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The week of Satan 622

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posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 04:01 AM
oh yes - offcourse - I read that lately... With the pakistan president being US government..
Coop or die..they said.
I just forgot it...

So actually - hell yes! It has BIG connection to US pressure.. So actually US-Government did it through Pakistan..


Thats a good point...

So Now we know that Pakistan President was kinda forced to bomb India trains...
'What a cool planet'

That in short form... What my thoughts are at the moment.
So It's actually a extreme evil game they play on these high meetings..

Put a gun to the Pakistans Presidents head and say - Cooperate or we pull the trigger...
So - Still the dates - and the 24:11 could be extremely real - connected to government - A corrupt one that is..

I actually found somthing odd about the next Calendar event...
It has 2x24:11 cycles in it..

One is the actual 24 october 2006 - the next is the 6 november 2006.

Hmm... weird.. weird -Im just sitting here watching the calendar... And actually..

there is 3x11 in it... Could be a hardcore time ahead - cause this calendar is strange..
Im just going photoshopping again..let me see..brb

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posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 04:24 AM

A visual impression of what i see..
The weird thing is that (if such is) - That this calendar has 2x24:11.. Wich the other ones didn't..
Also the numbers are as usual 6 and 11 - included.. as a general bonus..

oh hell - did you all hear - they crapped the American constitution?
Now they can arrest anyone..And sorta kill them.. without normal trial...

Cool planet..

11 oct - wednsday
24 oct - tuesday
6 nov - monday

Note: there is no 7 this time...

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posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 04:36 AM
another thing I read somtime ago..

I can't remember perfectly the proffesionel words. (english stuff)
that Bush had 11 advisers or somthing.....................

And you remember that Capitol hill has 24 pillars around it - What we could count from the old Arcitect dravwings..

24 11

posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 01:20 AM
Ram, Implosion... I don't know if you two have taken a look at this thread? 1279111013 It is very disturbing. I just got into it and saw it tonight for the first time.

The numbers:
127 Pearl Harbor
911 Terror attack
1013 (10-13?) WTF?

This guy is freaking people out....please read it for yourself and see what you is a BIG thread, but a must read. Even check out the OP's username. I didn't post it incase that's against the T&C!



posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 03:48 AM
wow! cool Avatar there - Jen

I read that thread..
I feel nothing about that thread..

posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 05:23 AM
I am totally ignorant when it comes to, well, anything about Pakistan to be honest, however this thread caught my eye.

Blast and rocket find spark fears of plot to kill Musharraf

Security officials in Pakistan have defused two rockets found pointing towards President Pervez Musharraf’s official residence in Islamabad, hours after a blast in a park near his army home.

The rockets, which were discovered by a construction worker, were hidden in bushes and trees at a building site less than a kilometre from the Presidency building, security officials said. The device was attached to wires and mobile phones, apparently intended to launch the rockets.

General Musharraf’s position has become increasing tenuous as he walks a thin line between his support for the US and his military’s continuing links with the Islamists.


However, from BBC news:

The military has dismissed suggestions that the blast was related to Gen Musharraf.


Of course, I suppose that's to be expected.

A little information concerning al Qaeda in Pakistan:

Information recovered from safe houses when al Qaeda's leader in Iraq was killed six months ago placed the group's leadership in the Waziristan region of Pakistan, The Washington Post reported on Monday.

A member of Osama bin Laden's high command said in a Dec. 11 letter to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi that he was writing from al Qaeda headquarters in the semiautonomous tribal region where Taliban and al Qaeda fighters have been active, the report said.

Zarqawi was killed in June when U.S. warplanes bombed his hide-out in a village north of Baghdad.

The letter to Zarqawi was signed by "Atiyah," a person counterterrorism officials believe is Atiyah Abd al Rahman, a 37-year-old Libyan who joined bin Laden during the 1980s, The Washington Post said.

If accurate, the letter would confirm their location at the time it was written, the newspaper said.

Bin Laden is believed to be hiding somewhere along the porous Afghan-Pakistan border.


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posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 09:50 AM

Originally posted by Ram
wow! cool Avatar there - Jen

I read that thread..
I feel nothing about that thread..

Turns out it's some sort of Internet game. It doesn't matter though , that thread has been thrown in the trash bin by the administration.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 12:11 AM
Valiant Shield, good exercise i had alot of fun with it


posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 12:17 PM
I am currently waiting for 11 october...

Next will be 24th october...

then - 6 November...
And then what?..
Ye - Valiant shield was fun... So much humor in those killing machines.
King Kung fu from Korea showed us the big fallos... And In Miami they arrested the first home grown terrorist...

deviding the people for the first time...On the day the witches are burned.

All a big ritual...

622 is the date - where the dividing of people started...
The witch hunt began..that day.

[edit on 8-10-2006 by Ram]

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 10:06 PM

Japan-China summit warns N Korea

Shared alarm over N Korea's threat may be fuelling improved ties
The leaders of China and Japan have both said that a nuclear test by North Korea would be "unacceptable".
The statement came after Japan's new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met Chinese leaders in their capital Beijing - the first such contact in five years.

North Korea's threat last week to test a nuclear weapon may have given greater urgency to improved relations between the two countries, correspondents say.



Not one of the highlighted dates I know, but this is not good news, however you look at it:

North Korea said Monday it has performed its first-ever nuclear weapons test. The country's official Korean Central News Agency said the test was performed and there was no radioactive leakage from the site.


North Korea has carried out an underground nuclear test, the North Korea's Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Monday.

"Our science research section has safely and successfully conducted an underground nuclear test on October 9," it said.

It added that there was no leak or danger from the test.

Source.< br />

Here is the thread discussing the above.

This could be the start of something nasty.

[edit on 8/10/06 by Implosion]

posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 03:52 PM
If I can butt in, Implosion,

don't be too concerned about the nuke test.. at least, concerned about the US starting a new war. It's the worst possible time of year to start a war, in a set of years, the elections are next month for the House.. and Republicans are not looking too good with that gay boy sex scandal. Most polls are showing that this may hurt them pretty dearly in the elections.

Maybe Democrats retake the House? If so, Bush would be hamstrung to start a brand new war unless there was some serious advancements past nuclear testing, like an actual attack, or the uncovering of a foreign plot to attack.

The second reason he'd be hamstrung is because of the deployment in Iraq, which is essentially like leaving your gun in another country when you show up to the shootout. Sure, we have plenty of Naval and Aerial weaponry, but we'd be hard pressed to fight two wars simultaineously. And if we did, we'd definantly be tapped out then, and thats exactly what someone like.. Iran wants to hear. That would give them the O.K. sign to build the bomb and it would give Syria & Hezbollah the O.K. sign to hit Israel again, not fearing the U.S., embroiled in two simultaineous conflicts with boots on the ground in both places? Could you imagine that, North Koreans have been indoctrinated to hate the United States with the core of their being... lol.

I think China ultimately has the joker card in this game of poker. They could remove Kim .. unless he suits their interests. He used to, but is he getting too big for his pants? China interfered in the 1st Korean War.. notice I say 1st.

posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 05:41 PM
Runetang, your opinion and point of view are very much appreciated.

Originally posted by runetang
don't be too concerned about the nuke test.. at least, concerned about the US starting a new war.

Of course, it's early days, and what you say about the problems the US would have to get involved militarily with N. Korea certainly makes a lot of sense, however, An ally of the US could well get involved on their behalf, the Japan Self-Defense Forces for example. I understand that Japan has renounced war, however, in light of a nuclear threat from N.Korea, it could probably be argued that any action taken against them would be a form of self defence. It's also interesting to note that a country that has eschewed warfare is still the largest military spender in the world.

Defense relations with the United States
Japan conducts a significant amount of cooperation with the United States, which in turn helps provide a significant portion of Japan's defensive capability. The Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security declares that both nations will maintain and develop their capacities to resist armed attack in common. Also, it maintains that an armed attack on either country in territories administered by Japan will be considered dangerous to the safety of the other.

Of course, no signs of an armed attack yet, however, I find the next part interesting.

In November 2005, constitutional revisions were proposed which would create a cabinet level Defense Ministry while keeping the old clauses mandating official pacifism. Under the proposed revisions, the JSDF would also be formally referred to as a military force for the first time since its establishment. The new wording proposed is "In order to secure peace and the independence of our country as well as the security of the state and the people, military forces for self-defense shall be maintained with the prime minister of the cabinet as the supreme commander." The amendment is gaining more and more public support recent years.


I wonder if action could be taken against N. Korea "In order to secure peace".

Anyway, it's all pure speculation. After the Mumbai prediction/coincidence, I find myself getting jittery as we approach the latest possible dates according to this bizarre pattern. Thanks a lot for your input.

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 05:53 PM
really good finds ram, im addicted to the information youre providing. keep uncovering the truth brother.


posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 06:33 AM
We work like a Anti-Virus program...
Just like Northon Anti Virus has to be updated once in a while and quiet often..

To know the name of the new virus they invent.

Infact I have come to a temporary conclusion that they are infact storytellers.
They make up a story - And it is our job - to figure out why the story is unfolding like it is.. What is the purpose of this new story that unfold before our eyes/ears.

The story is so far about tribal warfare... It's a primitive language they spur on us at the moment.
It's about fear...

How do they wake up our fear? the best way?

I think it's all corrupt - cause If we and the next generation of people would lead this world... We would not have this crap going on..

Somthing is sick in this world and we aught to get as much information about these stupid fooks as possible...
They are a primitive race - conducting their puke all over the surface of this planet.

And it is our job learn from them... Learn how they think... Learn the evil within them...
So generations after this could make use of it... Knowing how the face and expression of evil is... Like lies and lies...

The most impressive thing about these humans that lead this world is their fear of freedom... They fear freedom for some reason. I think it's kinda impressive - cause it's so stupid...To fear freedom.

It's a deep evil story they create...It's about death and destruction. And a way to put people and their soul inside a large prison - where images they make up - are shown on the walls inside this prison...

Our goal is freedom. Not the false freedom made up of money and a system that holds people from talking to each other based on a false stories.

If the system do fall - and all liars among them also fall - We shall have a new system based on freedom... The freedom means - a world where we don't pay taxes - and live for money. A world of total human control... A natural based harmony...

Before that can happend - the world needs to break down - Cause noone seems to be alert yet.

That is the simple part of the truth...

The world needs to be a place where we can grow our own food - within community.. That's what it's all about...
This food will keep us healthy - That way of living would keep our minds free...

Off course we could get help from the tools that has been invented through this story we live within at the moment.. Greenhouses / robots - could help us survive with without money...

And offcourse the schools that at moment are nothing but barbone for your mind - A cold frezeing temporary existance.. Schools will change - and we will proberly only need to learn the basic math things. Most of our learning will be free... And about much more interresting subjects than repeating what the books tells us.

You can actually see the future of schools On this board here and there...

Nature should be our freind. We should have no leaders - like secret leaders - who can't even talk to other leaders without sticking their money under the oil table. Or pointing a gun to a frustrated Pakistanian presidents head - telling him to cooporate...

they are going to kill as many of us as possible... And it's is possible cause people in general has a good heart from the beginning of their life - They don't susspect them be evil..

We have to learn the face of evil before we know what way to live by.
Money should be gone... But thats a long time away from here...(in terms of year count)
But it will happend - I believe.

It can't happend as long as these leaders are in their seats...

Also they have learned from previous mistakes...We must remember that too.. They have become wise leaders...they think.
Their system does great deeds for them - And helps them towards their goal.

They do not know your hearts... They will try and disconnect you from the essens of your soul..They will try to remove you from your souls... By long term suffering through your lifes...

One day - you wont feel the suffering anymore - and you cannot see the evil deeds they do to you. Cause you have been through so much inner struggle that small pockets of pain will be deleted by yourself.

Pockets of pain starts from school - Some people go through school as going through hell... We learn the clock - We learn to do what we don't want to do... We learn to go against our own will... That is their teachings.. And that is the procces of turning this planet into a ...... Place where people only do what the system does tell them... They sort of get plugged into the system cause we have no other choice... Else we can go die on the streets... So the only voice we hear, will be those from top... The cold bastards that gave their soul to the system a long time ago.

They don't feel the pain. They work to keep the pain away...
We buy new cars to keep our stess at a accepable level...
We buy a house to keep stress at a acceptable level..

Some people hit their children to keep the stress at an acceptable level.

We buy all these things to keep stress and death away from us...

And offcourse it's an illusion... For death shall come one day anyway...

I believe that this world will break down one day.... When people start recognize the evil that lays behind all our actions...

This at the moment, is not the way we should live.... It will be our destruction on planetary level.

Many people have forseen this before I saw it... The system is killing this planet.

The most clear sign is that people want to work FOR the system... That is being part of the problem - but we have no choice...
We have to do like they do - be a cell inside this huge body we live in...This huge body of evil destruction of the planet... you be a small cell of knowlegde... You be a good cell - knowing the truth - living among the people who believe nothing else than what the system wants you to know.

It's easy to hide in the system - cause it's so primitive compared to our souls... Just be here and observe their way to destruction... And you will know when the time comes for you to speak.

posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 07:44 AM
I watched that trailer interview for that movie with Aaron Russo, pretty interesting stuff about the Federal Tax Reserve & their relationship with the first Great Depression. I've thought this for sometime, as a teenager, I was the rebellious type a few years back. With everything, and I was convinced that its all a world of jails and churchs like preacher de la roacha said. I got over that stage and sizzled down a bit, but I still feel this..

..unexplainable feeling that came on a few years ago. its been increasing, slowly and steadily. it feels like chaos, in my life anyway, utter chaos, being injected into life. My life getting out of control -- or if i refuse to lose control, ill maintain control but over a really #ty existance, at least to me. And the world's problems have been escalating as well, in almost synchronized harmony, all the talk of Greenhouse effect and the various 'cataclysmic scenarios' we go over on the different forums of this site.

and almost weirder, I used to be non-religous, i was pretty much a lame deist/humanist, i would accept that there is a God, while never trying to actually believe the statement or get to know God, often times i secretly didnt think God existed. I saw the churches, and how they behaved, and I wanted none of it. well, the past few years, as the last paragraph describes, particarly the past 2yrs, i've been becoming progressively more religous. But no one told me to, and if they did they sounded stupid, this was like a door being slowly opened and gaining more and more access over the years to it. Like something coming to you, not you seeking it out. So i started reading some Old Testament(Jewish Tanakh), then esoteric Gnostic stuff like Nag Hammadi, and I had uberfound interest in other religions, what they were about. Of course naturally I was more guided to the stories of Creation & Destruction than the books inbetween.

My girlfriend has even given me a hard time about it, and I dont try to push it on anyone. It's just that I may bring something up religous or compare something to something in a certain text or scripture, or saying. But shes settled down thank god. I live on the east coast, like literally within 20 miles of the ocean(well, the chesapeake bay, and thats the only hint im giving), and maybe I'm just crazy, but right around the time that things started going inexplicably weird on me I've had this urge to move inland. Or out of country. But inland is good, to the mountains of my state. Woops, I gave away another clue. Gee I make it easy for 'demons' to find me eh?

But enough about me. I definantly believe that those underground facilities their constructing, alot of which are in the West/Southwest of the U.S., are going to be used for something. And it cant just be a damn increase in inmates over time.. that wouldnt warrant the construction of numerous facilities. Its probably coincidental that all the UFO happenings have been in the same area. Or is it? Not to get on aliens, lol, but I've read quite a bit about supposed interactions and relations between some type of aliens and the government during the cold war era, that they'd share dual facilities in the southwest, and one time there was a shootout between the two. The website of like the last known survivor of the supposed incident is solely dedicated to trying to expose what actually happened. But hes probably just crazy, I mean he is dying of radiation related illnesses after being injured in that incident.

And on that note, do you think, Ram, that perhaps these people could be working with entities that are not of this Earth? And if so do you think theyre physical or spiritual entities? Sometimes the line between the two gets blurry and they seem the be the same thing.. extraterrestrial beings and angels/demons/spirits, and the cults that worship thereof. In fact, I've come to the recent conclusion that the 'Fallen Angels' in the bible story, of which Beelzebub(satan) was the leader of, have to be able to take the appearance of a human being for as long as they'd like -- years.

If you consider that true, then there are active agents working on the side of the evil that are supernatural. Lets just hope that if there are supernatural entities at work that we have a good one on our side. I think we do, and I think thats what started drawing me to the scriptures, and the gnostic texts, and the texts of other religions.. to 'God', to help me deal with and fight against the evil that is increasing. And maybe thats why I always have this feeling to myself that I rarely express that I'm part of a generation that will see the end, of this nation at the least and this planet at the worst. But I also feel like in a place with no time where spirits dwell with God, living in this day and age would have to be like frontrow seats of the physical world you know..

..or maybe I am just freaking druggy and paranoid. better yet crazy & a hypocondriac! I mean, for christ's sake I think that Nostrodamus was actually making some correct predictions, and ill end the post w/a few. For one, im sure were all familiar with the lines relavent to this day and age when supposedly the 3rd 'antichrist' would come, called Mabus by Nostro, that would come from Greater Arabia. Then he would die shortly after the start of a war, which lasts 27 years, and almost brings us to utter destruction. So these 3 antichrists are not necessarily the literal antichrist depicted in the Bible, but rather they embody the same traits. The 1st was Napulon Roy(Napoleon), the 2nd Hister(Hitler), the 3rd Mabus(Musab rearranged). Abu Musab al-Zarqawi means that Abu is a surname like Mr, Musab or Mabus is the first name, and al-Zarqawi means 'Of Zarqawi', a tribal name for instance.. or in other cases its the location they were born. So that means roughly "Mr Musab of the Zarqawi tribe" or "Mr Musab from Zarqawi" being a location. I happen to think hes the guy they're looking for in that prophecy, pertaining to this time period. It says shortly after he dies, "a terrible undoing of people and animals", "when the comet nears" or "passes" or something very close to that. So lets just hope I'm wrong about that.



Teehee, you said Japan self defence forces. North Korea has one of the largest numerical armies in the world, more than Iran if im not mistaken, and only beat by China. Then USA would get involved.

posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 07:50 AM
And considering the estimated range of the Taepodong-2 (15,000km), with a light nuclear warhead it could theoreticly launch over Japan, over the Pacific Ocean, and strike Hawaii, California, even the East Coast & New York! Take a look at this map showing the missle range.

posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 08:20 AM
Runetang. Even if we assume for a second that the North Koreans have another nuclear device, they are years away from having a means of delivery. You can find some details about this in a little post I put together a while ago.

North Korea and The Pentagon's new toy


posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 11:20 AM
Are they working with aliens... It's possible. By that i mean - It's not impossible..
And yes - it's impossible to see or know..things.

here is Phil Schneider.. video - guy with shirt

Actually - as usually Implosion found this clip with Phil Schneider... And we found out he's missing he's fingers... Looks like they where cut by a laser sword from starwars. Check out the video.

And the feeling of no time... Is cause we are in some sort of time standstill - It's cause we live in a lie... Thats why time seems to stand still - cause the things that happends..Are false. They have bloked our hearts - And we do not communicate like a free world would... We are being blocked from expressing so much.

And thats evil... The definition of evil - Is to strangulate our voices...Our thoughts - our everything...Expressions..

Our expressions are formost - for the system - and about the money - and all that comes from the media - and the entertainment industry...generally.

We are being blocked...From whom we aught to be.,. That is the feeling of of time being stopped... No evolving or development... It's being blocked.

Such is the feeling of "time is standing still". Hindering communication - and splitting and divide people. Wich make up the caos within... We got noone to go to.. And ask why it has become so... Cause we are being divided... By the media machinery...

And it all started the day - the seven was arrested in Miami 622... In the week of 666...

And yes - I have to agree - so many of us - in this generation - can see it...And must see it...for our own wellfare...And in the back of our mind - we cannot agree with evil..and we must not.

Alien issue:
I actually had a thought one day - that they are actually preparing us to become self effecient.. To be able to live in harmony - we have to be able to resist the crushing evil - and the tyrrany that we shall live through.
It can be an high council thing... You know..
We don't let children play with guns for a reason.

That is what is happending on a global scale... They are putting us through these test... Obviously through the global Government. It might be aliens It might be humans... But they sure are following a plan...
To setup so much crap as possible - To see how we react... Or do we react at all... And what kinda humans do react to the crap they set up for us? It could be called an experiment...

Do you see - this is a possible scenario?

That could be the truth about aliens making a deal with human race - to un-deal it.

Their plan is cold and hard - to see if this race of humans on this planet has the capabilities to wake up or not... If we wake up - then we shall live in peace - and we are ready to be self effecient on this planet... If not - then we shall perrish..And disappear from this universe....

As far as I can see - that is the feeling of it...

The leaders whom might be in contact with aliens - don't even know they are not to win this game...They are merly peices - for the game to be held here on earth.
They think they work for a global perfect system - but they being fooled by their own super-ego - for they are not to live on this planet after the awakening. People like these liars cannot live after the truth has been revealed...

If we wake up - we are accepted...

That is what i think about the alien issue... If such exist.

PS: i know it's crazy - we all know it... This is not really a personal thing - it's a global issue..
still the dates..could be important to tell us if they are part of the game.

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 12:41 PM

Japan announced new sanctions against North Korea on Wednesday over its reported nuclear test and U.S. President George W. Bush said Washington was working to ensure there would be "serious repercussions" for Pyongyang.

The reclusive communist state held out the threat of more tests and its KCNA news agency, known for blustering anti-U.S. rhetoric, said pressure from Washington to rein in its nuclear programme would be tantamount to a declaration of war.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki said new sanctions, underpinning those imposed after Pyongyang test-fired missiles in July, included barring all North Korean ships from Japanese ports and banning imports.

"The country whose security is most affected by these actions by North Korea is Japan," Shiozaki told a news conference. "Considering the gravity for our country, we made this decision based on a comprehensive judgement."

In Washington, Bush told a news conference he saw a new consensus emerging among the world's major powers that it was vital to act now. China and Russia, North Korea's main trading partners, have been more tolerant of Pyongyang in the past.


Tough talking with regards to N. Korea. I can't find much else of interest happening today. At least not from the point of view of this thread. I will keep my eyes open, and will post again if I can get my brain into gear.


posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 04:58 AM
Ahh - never mind...

[I was about to write about the small plane that hit the appartment....]

next date is 24 october..

[edit on 13-10-2006 by Ram]

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