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posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 10:19 PM
Hey everyone...I would like to hear everyones crazy dreams. Some of them are just so interesting. I'll get us started off...

This is perhaps the my most memorable and peculiar dream I have ever had. First of all...I wasn't in this dream. This is the only time that has happened. Here goes:

I am watching from a third person view. There is a gloomy feel about this place. It seems to be some sort of lab. A scientist in a white lab coat was mixing chemicals. A little child walks into the lab, and asked the scientist something. The scientist, who was deeply involved in his work, gave the kid a hurried point to the right. The boy walked to right right and strapped a band to his arm. The band was linked to a box that looked like a heart rate thing. Then the boy took a syringe filled with a purple matter and injected himself. Soon the heart rate thing started to beep wildly and the boy proceeded to throw up a bunch of organs and blood. It lasted about 10 seconds and he just lay there dead on the floor. A sort of camera angle seemed to zoom out slowly. Then I woke up.

*The strangest thing about this night is that I wasn't horrified when I woke up...Maybe television really does desensitize you...

****Share Your Dreams!!****

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