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"Red" and The New York Times.

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posted on Jun, 28 2006 @ 01:08 AM
While researching something else entirely, I came upon a rather interesting history of The New York Times, which shows it's had an Anti-America agenda since it's inception. Fedora has done an amazing amount of research on this and, no matter your views on the source, has uncovered some disturbing and illuminating facts about the paper, and Seymour Hersh's contributions to their efforts.

“. . .the most untrustworthy paper in the United States. . .”

--President Dwight Eisenhower, referring to the New York Times.

Last week Senator John Cornyn criticized the New York Times for endangering national security with a James Risen story on NSA surveillance timed to coincide with a vote on the Patriot Act and, incidentally, with the release of a book by Risen. A review of the record illustrates that endangering national security through irresponsible leaks is nothing new for the New York Times. Some particularly outrageous examples are worth recalling here to underscore why action against the New York Times is long overdue.

Exhibit A: Compromising the U-2

Exhibit B: Sabotaging the Bay of Pigs

Exhibit C: Helping the Vietcong

Exhibit D: Undermining American Counterintelligence Capability
.... and more!

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

For well over three decades I've gleaned information from many sources, detailing many hundreds of subjects. The sources were viewed openly, and chosen for both the pro and con of whatever I was researching.

I've seen many changes over the years in the "Major Media." After reading a recent UCLA report (not exactly a bastion of Conservatism) about media bias, it only confirmed what I had long been seeing.
Little did I know.........

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