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Relativity in Hindsight: Rove, Jefferson, Zarqawi, and NK Nukes

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posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 10:30 AM
Something big has gone down in Washington in the last month, and it has barely been noticed outside the inner circles of power and influence.

Why? Masterful media manipulation, imo.

The last couple weeks of May we had the whole Rove Indictment story looking like a sure thing, almost. Fitzgerald seemed ready to bring mountains of evidence of corruption in the Executive Branch of the US federal government to the table in a sweeping indictment that probably would have brought down the Bush Administration. At least that's how it seemed.

Rove Indictment Rumor

Then we had the FBI search Congressman Jefferson's Capital Hill office and an 'incident' the following week at the Rayburn Building involving 'construction equipment' sounding suspiciously like gunfire in the parking garage.

Jefferson Raid

Rayburn Incident

Are these three issues connected in any way? Imo, the latter two were prompted by the first. Faced with an imminent indictment that would almost surely have toppled the administration, Bush's team may well have ordered Gonzales to send the FBI into Jefferson's office to seize evidence of criminal activity in Congress to use as leverage against the Rove indictment. Maybe they found records of what happened to the NO levee money that didn't get cut to fund the Occupation of Iraq, or information on where all the Katrina relief funds are being diverted to. Handy of the Pres. to seal that evidence for 45 days, huh? Like I said before, it gave them time to cut a deal.

The Rayburn Incident gave them time to go back in and fill in the blanks, if they needed to. I'm not exactly sure if the Rayburn Incident was related to the Jefferson records seizure or not, but there was more going on there than a couple stray rounds from an impact hammer in a construction area, that's for sure.

And it focused lots of attention on DC and goings on around the US Capital. Can't have that now, can we?

So, in the next two weeks, Zarqawi is killed, and the North Koreans get ready to launch a test of their nuke-u-lar capability with a missile that has the potential to strike US cities. Reports I heard had it fueled up and ready for launch, and our missile defense system was activated.

Zarqawi Killed

NK Nuke

How's that for a distraction? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. In the midst of all this, Fitzgerald comes out and says Rove will not be indicted after all.

Rove Cleared

Masterful media manipulation. Masterful.

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