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Questions On Aliens For Anyone Who Can Answer

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 08:28 AM

Originally posted by EarthSister
The governments try to force the alien races to stay away, by threats of harm and capture to the aliens when possible, and threats of harm and capture to the individual humans who willingly work with the alien races.

Just a quick headsup here, according to US law, it is ILLEGAL for humans to have contact with aliens/ET's (EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL EXPOSURE LAW). This law was passed decades ago. I'll try to find the papers again (unless it was proven a hoax or something without me catching it). It also states that NASA has the right to hold any person whom is under suspicion of contact with ET's. The law doesnt state if aliens exist or not, so it can also be thought of a type of law that would come into use in the event of ET reality in our future.

EDIT, found a link with more info, but states fiction, but also still good info:

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 09:47 AM
Hey i would like to thank you once again Earthsister for your replys, i really appreciate your time

cirtenly alot of the answers make a lot of sense.

im sorry my questions have brought you derission (sp?)

my last question for now is this.

Do they Have Music/Musicians? i ask as 99% of all the civilazations on earth have had some kind of music during their time, have you heard any? could you describe it? what kind of instraments do they have?

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 10:22 AM

Sorry, I missed this one.

6. Having seen the pics of some of them, do you think us humans could take them in a fight, unarmed hand-to-hand combat? I think we would slap them about no bother, theyre all either midgets or skinny gits, theyd stand no chance. Of course you would say they would never fight but hypothetically, . & are they scared of our physical strength?

Physically we could take most of them in a fist fight. But that is impossible because they would have to be defenseless at the time, no back up, no technology, no mental capacity. And if they were so exposed to us in our atmosphere for even a second, they would already be dying, not standing to fight.

We humans are known for our physical strength and willingness to use it instinctively, defensively and offensively. The visiting races' main concern about this is our own safety if they are ever in the position to have to defend themselves from us, and this is always avoided whenever possible.

BTW are there any aliens that you have spoken to that look like humans? ie the nordics i think theyre called, as on your site i couldnt see any pictures of human looking aliens.
Oh and another question that i just thought of, , you said you last spoke to them today? (or would that be yesterday in your time??) either way, could we ask you some questions to ask them?

One race that visits Earth is human in every way we are human. They have the same DNA we do, but they are "much" longer/further evolved and advanced than we are. They have different biology from us that fits their own world, not ours, so they are as "alien" to us as any race is to any other. They cannot sustain life exposed to our elements, but they are the visiting race who could live longest if exposed unaided.

I have a drawing of one of them on my site. His name is Zylem and that's his real name.

There are no "Nordics". That name and race were fabricated on Earth, but it sticks anyway. A number of races could fit the fabricated description.

Many people ask me to ask the alien races random questions. Sometimes they answer some, but usually they don't, mostly because it's exhausting and endless, taking up the time needed for present things. Understanding of the first things makes understanding of following things possible, and I have already been given information for many of the things people could ask me.

The purpose of my contact is to tell others what I learn firsthand and it's mostly about the alien people as people. They don't tell me everything, they just show me what I need to know, and they don't give me personal evidence or secrets that could get me shut up.

Many humans work with alien life. Those in particular professions on Earth are taught things by alien life they need to know in their professions, things that would get them shut up or put out of their professions if others knew they have contact with alien life. My role is to talk to people, especially to help others who have alien contact so that they can be more productive in their own roles.

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 10:34 AM
Ok, hi I am back. I want to preface my response by stating that I am a science teacher and I am a Christian. My views are influenced by my philosophy. Additionally, I believe that subjective truth can be valid, given that many accounts are corroborated. One can argue philosophy from any direction whatsoever, and I accede that as given.

I am sceptical about persons who claim to have special relationships and insight into alien civilization. This was quite common in the 1950's and early 1960's where people would claim that they had met visitors from Venus. Well, Venus has temperatures that melt lead (its the hottest planet in the solar system), and it rains sulfuric acid. This does not mean that Earthsister is wrong, it just means that I am a bit more sceptical of her information, as it falls into the "special information/relationship" category of those who give accounts of interactions with extraterrestrials.

There is only one acceptable account I know of where aliens gave useful information to someone who was abducted, that of the Betty and Barney Hill case. In this occurance, Betty Hill was given information on a star map which was later validated and matched up with the actual positions of a grouping of stars.

In another case, (I can't remember the name of the woman, it happened in Long Island) this woman and her young boy were abducted. During hypnotic regression, she recalled getting information that dealt with the damage being done to our planet by humankind. This could be valid information, DISinformation, or projecting motives on the part of the aliens by the subject during hypnosis.

It is hinted at (but not proven) that President Eisenhower met with aliens at or near Edwards Air Force Base. During this meeting, an agreement was supposedly reached whereby the Greys would swap advanced technology in return for permission to acquire some tissue samples from organisms here on earth. They immediately went back on that agreement and, according to accounts have been abducting/taking sperm and eggs/impregnating/removing fetuses from many many people. Some claim that this is much more widespread than is actually reported.

In the VAST MAJORITY of accounts, any contact with these "visitors" have been extremely NEGATIVE. Furthermore, typically once contact has begun, often it is not a matter of choice if further contacts continue, which in my eyes is truely more of a curse than a blessing. I sincerely hope that any of you who seek contact reconsider your hope that these beings are benign or even benevolent.

Along that strain of thought comes a philosophical and spiritual connection. "By their fruit shall you know them." This is truth. In ALL accounts that I find compelling by means that they meet the criteria (the stories match up with and verify other accounts), these visitors are amoral. They care only for thier own purposes. Rape and theft by human standards are immoral. Is it suddenly OK for this to happen just because those perpetrating the act are "more advanced" or "more evolved" than ourselves? God is love. I see no aspects of God in them. None, other than that they are alive. I see deception ( see Eisenhower, above), amorality, theft, kidnapping and rape. You tell me who that sounds like.

This enlightened advanced spirituality of aliens does not line up with what has been occuring. Whitley Streiber subscribes to this advanced spirituality concept. Is it just possible that this is deception? Human history has shown that the more things change, the more they remain the same. We now have horseless chariots, vehicles that can take us in the air or to the moon, computers that can crunch numbers, medicines that can kill bacterial diseases and immunize against viruses, operations that can save lives, radiation that can kill cancer, etc. Is humankind any better now morally and spiritually than we were thousands of years ago when we were sacrificing babies by throwing them into a fire? Think about it. Not really -->

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 11:08 AM
We have harnessed lightning and the power of the atom for crying out loud (electricity and nuclear power) Has that stopped us from going to war? History shows us that advanced technology and evolution does not equal advanced spirituality.

OK, now that I have gotten that off my chest, time to answer some more specific questions:

The symbols found on the side of the metal bar found at Roswell and observed by the son of (that army guy- cant remember his name) indictae that there is a written language if you find that evidence acceptable. According to another account, these beings native tongue is "a higher form of hungarian." Both of these answers are not verified (they occur in only one instance each).

As a science teacher I can tell you that higher life is dependent on food chains to survive. Organic matter cannot be artificially produced. (otherwise, why would aliens need our DNA? why coudn't they just "synthesize" it with some of their "advanced technology?") Unless they can photosynthesize with sunlight or chemosynthesize, they would need sustenance from outside their bodies. This does not necessarily mean a food chain exists on thier planet-

As far as relationships, there are multiple accounts where while trying to remove fetuses from pregnant women, these creatures are suprised at the outburst of emotion of strong maternal protection that breaks through their ability to keep one pacified during examination/surgery. This would suggest that emotions are either lost or recessive in this race.

Life span and recreation- no idea.

Earthsister- you state that you are sure the zoos kept by aliens are not abusive. What exactly do you call the treatment of those abducted by aliens as? Also, you state their relationships are based on love. How exactly is love being show to abductees whose only desire is to be left alone? "The Grays are a fine, intelligent race of people. Any slander of them should tip you off to it's true source." Please tell that to anyone who has been through multiple abductions and count the number of positive and negative reactions. I would be interested in the results.

My apologies if my strong reactions have been negative, and even at times, sarcastic to your well written dialogue, Earthsister. A lot of what you have stated simply does not add up for me, philosophically, spiritually or scientifically. I look forward to your reply and the thoughts of others in this interesting thread.

One last thing- don't believe it just because someone says it. Check it out, do some serious research and discover truth for yourself.

Most respectfully,
armchair coach
amateur historian

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 11:40 AM
You are right in everything you wrote! I agree. You seem to know alot, it would be a pleasure to learn more from you.

I would like to ask you some questios:

1. There are races that, well, are in a way evil towords us. Do you know something about these races?
2. What do you know about the reptilian races. Is it true that one lives inside Earth?
3. Everybody speaks about a change, in what way it will change our reality?
4. How bad is the government that rules our world? They are hidding the truth from us for decades now. Is the term NWO (new world order) good?
5. How can I help the "aliens", the good ones?

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 11:57 AM
Our human scientist do the same with wild animals, we abduct them, carry out test on them, implant a chip in them to track their movements and they do this year after year to study their habits and behaviour.

I am quite sure that these animal "abductes" are terrified of humans and yet they can not do anything about this situation normally. In their point of view, we could be seen as an immoral species (maybe) but to us, it is just science, a chance to study and learn as much as possible about them.

If a species is in danger of extinction, humans have been known to try and repopulate them either artifically or by any other means.

I do not know what the aliens agenda is, but at the moment they seem more interested in studying us than destroying us. It is indeed in their power to do so, as it is in ours to destroy any animal life on this planet.

If "bird flu" starts to become a major problem to humans, I think that most people will not hesitate to end a large population of the birds.

The point is, the aliens can do anything to us, like we can do to the lower lifeforms on this planet, we can choose to wipe out most of these lifeforms anytime we want, (we are already doing so indirectly).

These aliens can enslave the human population any time they want with their advance technologies but they haven't. But I think there are two groups of aliens out there, one that wants to help us and one that wants to destroy us. I am still trying to figure out which is which.

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 01:47 PM
Hi Earthsister,

You might remember me, we had a few conversations by u2u last summer and I always found you to be a nice enough person, good to see you back around again! I'm not saying I believe you but I keep an open mind.

I have a question.

Have they ever mentioned anything about astral projection or seperating your conciousness from your body? If not do you think you might be able to slip in a quick question about it next time? I'd just like to know if there's anything to it or are people barking up the wrong tree as it were.

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 01:49 PM
Oh and

Do they Have Music/Musicians? i ask as 99% of all the civilazations on earth have had some kind of music during their time, have you heard any? could you describe it? what kind of instraments do they have?

What an awesome question that was, I'm looking forward to hearing the answer!

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 02:19 PM
Dear Ixiy,

I find your logic circular. Do we take animals in order to impregnate them with our seed? Our scientists do study them and do tests on them. Such study is (hopefully) done in a humane fashion. Does this make it right to test humans in a similar fashion? Are we to take after the philosophy of Dr. Mengele that all is right in the name of science? Are we worth no more than the frog to be dissected or the turkey to be carved up on Thanksgiving?

I believe your view of science is rather altruistic, speaking as a teacher of science. You compare wiping our the bird population to protect ourselves. Do you really think that humans are endangering the lives of all alien beings? All living things have value. Species that are in danger of extinction usually (not always) are the result of the actions of man. Should we view the elimination of humankind the same way in the name of science, so long as a few are kept to repopulate the species? [Note: I realize this may have already been done as accounted in scripture. I do not pretend to understand all of God's ways, but trust in His love and sovereignty. I would not trust a human to make such a decision.]

So, because aliens can enslave us or destroy us anytime they want to, and they don't, that makes them good? There are other forms of enslavement and destruction! If you dont believe me, go find a meth or crack addict and tell me that is not true enslavement, where ones brain is physically changed from chemicals and they are never the same person again. Its absolutely horrific.

It is possible that there is a good group of aliens- I do not discount this. I take my position only on the basis of accounts which are repeated, with similar experiences.

"By their fruits shall you know them."

armchair coach
amateur historian

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 02:26 PM

Originally posted by Saidar
Thekerham, I agree with you a little..... I mean this is a big claim Earthsister is making, and he/she has no proof. BUT, the fact that she believes in God is the proof I need that she IS sane. The Bible doesn't say there aren't life on other planets, neither does it say there is life. So anything is possible. And it would make sense if there were other worlds out there, the universe is too big for only one planet with life on it!! But I'll always be a skeptic until I see some proof.

And EarthSister, nice posts! I sense a lot of peace in you...

I believe in God, and Jesus Christ. I also believe that in this whole wide universe we are not the only intelligent lifeform. But I don't believe that aliens are picking up human beings and taking them for rides in their spaceship. Again, no proof. Don't they have books, or CD's, or something even smaller you could hide on yourself?

One thing that gets me is that these aliens seem to fall into two categories: The evil aliens: 'We will invade your planet, and we will conquer you, and you will be our slaves, puny Earthlings.' or The good aliens: 'We are your spacebrothers and spacesisters. We will enlighten you in the ways of the truth, and the light and the glory amen.' Aren't there any inbetween aliens? Aren't there aliens out there who get born and go to school and get married (or whatever they call it), and have kids, and go to work, and go on vacation, and die when their lives are over?

I guess I should put those questions to EarthSister since she's the expert on these aliens.

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 02:29 PM
I come from holland and I have always bin fasinated by aliens and stuff. But I dont consider myself to be spiritual although I do believe there is something after human life.

1. If they come with large crafts and come down with small ones wouldn't civilian crafts pickt them up? and why cant we see those large space crafts or would we require a telescope to see them or are they simply to high in the atmosphere?

2. and in the late 1950 the roswell incident. Which one of the races are the ones that crashed?

3. And in a very old topic which I am unable to find, someone sad that in evening or night you have to go outside and reach out with your hands and prey for like many hours and then they suppose to fly really low with their crafts so that you could see them but is this true?

4. Is there a race that is a threat to all races like = the shadows in babylon 5?
( I dont mean actual shadows but just highly evolved race that has evil means to conquer) because I dont believe that all hihgly evolved races are 'nice'

well I hope for an anwsers soon, and good luck further with your contacts (send their personal regards of me

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 02:32 PM

Originally posted by EarthSister

One race that visits Earth is human in every way we are human. They have the same DNA we do, but they are "much" longer/further evolved and advanced than we are. They have different biology from us that fits their own world, not ours, so they are as "alien" to us as any race is to any other. They cannot sustain life exposed to our elements, but they are the visiting race who could live longest if exposed unaided.

This I find very hard to believe. Again, where is the proof? I don't mean to sound nasty or mean-spirited, EarthSister, but all we have is your word on this forum and on your website.

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 03:31 PM
I love your replies ES. I have a few questions of my own, if you are willing.

Here goes.

1. Are there any intelligent plant-like aliens? Such at those not evolved from animalia. This may seem an odd question, but it's a sigifnicant one biologically.

2. Are there any races of cyborgs, machines, and so on? Is this purely in the realm of science fiction?

3. By what method do they travel the galaxy? I would wager that's only possible with astral travel, but it seems they come here physically too.

4. Will "we" all come to know about them, during this century? Or do they have no plans to fully reveal themselves?

Much thanks!

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 05:24 PM
ES--you are fascinating, and regardless of what anyone believes, we on Earth can only hope for one thing--that some Race out there saves us from ourselves--and soon--before it is too late. It's really a shame that Humans cannot look at a picture of the Earth taken from the Moon and see that we are really One not Many. If only Humans worked together toward common peaceful goals--instead of trying to kill each other and in the process destroy all that is good.

Now my questions for you: How did the first thing or spirit come to be. If it is God--how did God come to be. If the Universe is never ending--how is it something can in fact go on forever. And if it does have an end--what would be on the other side of the ending--or would it all just start over? Finally--when do you think we will finally have proof of other races--so there is no denying we are not alone. Thanks.


Originally posted by EarthSister

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 07:13 PM
"All races have a name for themselves. Most, we could not pronounce with our vocal sounds. Some have translations we could use. The rest of those we will be needing names for, have acceptable names we can use for them."

I agree we probably could not it is just as likely aliens may not even communicate with sound...

"You are right, the beings we call The Greys, do not call themselves that. Humans made it up, and it's a derogatory name, unacceptable by the race. Humans mistake many other races for being this race we call The Greys as well."

The greys irrigardless do not exist they were a creation of the outer limits in febuary 1964 predating all abduction cases and sightings. They were not called the greys of course

"BTW, I am not a nobody. Nobody is a nobody."

I did not actually mean you are not a person.... However this response prooves to me aliens would not contact you. Nothing personal but you come off as someone who is full of crap or insane.

"I am not in direct contact with all the races that visit Earth. I am in contact with those who head the organization of races that visit Earth. I have met many beings of over 60 races, but I work closest with the beings of 30 races."

You talk the talk but can you walk the walk and show some evidence of this.

"Do you have something to add from your personal experience that can help others understand the truth for themselves about the races visiting Earth?"

I have seen a UFO before but other then that nothing i can disclose online.
You have no idea where i have gone, who i've met and where i have been before. And you never will to say the least.

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 09:23 PM

Originally posted by EarthSisterPhysically we could take most of them in a fist fight. But that is impossible because they would have to be defenseless at the time, no back up, no technology, no mental capacity. And if they were so exposed to us in our atmosphere for even a second, they would already be dying, not standing to fight.

Hehe, k. Thanks for the reply again,
appreciate it. Thats hardly a fair fight,
, poor little guys wouldnt stand a chance. Maybe if we fought them on their spaceship so they wouldnt need to be in our atmosphere it would even it up a bit, could have like a tag team match, 3 or 4 little midgets against 1 human, i bet theyre dirty fighters, biting and pulling hair etc,

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 09:35 PM
Hey ATS, im new to the community and boards,I just have one question for EarthSister as I respect all the question she is answering. Is this E.T shown in stolen area 51 tape interview real? I believe it is 100% authentic but I would just like to have your input Alien Interview

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 10:49 PM
The Aliens I know call themselves flood and covenant,

The Flood do not communicate they are very primitive.
The Covenant speak some english but natively communicate in grunts.
The Covenants written language is a series of characters not native anywhere on earth.

Planet is without animals as it is artificial

They use no money just provide for themselves what they need

The covenant live in heard like units
The flood spend time wandering and are independant

The Covenant dont die they are killed or live on at a ever constant health rate
The flood go throgh a rather od lifecycle where the neither get older or decline in health they just eventually realease offspring in a way that many are released while the mature one is killed

The Covenant are somewhat involved but are no more involved in recreation than a dog
The Flood are not at all recreational they live to eat and produce

any questions? check out aliens

posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 10:49 PM

Do they Have Music/Musicians? i ask as 99% of all the civilazations on earth have had some kind of music during their time, have you heard any? could you describe it? what kind of instraments do they have?

Yes, all races have some form of "music" and much of it is what we would consider to be similar to ours. Some of it is vastly different.

The most incredible display of "music" I know about, I did not witness but my husband did. It sounded like "angels" and was visual in lights at the same time. The lights were sort of similar to what we know as a laser light show, but one hundred times more elaborate and emotional. There are not words to describe it.

The other races are so diverse that it's hard to speak for all about their music. But all have instruments for making music. Some instruments have strings of a kind, and some have a surface like our drums, and some have "wind" like our flutes, and some have "chimes" like our xylophone. That is what I am told by my alien contacts.

I have seen a kind of string instrument that looks sort of like a harp, that belongs to one race. But it's not a harp. I don't know what it's called.

I have been told by my alien contacts that there are particular races whose musical abilities are so great, and so appreciated by so many races, that they "put out" their music for many races to enjoy. It's not like we think of broadcasting, though, it's done by telepathy.

One time my husband and I went to a Rippington's concert in Boston, and some of our alien contacts attended it with us, invisibly of course, and they loved it. They told us that they especially loved the sensations they got from all the people in the audience for the way they enjoyed the music.

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