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George Knapp Coming to ATS!

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posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 09:26 AM
George, theoretically speaking what is the "best claim" out there that seems to drive the point home, that we are housing our own (unconventional aircrafts) underground at the area 51 facility?

You as a ufo investigator have had time around the block to know when things are not as they seem, so with that, I question what we know as a society to be real?

Have you experienced any "encounters" that seem to displace time or motives while researching certain areas of speculation?

In all this hustle of an extraordinary exhibit of thoughts what pertains to be the most unbiased literature out there?

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 08:15 AM

Are you still accepting new people to ask him questions when is appears for guest speaking?

I am pretty well read on the Sherman Ranch and wanted to ask a few questions. Also, his opinion on the "Pheonix lights"

posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 11:08 AM
We are ready to get the ball rolling with the George Knapp Guest Speaker Appearance.

Please review the rules below and make certain you will be able to abide by them. I am looking for a balanced (Pro and Con) panel of 10 Members to ask George pertinent questions on topics related to what he covered in his interview.

1- Post no more than three questions for our guest speaker per post. Please wait until your post has been addressed before creating any additional posts in that thread.

2- Multiple threads are fine, but please make sure each thread conforms to the following:
-a- One subject per-thread
-b- Prefix the thread subject with the guest's name (ex. "JohnLear: Area 51"?)
-c- Clear and simple thread titles.

3- Respectful participation from selected members is expected at all times. Even if your strongly disagree with the theories or opinions of a guest, express your disagreement with polite decorum in the interest of intelligent discussion.

4- You, as a participating ATS member, may discuss ideas for questions and comments with non-participating ATS members. However, please do so via the privacy of private U2U messages so as to avoid conflicting public threads.

5- During a scheduled Guest Event, we ask that you please refrain from creating or participating in threads about our guest outside of this forum. Again, this is to ensure there are no other active threads that may be confused with ongoing threads in this forum.

6- Participation in this forum receives an extra points bonus of 50 points per post.

7- If you are expelled from participating in this forum, it will also be accompanied by 5 warnings (with the associated points penalty) and a 72 hour posting ban. Expulsion will occur if:
-a- You are abusive or insulting to our guest.
-b- You are abusive or insulting to other ATS member participants.
-c- You ignore the requests of ATS staff to alter your approach to participation here.
-d- You otherwise engage in activity designed to be disruptive in this forum.

If you get excessively emotional or frustrated over these subjects please do not apply.

If you are interested and believe you can adhere to the edicts above please U2U me indicating you want to be on the "GK Panel".


posted on Oct, 17 2006 @ 08:31 PM
George: Your 'Best Evidence" video showed some footage of you havng a few rather clandestine meetings with Russian investigators - a couple of which looked quite uncomfortable being in the same room with you and a camera. Was there something said or provided to you 'off-camera, off-record' perhaps by ex-military/KGB that was really a bit 'harder' evidence that you were permitted to discuss at the time your production was prepared? Can you tell us now??

posted on Oct, 30 2006 @ 05:12 AM
This should be great.

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