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Radio-Controlled hobbies

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posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 06:38 PM
Any of you into R/C models? There is a new 1/8 scale buggy coming out and it's got the kid in me all sortsa excited.

Right now i've got a fleet of Ho Bao and Hong Nor 1/8 buggies. The new buggy i'm waiting to add to the collection is from a Taiwanese company by the name of 'Team Magic' called the 'M1'. Looks like they threw out the template and re-engineered a world-class buggy from scratch. I was going to retire the Hyper7 for a Hyper8 and go racing; scrapped that idea and now i'm waiting on this new buggy. It looks amazing.

You can see it at

(This thread is meant for all R/C hobbies... i just happen to be into 1/8 scale buggies but have interest in all aspects of radio-controlled hobby modelling)

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