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War on Terror; You be the President

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posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 06:20 PM
Thank God for armchairs. If you have ever placed judgements from the comfort of your armchair or computer chair .... or .... if you have ever stayed at a Holiday Inn Express (If you dont live in the US, you wont get the punch line.), then your going to love this thread.

Its September 11th, 2001. YOU are the President. Your sitting beside your wife while she reads to school kids.

You already know about the first tower. And your guy just whispered about the second tower.

Your move.

Thats scenerio one.

Here is scenerio two.

4 airplanes, 3 buildings. Your move. Activate whatever the call the former Emergency Broadcast System or not? Give the nod for marshall law or not?

Scenerio three.

Its the day after. What do we do? Nuke em? Nuke who? Recolonialize the middle east? Do we start "spraying for terrorism" in the Palastinian territories? Activate the draft? In short, how far do we take it?

This ought to be a spirited thread!

"Lets Roll!"

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 07:02 PM
Scenerio One;

Tell the secret service to get us out of here using the Hail Mary and Hail Joseph game plans. The players (Secret Service) run down the field (storm the class room) for the pass (President and First Lady). They catch the ball (President and First Lady) and sprint like mad dogs to the endzone (limo).

It will be very dramatic when the video of that hits the TV.

Scenerio Two;

I personally take over the airwaves by activiating the former EBS. Nobody knows much but all the information is coming toward me. I have a responsibility to tell the people what I know. I tell the people as much as I can but I withhold anything that compromises national security.

I impose marhsall law for all American lands. I encourage Americans abroad to secure themselves as best they can. I give the order to shut down this entire country for 24 hours. After 24 hours, I continue marhsall law for 7 days by keeping non-priority businesses closed during that time.

Scenerio Three;

I hold an emergency meeting in the Senate. I have the US Capital protected with a hugh land and air based military force. With which ever Senators show up, I will request we reinstate the draft.

And we pick the first terrorist friendly country that is going to be visted by 1 million angry American military forces and another million of their allies. I suggest that this must be the work of Saddam and pick Iraq to be our first victim.

Jets, bombers, choppers, paratroops, land based soldiers coming from Saudi in endless human waves, and marines storm Iraq's only major port city in what looks like a reinactment of the Normandy invasion.

How do you convince Suadi and our allies to commit so much? By making sure the world was to scared not to do it. Mix lies with truths just like we always do.

God thing I wasnt the President.


posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 09:49 PM
Okay, I am the President.

Scenario One : Hearing of the First Twin Tower having been hit, I'd have stood up non-chalantly, picked out My most trusted, loyal, and best of the Secret Service Agents (One Agent Only) at the facility with Me and told him to take Me immediately to Air Force One at the fastest pace possile. I would also have instructed this Secret Service Agent, or have done it Myself, to call all available Police in the immediate area to put up road blocks all way to the airport where Air Force One was parked.

Meanwhile, every available Secret Service Agent at the school would remain with the First Lady reading to these children and one of them would have been instructed to call for back-up to help watch the First Lady. I'd have called her and told her I love her and I had to leave immediately, and I'll explain it later.

This has all transpired before the Second Twin Tower has been struck, that's just how fast I think and act on a bad situation that I would assume is about to get worse.

Scenario Two : 4 airplanes, 3 buildings have been hit...I'd activate the Emergency Broadcast System, call for an immediate Press Conference or break in on regular television from Air Force One and tell the nation what has just no official names or details, just reassuring the nation that it is under immediate investigation and we will get those who lead this travesty, financed it, and plotted and planned it.

I'd also give the nod for Marshall Law in the state of New York and the surrounding states of New York (the rest of the nation is irrelevant unless the terrorist's conspirers were intelligent enough to have been out of New York ahead of time), hoping that any and all of the conspirers of the terrorist cell who were on the planes were still in New York and trying to leave. I'd also immediately shut down all outgoing and incoming airlines, boats, and all forms of transportation, except Air Force One.

Oh yeah...the bin Laden family would have stayed here until we had him. Taking hostages for enemy action is not against My sense of moral rightness.

Scenario Three : The day after. We should have collected all the details of the flights passenger lists, having talked over the names with the head of the Central Intelligence Agency and his top men, along with the National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and any other relevant Intelligent Agency available and figured out the most possible likely country where these terrorists came from and immediately sanction a complete embargo of anything and everything coming or going from that country, from our country and any other country in the world.

Next step, this country (we now know it was Afghanistan) would be surrounded on all sides by M-1 Abrahms tanks, Patriot Missiles, A-10 Warthog Tank Killers, Hornet fighters. The surrounding waters closest to Afghanistan would have as many aircraft carriers, destroyers and whatever other military boats close to the area surrounding it. The Navy SEAL's...all active Teams, whether on duty or on R and R, Army Rangers, Delta Force, United States Marines LRRP's would all be standing ready to go at the line ahead of all those troops, like rabid dogs chained and ready to kill. Don't forget the inspirational speech to whip them into a feeding frenzy of sharks, wolves, dragons, and tigers.

I'd also have our coasts with the same firepower and people as we'd have around Afghanistan to protect our country from people leaving or coming against us.

Then...I'd nicely tell that countries government...either you hand over Osama bin Laden and his fellow people...or we'll be stopping by and saying hello to him within...oh 30 minutes. Time limits are good, threats of total annihilation, and any and all future business from the rest of the world would be a sufficient enough inspiration for them to immediately hand him over.

Oh yeah...I'd have also had Air Force One landing in the nearest America friendly nation so I'd be on the ground and on the way to lead My soldiers into the conflict.

Sorry, I'm not a sideline sitting type of guy, so I'd be the same kind of President.

By the way...I was furious when I saw Farenheit 911...not at Michael Moore...but at good old Dubya himself. I'll never like a man who sit's on his keister while his men are dieing and not doing something about it.

Politicians hide behind their podiums and their people, and it's about time for a change, a serious change in American governmental tactics.

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posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 10:17 PM
1) Check with Ken Blackwell to be sure that Kerry did somehow win Ohio and I can slump this one off. Nope, dang. Give orders to keep me advised. Pretty much follow as Bush did as there is no need to upset the kids in the classroom. I actually liked what Bush did there.

2) Partial marshal law, nothing in or out of the country period. Anything on radar is shot down period. Any ship traffic is halted. Hit the airwaves and inform the people of the clamp down. And results are pending, in the investigation.

3) With information in hand readdress the people. Draft will not be instated. Urge any able bodied citizens to visit their recruiters and will be accepting intersted civilians at the following list of bases for immediate US Militia arming and transport to Afghanistan. Debriefing of militia will be enroute. Inform UN to put up or ship out. Hold Bin Laden relatives for interogation.

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 10:45 AM
Is it not interesting that given the high volume of Bush Bashers not one has stepped up to the plate to say what they would do differently? I guess it is because they all believe that Bush did 9/11 so they would not have therefore it is a non issue?

Perhaps one day the whole truth will come out and people will realise that they have been duped by a powerful group of people that have an agenda of their own for world power, the DNC.

Thanks for the time for the derail. I return the topic back to the the thought experiment.

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 11:01 AM
If i were the president?

This wouldnt have happened. MY cabinet and staffers would have turned our backs to the elitists. I would have passed on playing the part of a puppet, and been a real president. I'd take the pass on the NWO- we'd be at peace, or a semblance of peace.

I'd be working for "dee peoples" not for some great dark force.

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 11:06 AM
Excellent scenarios - but maybe one addition here. Find out who did not authorize or who screwed up on the scrambling, and who did not act properly and the publicly skin them.
Cuz someone screwed up on this one big time.

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 11:09 AM
If I were the President and saw the first plane hit the tower?

I would glance over at my vice-President as say, "You know we're going to be dead meat if the public finds out it was us who did this."

Then my vice-Presdient would look at me and deadpan: "What do you mean 'we' Mr. President?"

posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 04:15 AM
1:Close ALL(non-military) airports to anything other than landing planes.
Lockdown New york and the surrounding areas.
Perform background checks on every passenger on every plane to leave the country in the last three days(might take a while)
If any terrorists are found, set them up in a kangaroo court before having them publically executed.
eclare martial law and have anybody suspected of being a terrorist or even associating with one arrested.(guilty until proven guilty)
raft random able bodied people.
If the terrorists are discovered, demand their capture and execution from the country they're in.Refusal will be met with invasion.Resistance will be met with nuclear war.(Okay maybe not plunging the world into WW3)
Guess it's good i'm not a president isn't it.

posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 04:48 AM
What I would have done:

1. Excuecse myself from the room to address urgent busness.
2. Call an emergency meeting of the National Security Council.
3. Put NORAD on full alert and close all US air space to military aircraft.
4. Contact CIA for intelligence update.
5. Issue orders for all US military forces worldwide to stand up to DEFCON 3.
6. Close all US borders.
7. Ativte Emergency Brodcast System.
8. Reassure the public that the government is on top of things.

This is assuming I wasn't told in advance that something was cooking. If I had even the faintest hint from intelligence that an attack was comming, I would have called the Pentagon and said:

Hey, this is the President of the US! I hear that Al Quada is planning an attack on the US. Now listen, you all better find out what's up and Stop it right now, Or I'm adding your asses to the casualty list myself! Now get busy!


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