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Newb wonders about Thunderbirds...

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posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 08:00 AM
I am new so forgive me if I don't know something I should.

What are Thunderbirds? They are giant birds of prey that are almost if not extinct and nonconfirmed right? What regions are they most associated with? Exactly how big are they? Any idea what they eat? Are they migratory birds? Anything else?

Thank you for all your help. A friend of mine might have seen one, but I would like to be more knowledgable on the subject before I tell him what I think it was or tell others his story.

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 10:37 AM
It would be impossible to describe the lifestyle of the Thunderbird. Being cryptids, by definition they've never been captured, studied, or proven to exist.

However, I can tell you they are most associated with the American West. There have also been sightings in Alaska and Ontario, Canada.

Here's what Wiki has to say about them.

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 07:40 PM
Here is the story from a post in a diferent site. This guy is not a "critical thinker" the way alot of poeple here are. He does not buy into alot of conspiracy stuff. The site is a firearms enthusiast website, the thread was regarding different times that members have been scared in the woods.

I rode a bicycle from Santa Cruz, Ca to Wash. state and back. My brother and I travelled camping out all the while in strange places.

Part of our trip was through the giant redwoods in Cali. The Redwood groves are camping prohibited. Its amazing, with a bicycle you can be invisible. We simply rolled our bikes into the forest, we had no car to tip off state officials. With a couple camo tarps for the bikes we bedded down for the night.

As day turned to dusk, about the time when the eyes begin to strain for the last bit of light for the day, the noises started. Now, I am not a city boy. I grew up with Desolation Wilderness in the Sierra as my backyard.

The first noises I remember were loud bass thumps in the trees. My mind was unclear what type of animal this was. Its a very uneasy feeling not to be able to identify such an intimidating sound. As I lay looking up, the Giant Redwoods appeared to stretch upward forever. Way high up in these massive trees I could see something flying around. It was huge and really high up. I could see how large it was against the dusking sky but could not make out in detail what it was. I can only describe it as Taradactile like. I mean this only in shape, because the sillouette was easier to see than features, especially at such a distance.

Out of the 56 day trip, the Giant Redwood, the strange unidentifyable noises, It was easily the most uneasy, vulnerable, and un-nerving nights sleep I had. We carried no gun. And no, I don't know it the flying Tatrdactile was a Chupa Cabra.


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