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When is enough, too much.

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posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 01:53 PM
At what point do we all decide that enough is enough? Where is the line that we must all draw in the sand that can not, must not, be crossed?

You are safe and sound in your home, behind solid locked doors and you here a scream from next door. Your neighbor is beating his wife again. Do you act? Is this enough to take action yourself? Do you call the police and hope that they get there in time? Do you get on your knees and pray that it stops and that she lives through this. Or do you just turn the TV up and figure it is none of your business?
How about the shoplifter you see stuffing his pockets with candy? What do you do then? Call the police again and again hope they get there before he leaves, or hold him yourself until they get there? What would you do? Where is your line?
The U.S. Military has failed and you have foreign troops coming onto our shores. Do you get your guns and go defend your property, or hide in your home hoping they miss you on their way through town? Is this your line that you have drawn?
What about WWII? What if you were in charge and your line was drawn farther out? How many lives could you have saved if you had not waited to get in the war until we were attacked at Pearl Harbor? How many more Americans would have died, or how many more would have lived because we did not wait?

From the shoplifter with 50 cents worth of candy to the wife beater next door to the Evil dictator in another country, we all have different lines. Yet those lines must be there or we can not with any honesty, state that we have any convictions at all. If we constantly move our line to keep ourselves in a comfort zone, what happens to our integrity, our honor? We move it as easily as we move our imaginary line.

What about us as a country? Where is our line? What crimes against humanity do we allow in other countries before we say STOP, and take action ourselves? When we do, do we become the World Police Force? Or are we only taking action because others are too weak, or simply will not act? How long do we wait, how many do we allow to die, before we understand that someone must act?

So we are in the thick of it in Iraq. We went there and removed a man that arguably killed millions of his own people, freely invaded his neighbors and allowed his citizens to live in poverty while enjoying a life style from “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.” And we are still there, still fighting “Insurgents” and “Terrorists” that KILL their own people to make a point. We are still there, standing where others will not, to defend their desire and their right to live without repression, their desire to vote in free elections, to have schools, clean water and other basic needs. Why? Because we drew a line, and had the integrity to not draw it closer because it was none of our business, because it made us uncomfortable, because some may/will die so that others may live free.
For all of you that think we should never have gone to Iraq, that we should leave now and let the Insurgents and Terrorists take over, I ask you where is your line? Are the needs and desires of the people of Iraq so easily dismissed because they live somewhere else? Are the faces of the women and children that have died, will die, so easy to ignore?

I think it is funny how most of the people screaming for us to get out of Iraq, are also the ones screaming the loudest for us to stop trying to limit the Mexican Immigration Invasion. Are the Mexican people more important to you than the people of Iraq? So we should stop trying to free Iraq, but allow the Mexican People to flee their economic and social repression into our country?

It is a good fight in Iraq. We are trying to bring freedom to a repressed people and that is a very noble quest.

Freedom: “There are those, I know, who will say that the liberation of humanity, the freedom of man and mind, is nothing but a dream. They are right. It is the American dream.” ~Archibald MacLeish

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