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A hypothesis, a belief, and, if put into practice by a disciplined idividual, a lifestyle

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posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 03:10 AM
first off, this thread was inspired hy this thread:

no human is perfect. even if there were a person who could make that claim, he'd be one among 6 billion people. the odds of perfection are almost incalculable.

thus, we can reach the conclusion that no body of government is anywhere near perfect. even if that 1 perfect person is a part of your nation, say, the USA...1 in 300 million is still a small effect. governments are bodies that are made of parts which are imperfect - million of parts.

quit hatin, peeps.

this is why i'm a proponent of the NWO. the beauracracy in such a case would be extreme, but at least most people would understand that we're all working together for a common goal - human existence. as it stands, jingoism has reached an extreme because of war and differing ideals.

there are a lot of people who are afraid that civil liberties will be diminished because of a NWO. valid concern, i won't deny that - however, if it ever gets to the point where the we're all as fed up with the disappearance of or rights (or, in many cases, the continued absence of them), then a worldwide revolt (or even a continental revolt, or a small revolt (humans are a plague, and it's easy to spread across the globe given the right conditions) can be utilized to aim things back in the right direction.

if done correctly (and i'm quite certain, far fewer lives than our current lifestyle will cost us in the same amount of time), a one world government could alleviate humanity of many of our current problems. a worldwide communist government would be typically ideal, because what use would we have for a military? a police force would be all that would be required, and that would certainly diminish with time.

it's high time humanity acted as a whole, as opposed to seperated parts. as parts, we make up a nice machine kit. as a whole, we make a damned pretty machine.

-Samuel Renforth

posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 04:05 AM
i should comment that the military comment on communism is in conjunction with my belief (and everyone i've spoken to about failed communist regimes) that the only reason the ideal hasn't worked is that every time it is attempted, a HUGE military is put into effect and it effectively becomes a sort of socialist facism/dictatorialiate.


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