love us well
And those who don't can go to Hell
Here's to those we share the wine
Of love, of life, of laughter and time

Here's to the friends we know, we cherish
The ones we'd die to hear they'd perished
Here's to the ones with a shoulder for tears
The ones that relieve us of all of our fears

Let's drink to their life, to their health, to their bliss
Let's drink in the hopes they know joy's sweet kiss
Let's open a bottle of prayer so devine
In hopes that they live a life most fine

Let's drink to their future, to their loves and their life
Let's drink as a wish against pain's sharpened knife
Let's pour a draught of hope against hope
That life never finds their noose in it's rope.

Let's drink to the days we lost someone dear
Let's drink to their memory, to all of our tears
Let's drink for the smiles their lives brought upon
The faces that looked on those that are gone.

Let's drink in the hopes that we all may live
In a life which never ceases to give
A smile, a stutter, a laugh and a cry
A warm bed to lie in on the day that we die

A friend, a companion, a one held most dear
A hand to hold strong by on the paths that we fear
A kind ear to listen as our life falls apart
A warm body to hold, to give us their heart

Here's to those who share our travels,
Those with whom our path unravels.
And here's to those who love us well
While those who don't can go to Hell

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