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Secret NATO Base or just wasting your time

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posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 01:34 AM

Originally posted by zorgon

Originally posted by puhatek
. I wonder how many are in Canada.

LOL thats easy, just look at Public aeronautical charts and look for the red lined no fly zones

Also look at Nato and Norad lsites for listed areas. [Cheyenne Mountain is both US and Canadian] There are many, especially in the north.

Check out the History of Cold Lake Alberta, when there was a joint USAF/CANADA operation building the avro saucer... [This area just by fluke happens to be flight line with those firat famous "flying saucers" near Mt Rainer in 1947]

Happy hunting


do you know where you can find these aeronautical maps online? so then i can look them up on googelopolis maps
.. i already found a secret dond site on lake ontario, posted it before, but didnt cause any attention.. I also heard the niagara region since it borders the states has some possible secret sites.

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 02:20 AM
I've lived on Lake Ontario most of my life... as a matter of fact, I just returned from vacationing on Lake Ontario for 4th of July week.... I've never known of any secret places -- please, give me more info and maybe I can tell you what it is that you are looking at.

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by thecandyman
I've lived on Lake Ontario most of my life...

I spent many of my younger days sailing Lake Ontario, even spent weeks on the Pathfinder and St Lawrence II [Arrrrrr they be fine sailin vessils ARRRR] Even caught a lift on that hydrofoil...

Never saw any bases, secret or otherwise... of course I never saw anyone living on it either.. well maybe a couple houseboats...;p

Originally posted by puhatek do you know where you can find these aeronautical maps online?

If you are looking for a Canadian or American aeronautical map or aviation chart we are the right place.

This is a good one

In the US the department of defense has stopped public access to their aeronautical charts. US private pilots relied on them as they were accurate and freely available. I suppose it has to do with Homeland security
. But you can search for "Aeronautical Charts" and find lots of older ones.

Have fun.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 11:36 AM
I was born in the Brunssum regio.

This underground base is a former coal mine. The coalmines )statemines' where connecteted underground. Look op Maurits, Emma, Hendrik coalmines or Staatsmijnen. After closing these mines nato-americans took this mine the Hendrik over. The main site is in Brunssum the main industrial site of this mine. They used the old shaft building as communication they say. Took it down in the early 90´s and build a new modern concrete tower. The site is heavly guarded. There seems to be a connection with another old shaft of the Hendrik mines near Schinnen, I believed it was called shaft 4 or 5. There seems to be an entrance over there but also that shaft, almost the same structure, has been turned down. There still is a garded entrance there. You allso have several major stock site of militairy equipment in Eygelshoven and Brunssum. Allso there are several bigger militairy airports just over de border in Germany. Awacs near Schinveld and English tornados at Brùggen near Roermond-Heinsberg. However there was recently an allmost nuce incident at Brùggen article in tha lokal papers. An Englisch nuke dropped from his cart on the airport in the past. So it´s absolutly possible that nukes allso have been stored in the Nato base or basses in Schinnen and Brunssum. Some people believe that all these baeses are connected underground. I myself found a waterworks builing in a nearby village that was heavely seccured and painted in with millitairy paint... I looked like a entrance to something. Also there was a grasfield in this village neighborhood that looked as a soccerfield as flat as it was but there was a concrete structure untherneath.. You can see the base in Schinnen from this field in the woods on a hil near the village and te watercompany building entrance..
Recently German militairy took over lots of the facility..the site looks a bit worn down at some parts. Allthough they renewed their enthrance gate that looks realy modern nowadays. A lot of the personal croweded our aerea in the 70´s and 80 ´s. They lived everywhere in our neighbourhood and they did have special stores and numberplates with afc on them. Because of security reasons they changed the number plates allso they drive more european an japanese build cars nowadays. The sites are still up and running. The Bruggen airfield will or is closed down nowadays. When I was on hollidays in Scotland we saw a big old massion with a sign traspassing probitted. But we drove down the driveway to have a better look at the castle. A guy came out asking what we are dooing on his property. After a short chat it turned out he worked and lived in Brunssum at afcent. A friend of me told me that he once had to do some technical work at pipings at that site working for a plumbing company. He got currious and took a look at the site and an armed prived threathed him with a rifle and they took him to ask some questions into an office. To warned him that he could have been shot. But anyhow I don´t know how creddible his story is...maybe he is making this up. You can google earth the faccility. It is at the and at The Hendriklaan, to the south. Near Brunssumerheide Nieuwenhagen direchtion or Kerkrade direction but just at the end of the Hendriklaan the entrance is a bit to the east at the roundabout. a the left from that rounabout is a storige site to the south west at the A2 highway is the other entrance at schinnen Bruggen is nearby Roermond and at Schinveld there is the Awacs airfield just over the German Border.

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