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US Plans To Begin Massive Spraying Of American Population With Bird Flu Vaccine

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posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by Hamburglar
No, they aren't. If they spray at all, it will be done indoors. Think for a moment about how poultry are kept. Except for the occasional "free range" bird, poultry are kept in poultry houses (essentially huge barns filled with cages). They'll spray in there (assuming they spray at all). Nowehere near you or me.

A better question is, why are the Russians mad about it?

Good question, but now I have one too. How affective is it to just spray the domestic population when the H5N1 is being spread by wild birds? This doesn't really solve the problem if you ask me. Especially if it's still mutating. If it works on the chickens might it be then considered for migratory flocks too? Then the human population probably would get exposed.

posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 05:26 PM
I would be more than glad to let russia or China try this first...

Why is it America always gets all these "lucky" breaks?
The chinese have been dying for a spray like this... you would think they would test it there first (if it works)

My theory...(you know its coming)
Because it DOESNT work, and some politician owns stock in the Medical company that came up with this.
(just like the other worthless purchases made from insider trading deals with tamiflu)

posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 05:43 PM
Am I the only person here who lives in an area and is old enough to remember the spraying for mosquitoes -- they sprayed everywhere and it went on kids, clothes being hung out to dry (before many clothes-dryers) on picnics, beach-goers etc. So why is it so hard to believe they won't do the same thing with this. Maybe now they may have a radio announcement or a mailing that they will be spraying such and such an area and to stay indoors but I doubt it will be more than that. In fact, I think, last summer they did some spraying around dusk in my area for mosquitoes again because of West Nile being so prevalent in our area.

I'm not saying I agree with spraying I am just amazed at how so many of you think it might not happen on a widespread area over everything (not in chicken houses etc)

posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 05:55 PM
aint it amazing

we never had theese problems BEFORE BUSH came to town
now all of a sudden we have all sorts of problems

remember the governments rule #1

when they want sonething done that the people dont does it go.....
problem,solution, action

what the government wants is their solution
so they make up problems and get the people
outraged enough to make the govt do something about it

they MAKE US want it!!!

so i wonder what the real reason is that they want to
spray us...

hafto be on the lookout,,
maybe they are gonna spray us with the actual BIRD FLU
then we will be begging them for any kind of help
even if their terms suck

posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 06:07 PM
Spray the birds? ha!

This calls for gathering your supplies and staying home- if you venture out, put on your super duper Ronco Masks, on sale weekends- check your infomercials.

I should be more trusting, but i cant. Not now. No way. Paranoid and proud of it.

posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by dgtempe

I should be more trusting, but i cant. Not now. No way. Paranoid and proud of it.

I can't trust them to save my life either. I won't ever trust the Gov. again
I'm glad somebody is paranoid like me... Thanks Dg....your my buddy

To the person telling about the Mosquito spraying, do you have any articles on that?? What year did they do it???

[edit on 6/23/2006 by jensouth31]

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 01:38 AM

Originally posted by jensouth31

To the person telling about the Mosquito spraying, do you have any articles on that?? What year did they do it???

[edit on 6/23/2006 by jensouth31]

I lived it - probably late 50's thru mid 60's - I was still pretty young - my dad worked for the county but not on the mosquito gang but let me try to find some information.

here is some information on spraying on LI in 2000 -
from above

As a scientist, Wurster knew the dangers of DDT all too well. In the years after Rachel Carson published her landmark book, "Silent Spring" in 1962, he and other researchers accumulated reams of evidence on the toxic effects of the then-ubiquitous pesticide, including its disastrous effect on wildlife. Yet, DDT continued to be used -- on farms, in parks and in "public health" programs such as the Suffolk County Mosquito Control Commission's spraying of marshes.

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 01:51 AM
Thanks Justme. The second link had a pretty interesting article.

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 01:52 AM

Originally posted by dgtempe
I should be more trusting, but i cant. Not now. No way. Paranoid and proud of it.

That's what I love about you, dgtempe.

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 02:33 AM

Originally posted by jensouth31 the United States over their plan to begin a massive spraying of their population to protect them...

This planned mass aerial spraying of the American population...

This does come across as them just spraying everywhere including humans. Otherwise wouldn't they say 'massive spraying of the bird population' or something similar?

And I don't see why the Russians would be so opposing if Americans were just going to do it in barns

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 03:34 AM
Trucks driving around during the summer months around dusk with a massive cloud of Malathion or something similiar wouldn't be out of the question in my opinion. Many small towns do this already to control the mosquito population. In fact here is a link to a guy suing because the city is not doing it in the inner city

Here's a complaint about the city of New York spraying malathion on 7 million New Yorkers and the complainer is wondering about the possibility of birth defects.

I remember growing up hearing the spray trucks coming down the road and would know to hurry up and get inside the house. I was told by my parents to get inside the house. The cloud of spray goes all through the neighborhoods into the yards and everywhere. I grew up with this so I could easily imagine the same thing being done for birds if the public approves it. There was a public notice in the local newspaper of approximate spraying times so you could stay off the street. Guess I wouldn't be happy though if I was from out of town and didn't know what that cloud of spray was.

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 05:43 AM
First of all, i am sane. Really. But i remember as a little kid in Havana, a truck that used to come by and spray a certain smoke that i LOVED. I used to follow it down the street with my little friends (life was a lot different
) and we used to inhale the fumes- we loved the smell.
Oy, what can i say! Oh, we had parental supervision, my parents loved the smell too.
But in those days, nobody was out to git you. I always recall the incidents with particular fondness because i loved the smell.
Today, i am older and wiser and we live in different times. How times change. Of course, that spray as a kid couldnt have been too good for me either

Anyway, i dont want to be sprayed by anything now. The intentions are not good.
Neither is the spray.

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 06:27 AM
if this is true I'd be extremely concerned but not for the reason that other are. If this spraying involves a live deactivated virus to innoculate people the large number of immune compromised people in the US would be in serious danger. If you have for instance aids, undergoing chemotherapy or a transplant patient you will have a suppressed immune system. A live virus in those patients would cause the full blown disease! I know I am immune compromised myself as ex transplant on immunosuppressants and I can even catch a the full blown disease from another person would has received a live virus vaccination!!!

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 07:18 AM
OMG! This is another of Sorcha Faal's* nonsense fantasies .......

The only thing real about this is the original news story - a vaccine is to be tested next year which, if successful, will enable domestic fowl to be spray vaccinated instead of having to inject each bird.

That's it.


posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 10:56 AM
Right! And this is bad because... we want birds to suffer and die from the flu? Someone help me here. Where is all the fear coming from? Seems to me like the general public is acting just like the "machine" designed. Wake up, stop living in fear. Experience life! That is what we're here for after all.

These deversions just get in the way. Don't allow them to.

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 11:11 AM
IMO, I DO look back to the days of mosquito spraying, and that worked out so great, That even the hint of something similar gives me the heebie jeebies.

Whole populations of animals were decimated, and human genetic mutations continue to be handed down- EVEN TO THE SUCCESSIVE GENERATIONS OF THIS DAY...

Recently, DDT was found to be built up in everyones body, and pregnant women that were from the areas being sprayed were delivering DDT to infants in their own milk.

This stuff doesn't go away, and it is carcinageous... so it is our health burden forever thanks to the short term solution for the mosquito problem.

I fear that the same short sightedness corrupts the political minds that propose these measures.
and as i said before... I dont even think it works... bird flu changes too rapidly. I think our health is possibly being endangered for a simple politically influenced profitable transaction. Sprays have a way of contaminating a much farther area, than the target.

Look around the fields behind auto body shops to see what i mean (paint mist everywhere).

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 11:32 AM
I checked into the possible financial motives for this transaction...
Azko Nobel lists a Maarten Van den bergh as the supervisory council (IMO the stringpuller)
azko nobels officer list
and taking that name into names data base gets me this:
names data base for MVDB

which made me very suspicious, so i looked up this
bilderburg members
and yep, he is listed...

He is formerly connected to Royal dutch/Shell oil group... so of course, i smell an oily rat.

Which made me think, this guy is worldly important... i better check further....
he is also a member of the CECIA
Chief Executive's Council of International Advisers

Someone feel freet o check me, but IMO strings got pulled to get this contract...
I thought it was profit, but it may be NWO strings... which gets very spooky, especially looking at the russian response (with their intellegence data added of course)

[edit on 24-6-2006 by LazarusTheLong]

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 01:08 PM
Further more...
found this on akzos news website:
Maarten Van den bergh

from source: shareholders approved the proposal to appoint Maarten van den Bergh (63) to the Supervisory Board for a four-year term, effective May 1, 2005. Mr. Van den Bergh is non-executive Chairman of the Board of Lloyds TSB Group and former President of Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and Vice-Chairman of the Committee of Managing Directors of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group.

and i dont want to scare people, but for those interested in the NWO angle... here is a bit from under the tin foil hat.
Akzo Nobel is primarily know for its
Organon International Inc
which is primarily known for its contraceptive and fertility products...

The firm makes a variety of contraceptives, including Gracial, Implanon, and Mercilon, in several forms, including oral, implants, and intravaginal rings. Organon also has a male contraceptive in trials.

and it also makes drugs for psycological disorders.
I speculate that this company could be the "delivery arm" of the NWO in its attempt at population control...

To show that i do still have a critical eye here, I also note, that the USA is one of the few countries that wouldn't need population control... but our populace is also probably the most troublesome for the NWO plans also... soooo
I am going in circles... sorry...

I think we should watch this development, and once a distribution method is decided, we can look into more here...

[edit on 24-6-2006 by LazarusTheLong]

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 01:57 PM
The original link contains references to multiple articles which it summarizes to postulate that the U.S. general populace will be sprayed.

The individual articles don't indicate this, however.

The first article is a report concerning an avian vaccine for H5N1 and Newcastle Disease that can be administered through spraying.

The next article is about federal criticism of one of the United States' largest suppliers of influenza vaccine, for not resolving previous contamination risks which have in the past disrupted supply during flu season.

The third article is a Las Vegas Tribune story about Chemtrails.

The subsequent article is a brief report on the human-to-human transmission of H5N1 between seven family members.

And the final one is an article stating that China experienced at least one case of avian influenza two years prior to reporting any human cases.

Nowhere in any of these articles does it mention the vaccine being used in the U.S. at all, let alone being sprayed on the human population. That doesn't mean it won't ever happen, but I thought it should be clarified.

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 03:13 PM
You have been mghty busy. Thank you for all the research. Yeah I'm sure worried about the NWO angle
And I think you are correct to assume that the US population is probably the biggest thorn in their side. But if they keep offering enough social programs, and such... I'm sure they can eventually get the populace to bend. Sad

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