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Wesley Clark: Stalking-Horse for Bush Junior

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posted on Oct, 24 2003 @ 05:30 PM
More on the "Good General"
Everyone should read this!!!

Get Rid of Bush & What do you Have in Clark?

Part One:
By Craig B Hulet?

Will the real General Wesley Clark please stand-up?

“General Clark did not discuss what are apparently his reversals on the war.
Last October, he said that he would support the Congressional resolution that authorized the use of military force in Iraq and
then spent months criticizing the execution of the war.
On Thursday, the day after he announced his candidacy, he said,
"I probably would have voted for" the resolution.
On Friday, he backtracked, saying, "I never would have voted for war."
-- Bradley Graham, Washington Post Staff Writer,
Monday, September 29, 2003

During early 2003, March through July, I informed my client base, through press releases, an article and e-mails, then later at our regular quarterly business roundtables that George Bush Junior was building the American-led empire, just as Clinton, Bush Senior, Reagan and Carter before him. This was and is seen as bad enough if you understand what this regime means for liberty, jobs and any hopes for a future living standard somewhat above that of a third-world developing country. But that is not the only threat in the future for Americans. I stated it this way on a Los Angeles radio interview during May:

...Craig B Hulet:
“I used to say, ‘you think Clinton’s bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.’
And if you think George Bush is the problem, you have not seen what comes after Bush.
Bush is building the Empire. Wait until you see who comes to run the Empire.
Frank Sontag: Maybe we’ll have a guy in uniform as President.
CBHulet: I did mention that in a press release.
I’m looking for a 4-star general, retired,
that’s looking for a nomination.
And believe me, they’re out there.
Whoever runs this Empire will not be of the same
ilk as those who build it.”
(Source: Tape One, about 20 minutes
left on Side A, May 26, 2003
Frank Sontag interview KLOS/KABC Los Angeles)

The rest of the story:


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