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One of OUR OWN is fighting the GOOD FIGHT and Is Having A ROUGH TIME...

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posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 05:20 PM
Happy new years WOS and good luck!

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 06:24 AM
My thoughts and prayers are with you WOS. Best wishes to you always.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 06:53 AM
Wow,I've always wondered about who William was from all the avatars and signatures.Now I know.Anyhow Hang in there William one sac ,Ill be sure to add you in my family prayers and my church prayers.God bless and hang tough bro.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 07:21 AM
Good luck to you in fighting this terrible disease.

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 07:27 AM
make sure you laugh, it helps


posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 07:31 AM
From one cancer survivor to another, hang in there bro. Lots of love and prayers your way. May this year be the best!

posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 01:19 PM
He's doing MUCH BETTER!
Just got off the phone with "Our Guy" Willie One Sac and he is feeling the pain but healing too. He's in considerable pain from a surgical procedure they had to perform on him but he's on the road to recovery!

There is a hope and better than average chance he will be released from the hospital tomorrow or the next day which would be wonderful.

He wanted me to pass his gratitude for all the encouragement and kind words herein too.


posted on Jan, 3 2007 @ 01:29 PM
For some reason that is beyond me, I wast just reading the dictionary. I felt compelled to look up the word, Warrior. No joke. There is actually a picture of William's avatar in the dictionary right next to the word.

Ok, that would be a fib. But there should be.

You have been through so much William, yet your optimism still radiates these boards. Even in your absence. We are all better people for sharing this community with you.

I wish you all of the best in the coming year.

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 04:26 PM
Thanks for the update Springer

Good to hear he is in good spirits

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 04:31 PM

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 04:33 PM
Yeah WOS.

Just keep fighting.

...and maybe DON'T laugh. (Hurts more when you do. Stick with giggles.

Lotsa light and love, sofi

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 05:31 PM

we are here for you, man. I hope to see you online soon. get well, buddy. :-)


posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 05:57 PM
Thanks for the update.
I have fallowed this thread, hoped and prayed to hear some good news.

Please enjoy your life, smile, laugh and cry, remember the sunsets.
A good friend of mine shared with me once that he believed all our loved ones are with us in the sunset.
A childish concept but comforting. I don't know why I'm saying this.


posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 08:45 PM
Just spoke with Willy... He's stuck in there until next week (probably Wednesday or Thursday) due to complications with the procedure he had done this Tuesday.

He had to have a surgical procedure this morning too boot. This a REALLY TOUGH DEAL our FRIEND and Community Leader is going through, prayers, well wishes and positive thoughts are MOST WELCOME.

HANG IN THERE William One Sac!


posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 08:47 PM
We appreciate these updates Springer.

Hang in there Will!

All of the best,

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 08:51 PM
Hang tough WOS.

God knows we're all pulling for you here.

One day at a time, that is our blessing, and best course.. Live it one day at a time and make the best of each.

Bless YOU, and yours, and of course Spooky too.

[edit on 5-1-2007 by UM_Gazz]

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 08:56 PM
This challenges are all part of the process of healing.

Things will get much better and the future is going to get brighter.

Keep fighting William.

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 09:52 PM
WOS: The light within you shines brightest when darkness surrounds you.

posted on Jan, 5 2007 @ 10:24 PM
WOS is always in my thoughts. I haven't known someone so tough (and I mean John Wayne kinda tough) in a long long time.

He takes whatever the world is dishing out at him and still stays so positive. In return, we're thinking positive for him.

He's a role model for all of us and a true HERO.

posted on Jan, 6 2007 @ 12:51 AM
Hang in there Willie. You have my prayers bro.

Thanks for the update.

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