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I found a toad

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posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 02:31 PM
Little sucker, about 2" from head to butt. I believe it's an American Toad, might be a Fowler's Toad, I can't tell the difference.

Question is - anyone know if you can overfeed these things? I'm having a hard time finding care info; all I really found out was that in the wild, they can supposedly eat up to 1,000 bugs a day.

I've been feeding him crickets (I want to grow him into a giant gladiator of a Toad) and he always seems hungry. It's been two days now and he he only took a dump the first day I had him. Since then, he's about doubled in girth and looks like he's gona explode.

I duno if it's just his natural reaction, or if he's really that hungry, but this guy eats like a madman.

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