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First World Internet

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posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 07:34 PM
Dear Mouth

Your post made me smile a little. I always get a grin on my face when Americans put their lack of knowledge on display. I live in a "Third World" country and...guess what? I have internet. Not only at the office, at home. Not dial up, thank God, not DSL, but HSDPA. I live in South Africa, and everyone I know have broadband! I frequently travel to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and...guess what? They also have internet. So does 95% of "Third World" countries.

That's the thing about Americans I realized when I was in San Francisco & LA in February, you think America is the world. Let me ask you this? We used to ask each other while we were in the States; What does an American look like? Thing is, no one knows, because you are a melting pot of Latinas, Asians and "Super Size Me" documentary candidates without culture.

You are loud! You start every sentence with "Oh my God!". Start reading books, preferably actuality books, not too much fiction. That way you will increase your knowledge of the world outside of America, yes, there is a world outside of America. There's more, it's a great world as well. A world where we are free. We laugh, we get to eat steak, we get too watch sunrises and sunsets - the sun doesn't only rise over America, in fact, it's more like setting over America.

Travel a bit, not to another State, to Europe, Asia or Africa. See for yourself what the mainstream, Illuminati controlled media doesn't want you to see. Drink the red pill! You'll like it!

Experience culture! REAL culture. The sights, sounds, smells and friendly people of the "Third World" will make you realize that you are not the "priviledged" - to use your word - one, but bthat you have been lied to...sorry.

From you VERY priviledged "Third World" friend

Happy reading and traveling


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