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3G Cell Phones Frying our Brains.

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posted on Oct, 24 2003 @ 01:57 PM
A big discussion (in Denmark at least) is the radiation from the antenna towers of the new 3G network. (3rd. generation cell phone network or UTMS.

Appearently the Danish law is very lax on the issue of safe levels of radiation, and recently uncovered is the fact that even countries like China and Russia has their radiation exposure limits set a hundred
times lower than in Denmark!

Users have reported symptoms like headaches and nausea when using these 3g phones.

Which reminds me of another old thread on ATS, on how one (the Government) could use the signals from cell phone antenna towers like a radar. Guess this is even more plausible and possible than before, not to mention the fact that your position can be triangulated very precisely, especially with the more powerful 3G networks. Anyways, most people don't seem to mind too much, as long as they can download videoclips to their phones and see a picture of the person they're talking to, webcam style.

There is a nascent movement in Denmark, demanding investigations into the potential harmful effects of 3G EM radiation. Haven't heard much about this whole thing being on the news anywhere else, I wonder how aware people are of this.

I for one will hold on to my 2.5 G phone for now.

posted on Oct, 27 2003 @ 08:07 AM
Ive heard scientists call the introduction of 3G technology 'The biggest experiment involving humans ever'!!!!

Independant danish researchers have proven that rat-brains exposed to radiation will enevitably begin to show signs of tumor-growth.

They just don't know enough about the consequences of mobile-radiation yet. (atleast not the levels of radiation admitted by the 3G antennas).

These results are being downplayed by the phone-companies and the governments in Europe who refer to studies payed by the phone companies themselves!!! (have we learned nothing from the denials of the tobacco industry?)

Unfortunately, the European governments were quick to sell the 3G licences for so much money, that they will have a hard time justifying changing the regulations.

Also, the mobile companies are changing the way the make the mobile signals cover large populated areas. Instead of having a few large antennas, they now have smaller ones on the roofs of apartement complexes all over the cities. That means we are all being bombarded by radiation no matter were we are.

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