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If We Want (NEED) To Do Something, We Need Unity To Get It Done.

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posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 06:40 PM
Some have decided it is time to do something.

What can we do?

Understand "infiltration". Ultimately, but that will not suffice for immediate use. For that we must unify. no matter what is actually accomplished by what group, it will always be done with unity. Where there is less power, more unity is needed. We are not powerful, we are just citizens, therefore our power lies in unity.

Unity can be also seen as a loss of "difference" of heart or mind from others thoughts or feelings. If we feel the same and think the same, we are largely unified. Before that is true, we must UNDERSTAND one anothers thoughts and feelings well enough to base reliance of further decision/action upon our relationship alone. Understanding helps with commitments and it helps with fears. Facing a threat with others at your side helps with fears, probably why wars start also making INTENT and absolute in the blend of what it takes to unify.

Our intentions have been manipulated away from what is natural by living unnatural lives in many ways. We are no longer connected to our food sources and have many layers of dependence upon the parasitic system using us, our masses as a host. Meaning that much of our unity depends on our recognition of that in some way for the longest term, and meanwhile, from our deeply dependant state, endeavor to identify means of dissolving differences in perception, thinking and feelings. Or, ........ lots of communication, more than we can get done here.

However, there is an inner strategy, wherein a few unify with much knowledge of working within our system in ways that are compelling to it.. Law. One big problems. There appear to NO lawyers that will use law for its primary purpose, "To protect life". It is a rarely known fact that everything we "know and have is used to protect life". first our own then others we love or need. We need each other and have a defacto system of interacting which is sheparded by wolves that keep the wool over our eyes.

Here are a few pages that I have prepared for "US, you and I and them" citizens, to get on the same page about using what we have to get done what needs to be done rather than trying to use something we don't have.

Follow the links, you'll find it branches out into many areas and provides a multifaceted picture of our situation and the factors effecting it.

The proposals of that page go a few promising directions but the part that is generic to all is citizens getting together and filing lawsuits for injunctive relief and specific performance. Groups of 50 or more citizens instituting lawsuits and procedures to force courts to take reasonable actions in doing what needs to be done. Sure its boring but its civilized, and that is what we think we are right?

How do we do it?

We make it important culturally and discourage frivolous pursuits of all types. Legal and political activism needs to be the new "pursuits of happiness", because without them, there will be no happiness. WOMEN, take note here. You bring life into this world. You give you bodies and lives to this. Do you do this to see that life suffer and be wasted? WOMEN, stop being used as a tool to control men by the exploitation of sexuality. Stop responding to material power and start responding to spiritual power, the power that creates unity. Do not let corporate values run your life seek men that unify groups of people in effective legal and political actions that reflect our universal needs.

MEN, forget corporate sports, alcohol and tobacco. Forget vehicles for entertainment. That is all power related. Seek to understand that fathering and raising children given to you by a woman you love is your purpose and UNDERSTAND that you are going to have to work together with the men and women around you to first create culture of the future then make it functional in ways controlled by you and the others involved, for your NEEDS (end the confusion between wants and needs). If you have the capacity begin to study law and involve people in discussion about law and how to use it.

Everybody, realize there is a process of relinquishing superficial differences and recognizing what is fundamentally shared and vital, that we have not yet undergone. It is a spiritual event, a highly individualistic event so expecting anything much from an internet experience is not appropriate, However I did have an idea once that manifested in a web site called "The Declarator".

The Declarator is a maze of web pages that offer many link/options through it. There are eleven ways to get to the out door, but the section that forces the viewer to identify final values that serve our unity have some very trick questions/options. Not many have actually found the "Out Door"

The Declarator

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