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posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 04:47 PM
Hi all.
Im a new member of the site. It is very interesting. Im interested in so many subjects which are discussed here, the possibility of alien life, the US military and its bases and so much more.
I want to ask the following but im not sure which thread to post it in, can someone or possibly one of you admin guys help me out?
I want to pos the following:

As a new user to ATS, I would like to know if this website contains something which can convince me that there really is something happening that I need to know about or has anyone ever seen anything on this site which has blown them away? By that I mean perhaps a UFO pic which just could not be rubbished, a conspiracy theory that could not be denied, I really want to contribute and get into the spirit of things here but Im worried that this site is simply a place for cranks and mad people to post their fictional fantasies, Ive been browsing lots of posts where the post has been marked hoax which is a bit disheartening.
There are thousands of posts here, I dont have the time to go through them all, has anyone seen something or read something here which really sent a shiver up your spine? something that you have been thinking about ever since?
I would appreciate any replies.

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 05:20 PM
Hi there, as you say there are alot of threads and posts to discover. That's the beauty eh! I haven't read all the posts here, only the ones that hold interest for me.

If you have something inparticular you are interested in, enter a topic in the search button, chances are there is some info on it here.

I like this particular page so you might want to add it to your favorites.

Also ATSNN ( news) is also a first if you are interested in the latest top stories.

Just think of ATS as one of those old big victorian library reading rooms where almost averything is at your fingertips. Happy searching

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 09:26 PM
Try looking up the testimony of the Mercury/Gemini astronaut's UFO encounters.

His name was Gordon Cooper

His UFO story can also be seen here: His UN testimony (article)

Obviously, he was just nuts, because NASA regularly sent the insane into space, repeatedly, in multiple capsule programs. It was a well known fact that they prefered mentally ustable pilots in their space program.

We've reached a level of information technoilogy where no picture will ever be convincing enough that cannot be debunked by someone.

If this phenomena is real, it involves a level of stealth that will require an active endeavor by a large proportion of our population if progress is to be made.

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posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 02:42 PM
Thanks guys I havent logged in for a while.
Looking forward to checking them out.

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