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I think i saw something

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posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 10:37 AM
First of all, hi everybody.
Yesterday I was talking to my friend at school (we study at night) and suddenly something takes my attention. It was two bright points in the sky, a little bit far from each other (vertically). It was really strange because I've seen the stars from that direction and I just never ever seen those two there, and they were really shinning, much more than the others.
I thought, what the...?
And I started to point in that direction, so my friend could also see them. And suddenly they start to move, at least they seem to move, and the brightness start to fade as well.
Approx 15 secs later, it just dissapeared from the sky.

And them, I started thinking about, what could it be.
First, I've seen a lot of airplanes and choppers, they usually use colorful flash lights to avoid crashes or something, but those 2 lights were white, not flashing, pretty similar to stars but a little bit more intense. Reminds me when mars is close to earth.

The movement was pretty strange too, because the objects were aligned, despise the distance (taking proportions and measuring the distance, the space between them was HUGE) they seem to be 1 "solid" object, it was really weird because after talking about it with my friend we came to a conclusion, the 2 objects were going up.
So, I just wanna know, is there any baloon or satelite that could give this UFO impression and fade away so quickly? Or it was somthing unusual that we saw yesterday?

Sorry about the english mistakes ^^
I hope someone can help me.


posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 10:52 AM
the obvious starting questions are :

date of sighting

time of sighting

location of sighting

compass bearing and azimuth

vertical separation of the two lights

maginitude of the lights

did they maintain spacing , or move independantly

any airports , military bases etc in area


posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 11:48 AM

Date: Yesterday (20/06/06)

Time: Between my first and second class, was about 7:30 PM (GMT -3)

Location: School (

Compass B and A: sry, have no idea what is it

Separation: If you take proportions it was a HUGE space among them, ill try to take a picture and make something to show the distance.

Magnitude: Not so big, like I said, looked like when mars/venus is close to earth.

Spacing, Movement: they did maintain the spacing, but it was pretty weird because the 2 points were moving equally, the impression was that wasnt 2 objects but 1 with 2 lights.

Bases, Airports: No, the closest airport is 75~100km from here.


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