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Been researching occult for less then 24hrs and had my first nightmare in years last night!!

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posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 07:04 PM
Hey all.. yeah im a noob so sue me
In no way am i making any of this up or fooling anybody. Its 98% just a coincidence as ever since i was at school i have always had the strangest dreams that went for agess and i could recall most of it when i woke up. Anyways i was talking to a member from ATS on msn yesterday, regarding occultisim, and paranormal things that exist in the world today.

I am totally new to all of this sort of stuff so i was just reading all types of books and websites etc.. anyways as i stated before i always have the most vivid dreams, of anything and everything that took place during the day. So some of this dream will make sense to me and only me probably but ill try and explain

Ill try and remember everything that happened but please try and stick with me haha

Firstly i remember being on some sort of school trip? (im 22) This school trip had something suss about it, sort of a time travel type over tone. I remember walking down a hall way with about 10 other people and there were doors all around us. Not like a hallway in a house with wooden doors, but everything was metal.. steel and look futuristic. (im not into any sci-fi games.books.movies.. etc) Then i remember walking onto a balcony when a car comes crushing through :S...and almost hits this indian kid. Im not a racist by any means, but i looked at him and said " come this stuff always happens to you?!" then hesmiles and says "...i dont know" and just smiled.. a very empty smile and we went back to look at whatever it was we were looking at with teh rest of the group.

Then something happened and i was left alone from the rest of the group and while searching for them down the hallway i noticed what looked like holographic images of somebody and i realised that these doors were some sort of time travel, teleporting devices.

There was nobody around at all.. nothing. Just complete emptiness and nobody to ask for help.

I wasnt freaked out but just slightly worried that i had no idea which door they went in, and even if they did go through a door.. so i remember walking through a doorway

***and this is were it all starts getting pretty freaky.. even for my dreams****

and noticed a big glass ball type chamber, that had a bunch of vampire buts housed inside. With people in white coats and clipboards taking notes. Then suddenly a bat flew past my head and i heard a voice very lightly say "dont worry they have tasted blood they wont attack you"

About 3 more bats appeared all with blood dripping from there mouths.. i looked up and noticed the sphere somehow must of let the bats out and the workers were gone. I looked next to my feet and saw a head with bite marks all around it, blood pissing out. The guys face wasnt upset/scared.. just looking up at me as to say.. what are you doing here..

I turned around to open the door to get out and this one bat came flying at my head trying to take a piece out of my face, with bloody dripping from its mouth. I ran outside the room and trying not to think about the bats attacking me closed the door behind me.

One bat was free and started flying around my head trying to literally kill me with my bite. I ran across the hall opened another door which looked exactly like an old study room. All dark and books everywhere. I fell back onto what looked like a hospital bed? and punched the bat in the head. It got back up and flew back at my face again screeching really loudly and blood just gushing out of its mouth. I picked up a screw driver and as it was launching to my head i shoved it right threw the bottom of its mouth into the back of its neck. Then it just started flapping on the ground and i pulled the screwdriver out. It then got BACK UP and flew at me one last time, this time it was very weak and it looked like it was acting out of desperation..

I put my hand up to grab him in mid air then it went all black. I opened my eyes and had what looked like its throat in my hands

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 07:23 PM
Sorry guys i didnt know it was going to be this long!! hopefully somebody will at least read it all lol

..... his throat in my hands, but was more a red fleshy bloody piece of meat that i chucked on the floor. But it was as if it meant something because i looked at it for awhile, then turned to the bed all mangled on the floor, ripped to bits.

After that i dont remember what really happened... that was the first of 3 scary/weird things that happened in this ONE dream.


Now i remember being with about 4 other people this time.. but we are all alot older.. everyone looked to be the ages they would be when they are awake. so i was still 22ish looking.. and i remember watchign from afar this one girl particularly.. who had a big black gun? of some sort hanging from a massive roped that reminded me of a clothes line.. and there were 3 BLOODY MASSIVE dogs trying to jump up and grab her feet. They were ferocious drooling from the mouth, plain angry looking dogs.. Im pretty sure she and the others got across but then it was my turn and i was looking down at them!

When she was going across she was always lifting her legs up so they didnt grab a hold of her. So when i was going across i just could not lift my legs up no matter how hard i tried.. all i could think about was these dogs looking up at me thinking about something. Then when i was trying to get across the dogs jumped up and had no trouble whatsoever to grab me and rip me to shreds.. but they just nipped me and i heard a voice.. or more a feeling tell me not to be worried.. and i looked at the dogs, and although they were angry the looks in their eyes told me that i had nothign to worry about, as if they were protecting me.. not the others?!

After reading all that it might not make sense as to why its a nightmare... but that same feeling/voice was present and felt like it was connected somehow.. as to help me on my journy.. to what happened next.


Ok this is what made me actually want to write a thread about it.. i dont want to hype it up or anything but i seriously was scared and beleive it was a message.. a warning..

I only remember parts of it because i was only thinking about what happened at the end. I was standing in the door way of a run down, old house. The ceiling was hanging down, everything was dirty muddy scummy etc.. Everything was rotting away from being wet for so long, # all over the ground. Anyways i was in this house with my gf mother and 2 other people i had no idea were. And we had noticed something strange about the house, i dont know if we were going to buy it or not, but it wasnt out house at all. I was reacting with these people as if i wasnt even in a dream. Nothing was out of the ordinary except for the house which was really really dirty and dangerous i guess u could say. IF you have played silent hill, think of those sort of evil rooms with the blood writing on the walls.. that sort of atmosphere..

It was really out of place for us people to be acting all happy and nice, and being in such an evil horrific place.. anyways!

we were walking around talking and suddenyl everyone just... stopped. They froze exactly were they were, there movements, there facial expressions.. then.. it all started to happen.. there was a massive and i mean M A S S I V E change of happiness to the most disgusting feeling of dread i have ever felt. Think of the change from when your in a room with the light on, you turn the light off.. going from a lit room to a dark room is a huge change in just 1 sec. It was like that..

The room stayed the same, but the people in it, except for me all just froze and a sudden sense of death/sorrow/sadness came rushing through my body. I looked through a doorway into the kitchen and noticed a door was there now, i had a look through the eyeglass and noticed i was looking at the house i was in from across the streets house. But it looked normal, it looked brand new!

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 07:43 PM
When i turned around the people had gotten very far away.. bu tstill in the same room as me.. if that makes sense?? They were still in the same spot they were in but as if iwas looking at them from across the street again.. I looked back at the door it was gone, and i turend around and all those people had came back to were they were originally, but they were not them anymore.

They all had different heads with really disfigured faces, but much larger eyes, big black deepless eyes. They were all staring at my face again.. right into my eyes an they were standing straight up and really flat. Their bodies at changed slightly but their faces are all i can remember..

As soon as this happened i relaised i was dreaming and i could see the dream first hand! I was basically just floating above my body watching what was going on, I could see myself staring back at them. I noticed one thing instantly and it was as if they were just watching me.. they couldnt do anythign but watch me.. they didnt say anything at all.. just staring right into my eyes.. this went on for a LONG time.. nothing happened and i didnt knw what to do.

Then i had this feel/voice tell me to walk through the door way and they were pretty adamant about it. I knew if i wanted to get out of this i had to walk into the doorway. As soon as i took my eyes of the creatures a hand... or maybe it was that bat again i dont remember it happened all so quick, ripped off a gold ring i had on my finger. As soon as it struck the floor a huge rush swept through the house with a terrible screaming noise and the voice in my head was upset..telling me noo! really slowly... For some reason i looked down and noticed a whole pile of gold rings, i picked up a bunch of them and when i put on this random ring the felling of hope vanished instantly.

Something forced me to turn around to the demons and they all now had the most evil look i have ever seen staring right at me and they all started to move. They were all muttering some sort of chant in another language that didnt even sound like they were words.. just noises.. they wernt walking towards me but one would dissapear then reappear closer towards me. Each of them surrounding me each time they re-appeared.. i was really really freaking out as i knew i was on my own. I had no idea what was going on and suddenly the demon who had the body of my gf appeared right next to me and i just screamed/shouted as hard as i could and kicked the thing as hard as i could.

As soon as i did that everything went dark.. and what looked like the leader of the group appeared right before me upset and all i remember are the words " You have just paid the ultimate...."

Then i woke up on the couch in the same house.. IT WAS MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!! It just didnt look that way from before.. I was still dreaming btw.. then looked at the tv, and then saw another indian girl with her head in her hands.. and i was thinking who are you ... then i woke up

I woke up REALLY hot and sweaty, my mouth was dry and i was wide awake.

Now as soon as that happene there was no doubt in my mind, that something i had read during the day had triggered that last event. The first 2 wernt that frightening, they were over pretty fast.. but this one lasted for ages..and i felt realy really upset as if i wanted to cry but my body was taken over and i couldnt control it at all. I was being told/manipulated to see what i was meant to see and that was the purpose.

All i could think about was feeling really really really REALLY upset that i kicked that demon.. and i was told i paid the ultimate.. sacrfice is the firs tthing that pops up but i freaked out. I felt my gf to see if she was hot but she was cooolddd. I was boiling hot and sweating..

Oh and i remember being bitten on the toe by the bat right after i pulled the screwdriver out.. i was to scared to check my toe haha.

So anyboyd have any ideas,? besides im going mental haha

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 06:14 AM
Well first of all Nice story, But next time plz summerise it a bit.

Cos i read allot of unneaded information.

In my oppinion you have a very good imagination. So you got a really vivid dream.

But it can be some subcountius experience aswell. Do you have gaps of time in youre life that you cant remmember anything about?

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 07:22 AM
I had the exact same thing happen. Not last night, but a while ago when I started looking into this kind of stuff, particularly astral projection and dreams. It was over two years ago so I can't remember as much detail as you, but I recall that I had a medallion, specifically my lifeguarding "bronze medallion" necklace but seemingly enlarged. And I was biking around, outrunning everyone that was chasing me and I ended up in a big group fighting everyone off for it for what seemed like at least half an hour. And then at the end, I got some sort of prophetic symbol/number/message written on the wall, but I have entirely forgot what it was now. I wish I wrote everything down and kept a dream journal but I was too lazy.

What topics of the paranormal were you looking into yesterday? Particularly if you were talking about dreams or dream recall or lucid dreaming, that's a good reason why you would have this dream. Also just the fact that you were thinking and talking about the paranormal all day.

I used to be like you and "not dream for months at a time". Surprisingly though, you do dream every night. You just don't remember it. There are some particular ways to remember them though. You can even have more than one dream a night. I know some people who have 6+ dreams per night and remember them all in the morning!

Anyway there are also things that you can do that will hopefully lessen/stop the nightmares if you want. Hopefully it was just a one-time freak event, because I honestly can't remember the last time I had an all-out nightmare. Sometimes freaky stuff goes on, but it's never competely terrifying.

You may also want to look into the symbolic things in your dream. Specifically the "how come this stuff always happens to you?", Indian people (btw, do you mean like "Native American", or actually from India?), the dogs, the bats, the blood, the old creepy locations, and feelings about your girlfriend's side of the family. It could be a message that either something bad is going to happen to your gf's mom or she is a bad person or something along those lines.

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 07:24 PM
Viatali: Thanks for the feedback
I see your point about trimming it down, but seeing as it was important to me i didnt want to leave anything out, just in case.

Yarcofin: Sorry i should of also added that when i said ever since school i have always had dreams that i can remember in the morning. Not just one or 2 but multiple dreams.. i cannot always remember every single detail but i do remember the majority of what happens. soo just say i had a dream about this mysterious girl ill wake up and befeeling the same emotions i did in the dream for about 5mins till i start doing what i do usually in my life. If that makes any sense??

Ive always had these kind of dreams, whenever i have a sad dream i walk around the house sad for about 5-10mins untill i just tell myself its a dream.. i remember once having a dream that my parents bought me a car outside, i woke up ran outside and wondered were it was,, then realised it was just a dream. But it was so real.. all my dreams always feel so real.

But i never ever ever ever ever ever have nightmares. This was probably the first one i have had in ages, i can still recall dreams i have had years ago, but only the ones that made me feel like i was still in it when i woke up?

Anyways im going on but last night i had no nightmares whatsoever.. back to normal. I want it to happen again.. i want to experience these demonic paranormal things in my life, for me seeing is beleiving.

Haha when i meant indian i meant as in India

Thanks for you insight man! Im new to all of this and im going to go out of my way to see something demonic and evil no matter the cost.. i NEED TO KNOW!


posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 07:46 PM
damm if I had dreams that vivid I wouldn't bother going to sleep again. I have had pretty bad ones and multi layered ones (Ie when you think you have woken up but haven't) but non with big eyed demons and vampire bats. Great thing to read just before bed at 1:44am

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 07:53 PM
Hahaha.. i love the dreams i have
I think the reason icalled it a "nightmare" was just the fact i was reading up on this demon stuff. It put the idea in my head, sighh i think i was more excited that maybe it was real afterall.. i just wish i could find something out there that is definate proof that even 1% of these stories i read are true..

posted on Jun, 22 2006 @ 07:43 AM
Well I'm not going to give a meaning to every part of your dream, but its seems pretty obvious in one respect.

You have just started looking into the area's of occult, mysticism, theories on ancient astronauts and the like. No doubt whatever foundation your current beliefs are built on have experienced an overwhelming disruption, especially since the quantity, range and quality of the material you've been reading will have been pretty wide.

This then caused dreams trying to reconcile your new beliefs given all that information, and probably started a nightmare when all the different things couldnt be consolidated.

To put in simply:
You read some freaky stuff on some freaky topics and had a freaky dream, probably because your beliefs are being altered.

posted on Jun, 23 2006 @ 06:38 AM

But on the other side there could be a meening to it saying this is wat you can expect, and if you are already scared of it dont go looking in to it.

posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 02:01 AM
With reading about the occultisim and the demonic, you are letting the demonic into you, hence the demonic nightmares.

I let the demonic in when I was younger, and had battles with vivid nightmares. since I became Christian, they haven't been as frequent, but still do happen. I posted one on a haloween of last year. About a month ago I had another one. I don't remember most parts, but it was vivid. I didn't want to have anything to do with movie theatres and water for awhile aftewards.

I remember it was set in a movie theatre like setting with the lobby and theatre, and I was lost. I realized something wasen't right and tried to get out. The monitors were super strong and mean people. It turned out to be an escape sequence where I did get out of the theatre, but ended up caught in an alley in the city which was earily vacant except a couple of people here and there. I was taken back to the theatre, and had a roller coaster ride down to I'm not sure where.

Trying to escape from there was harder. I remember something about an ankle biter (small dog), then going into a section where people created art. Near by was a type of pool, and I thought there was an escape route beyond the pool area. Here is the scary part. I go into the pool area. It was a square pool and seemed to be set up more as a movie set. There was lights, cameras, and large peices of cloth for lightning. I saw the crew and the other people. They didn't look like actors, but more like prisoners wondering what their fate was going to be.

I got closer, and was able to get into an area a little beyond the pool and others. I was courious as to what was going to happen. It looked like there was a wall in the pool. Unfortunatly I found out.

They started to put people into the pool. There were divers in wet suits with air tanks. They started to drag the people under, and push them towards the wall. The wall wasen't finished, and there was a space between what looked like the back of the pool and the unfinished wall. Then they shoved the people in that space. By this time they were struggling to breathe and fighting the best they could. They I saw the divers working on the wall, walling those people in. The next thing I remember were the people's bodies starting to bloat. I saw a bloated hand get stuck between bricks, and basically exploding with blood going through the water. I felt a major need to get out of there fast. That is when I woke up.

There are more of us out there with these nasty vivid nightmares. Maybe that is why I tend to not to go to sleep until I'm extremely tired around 2am. Other times I pray and ask God to give me a restful night's sleep.

If it is reading this occult stuff bringing these nightmares, stop right now. I'm telling you that they can and will get worse. One thing I noticed in your dream. Your ring of protection was taken away from you. What you viewed was great mallice towards you that was being held back by that ring. Once you lost it, that malliace was able to attack you. Your dream could very well be telling you that you don't have any protection when you are reading about the occult. Without any protection you are in danger. Occultisim is dangerous. You are dealing with supernaural forces and entities that will befriend you at first, then turn against you in a heartbeat as soon as they think they have you under their thumb. Occultists, witches, and even satanists use many symbols and items of protection for a very good reason.

Also be careful for what you wish for. Trust me, you don't want to end up being one of those "stories".

If you ever find yourself between a spiritual rock and a hard place with no hope of escape. There is one way to escape, through Jesus Christ who cared so much that he died for you to give you salvation of your soul. What is going on right now is a battle for your soul. You don't want to be on the wrong side when it is over. But that is your choice.

posted on Jun, 28 2006 @ 09:13 AM
Personally I believe Jesus Christ and The Bible to be as maintstream Occult as it gets. The amount of wars in the name of organised religion is ridiculous.

Please, if you turn to Christianity or any other religion, do it in your own home and don't take it all literally.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:50 AM


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