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A question about psychic abilities and my experiences

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posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 10:57 AM
Hi All

I was wondering if anyone could help me with whats been going on lately.

Now some of you may have read an experience of mine which happened to me during building work in my house while trying to sleep. If you didn't it was basiclly someting kept making noises in my ear and making my face cold while i tried to sleep. Also at one point i felt a great deal of fear and sadness sweep across me but at the same time i knew it was not my fear and was able to take the fear away if you like like puling a hood off my head.

Then for a while nothing strange has happened to me until a couple of weeks ago.

During the night on and off for a couple of months i have been hearing a screaming of a girl who was being attacked at first i thought it was just people mucking around but after i while i ventured out to see if anyone was acually being attacked, i couldn't find anyone.

This happened to me about 4 times. after about the 3rd time i realised that the sreaming of the girl sounded the same each time. which was when i realised it sounded like my girlfriends voice.

This was quite distressing to me as I knew my girlfriend had once been attacked around where i live a couple of years ago before i met her however being a sensitive subject i never asked where, part of me didn't want to know i guess.

the next day my girlfriend knew something was bothering me and she finally managed to get out of me what was wrong.

I told her i thought i knew the general direction of where the screaming was coming from and she suggested that we took a walk to see if i could pick up on anything. I told her about how i read once about experiences either being traumatic or happy sad etc sometimes leaving an "imprint" due to the nature of the event and that some people could pick up on these.

Anyway we started to walk and for some reason i knew what direction to walk in. we turned the corner and i could see the the local swimming pool in the distance and i just felt a wave of sadness enough to make me cry, which my girlfriend was quite startled by. I decided to walk to the pool which for some reason i have never really liked looking for some reason it just makes me feel uneasy. when we got there i told my girlfriend that something had happened in there and that i thought some girl had been attacked in there. She then told me that it was her and that it was in the changing rooms of the pool. She then went on to tell me she never told anyone this because she thought no one would believe her about it being in a changing room.

From these couple of experiences i'm getting a little freaked out and also nothing has happened since.

Why are these things happening to me? and if i wanted is there a way i can become more "sensitive" to these things rather than just now and again.

Sorry about the length of this post I thought it best to get as much detail down as possible.

Thanks for any help you can offer

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 11:28 AM
I do believe there is a spiritual atmosphere left behind when evil occurs at least at times and in some places, don't know about all times and all places.

I had the following experience:

I was walking home after my car quit me on a Las Vegas street, about 14 years ago now. The place I was walking had a unmarked building like a warehouse with a semi-truck backed up to it. As I approached the building, I began to feel a strong sense of unease, as if something very wicked was nearby. I continued to walk, trying to talk myself out of the feeling, but then noticed a uniformed guard was pacing with me, but about 400 feet away or so, and inside a chain link fence that surrounded the property.

There was something definitely unnerving about the way he matched me step for step, and was almost always looking my direction as I glanced at him from time to time.

I then noticed that the semi had painted on its side a picture of a 1/2 naked woman, and I suddenly got the strong impression that it had been hauling women in the trailer, that the painting was meant to advertise the "wares", much as a carrier of other products would show a picture of them, that they were possibly slaves or unwilling participants in whatever was going on, at any rate.

I felt the powerful sense of threat hanging on until I reached, at the end of the long alleyway I walked in, a building where the sensation became instantly cool, and refreshing, even the hot air felt much cooler. The building had painted on its side "Mission Laundry" which I found very fitting. I also felt I'd reached a place of goodness there by the Laundry, and was greatly relieved by the feeling of safety.

I have no other explanation for what happened than I just related, but this much is certain: There are very few pedestrians in Las Vegas, and even fewer in the rather bad neighborhood in which I then lived. I certainly wouldn't have been walking if I'd had a choice.

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by almeister 5000
Hi All

I was wondering if anyone could help me with whats been going on lately.

Ok. First I appologize for not actualy reading your entire post. So I didn't get all the details you took the time to put in. But the jist of it is that things happened that you didn't understand and it scared you. Then it stopped. Now you want to know how to make it start up again? Is this pretty accurate?

I don't see why you'd want more of what you were uncomfortable with. You never become less whatever no matter how much these things happen. If you see something and it startles you, 20 years later you're still starteld when you see things. It don't become less scary or what-not.

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posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 12:01 PM

Two very interesting posts.

Some people have heightened sensitivity, of this there's no doubt.

Very possibly it used to be more common. It certainly possesses survival value.

As well, in times past, when people lived in tribes/groups that were constantly beset by danger, a 'group mind' would very possibly have evolved in order each member of the tribe/group could transmit danger to the others in order to collectively fight or flee, and/or in order at least some members would receive 'early warning' and escape, thus ensuring the survival of the gene pool.

I suspect groups of people reliant upon each other for survival, or confronted by continual stress and danger (soldiers for example) would soon develop strong sensitivity to each other's thoughts, fears, etc.

I've shared dreams with my son and at other times with my daughter, on a few occasions. And my husband so often mentions matters that I've discussed with my son and daughter in his absence, that for a long time we believed he'd placed listening devices in the house ! Yet he scoffs at 'paranormal' topics and would probably be insulted if it were suggested he's highly psychic.

I'm sure nearly everyone has experienced the situation where they're about to say something, only to hear someone near them express the exact same thought. Usually we say, in amazement: " I was just going to say the same thing ! "

It's just occurred to me that eons ago, prior to the development of language, humans must have communicated telepathically, at least to considerable degree.

So perhaps those with particularly heightened sensitivity now, in 2006, were bequeathed an unusually strong strain of an ability possessed by their ancestors thousands of generations earlier (although I'm sure most people possess it to varying degrees and would also develop it further, under certain circumstances).

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 12:47 PM
in reply to you angelalady i was just curious if there was anything i could do in order to make myself more sensitive i was just kinda exploring my options. yes, whats been happening to me has made me uneasy and scared because i think it is unknown to me still. however i am very curious in peoples ability to communicate with spirits or pick up on previous feelings.

One thing that i think came from my second experience was that i believe that this has helped my girlfriend alot to finally tell someone what happened. This is a good thing in my book so perhaps more good could come from being more sensitive if possible.

I think looking back my main question is what are my options? is there anything i can do to get better at this if i choose to?

To dock6 i like your ideas on this topic. about the way people could have communicated telepathclly its a interesting idea which never occoured to me really.

In general i think i am just curious about the unknown and part of me thinks it would be interesting and possibly handy to have some psychic sensitivity.

Thnaks for the responses everyone

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 01:00 PM
I wonder if anything was left behind from the person when you sensed something? You know like the victim left something behind them when they were tortured? I mean if you sensed something then there must have been something there...right? I'm just jammin with you here.

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 02:27 PM
Yes, there are things you can do to help you be more aware of the things going on around you - but often the fact that it is scary or unnerving to you (and, believe it or not, that some people want it so badly) will hold it back.

There are so very many people who have published book after book and set up web site after web site about your options... but they are mostly people who are very interested in it because they are after the same thing you are - and if they are still trying... you know what I mean?

The things I'll tell you will help you and they sound so easy and so COST FREE, that no one really gives it much credit. Not only that, people want a RIGHT NOW kind of result. Unfortunatly, these things are pretty much on their own terms as far as when, where and what you get.

A few of the most important things are rest and peice - lack of stress and being able to cope well with life in general. Add to that: good physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health and all you have left to do is ground yourself well and try to be very aware of EVERYTHING around you (seen and unseen). I'll get more into 'being aware' of things around you a bit later - you just tune it in like a radio when it isn't right out there in front of you. But just what I stated above is alot to get together.

Alot of people want some little exercises to do and they think practice and meditation = results. That would be like eating cake and pie and cookies everyday and demanding to loose weight - RIGHT NOW - so long as you read the excersice book and want it badly enough. If you want to loose weight and be healthy - it's not just calories and advice - it's healthy living so your body can be as it should be. The body has to function properly to function as it should. Hm. That should be my moto. Lol

You have to get your body in the groove, and then you will automaticaly become more able to sense things that you normaly haven't.... at that point, we start the little exercises and practice

I think a good basic 'crash course' in energy and feeling it and useing it and understanding it comes with Reiki classes (NOT ON-LINE). True, it's not ghosts your dealing with, but it's a form of energy that you can feel and begin to understand and use... you will become more sensative to many other things around you as well.

I'm sure you've probably read about grounding yourself - many people think of grounding as 'getting rid of extra power' or something to that effect. Actualy, it is ballancing the energy. The energy (as a part of the entire body wellness and health) has to be ballance. Too much or too little isn't good. Ballanced and free flowing IS good and will keep you on your psychic toes. LOL (I hate the word psychic - but you know what I mean).

How are you at visualisation? (hopefuly better than I am at spelling!)
Take a look at a few different grounding exersices (found all over the web) - there are alot of differnet ways, all those things posted or written are just someone elses techniques --- which ever is easiest for you to do until you understand what's happening and can come up with something that is ideal for you is fine.

Once you find a few to try, give them a try (if in a standing possition I'd suggest outside, in the grass, bearfoot.) I want you to FEEL the energy pulling and moving. Feel where the blocks are etc. (I find it easiest to do while standing.)

I love to help move energy through a person for the first time, help them to feel what they are doing. But you'll do fine. If you just can't seem to get it for that first time, maybe I can talk you through it on the phone (my cell phone is free after 9pm and on weekends and free long distance.... always free incoming - but I don't want you getting a large bill).

Work on the grounding until your pretty sure that you've got it down. And drink plenty of water and eat live foods not processed if possible. (basic health rules etc.)

Along with the grounding and good healhty living - look into yourself for any issues past, present or future (yours or someone elses) that sticks to you, bothers you etc. We'll need to take care of all the bagage too! It's when the body is well and the enrgy flowing properly and the baggage is out of the way that you'll really start to see thing happening - and without trying at all!

I know - you want a quick thing, but the only way to do it is to do it right. Anything else equates to ouiji(sp) antics and isn't suggestable.

You can U2U me or e-mail me personaly. I even have a group set up in yahoo for those who wanted to work one on one with me or get into deep topics not ment for large audiances. Mostly it's used for a few people at a time or for jounaling of my own this last year.... a few things I get alot of the same questions on I'll put there or if someone asks me to post something frequently I'll put it there. If you get farther along and you decide you really want to make a go of this or want to talk, we can do the phone thing.

Gotta run for a few hours...


posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 07:17 PM
Wow thanks very much for the advice i can see what you mean about not being stressed and at peace the times things have happend to me were time that i was resting. I'll take a look into things I never expected it to be quick but looks like if i want to persue this then i'm going to have o change my lifestyle. I'm a student you see so i pretty much live on processed foods and the only excercise i have involves turning the tv on and typing lol thank god for my metabalism lol.

But thanks again when i was debating weather or not to post anyting here in the first place i was thinking hmmm angelaladys might help as i've seen you about often on the paranormal boards so thanks for coming through lol

But i'd love to hear from other people about there experiences if people are wiling to share we could turn this into a place for sharing our experiences

Thanks again!

posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 09:26 PM
I'm glad you got something out of the post. I do like to help any way I can, but it seems like once a person realises that it's a life time of little things adding up that make the 'wow' things jump out at you - they just don't have the patience to hang in there and go for it. Although it's easy, it's not easy. LOL

I've spent so many hours trying to discribe just exactly how it works and why and how to do this or that... but the time lost is just that, lost, because it wasn't a quick enough answer for most.

If you need anything - do let me know


posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 11:26 PM
Yeah an Deja vecu means your psychic right? I mean It makes you psychic right? Cos science can't explain it. So it's supernatural? maybe? I'm not too certain myself butt I suffer from the old deja darleks. A bloody bother they are too. Constantly trying to do something new and yet it all seems like you've done it before. It just bloody ruins everything really!!!

posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 12:26 PM

Originally posted by AngelaLadyS
A few of the most important things are rest and peice - lack of stress and being able to cope well with life in general. Add to that: good physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health and all you have left to do is ground yourself well and try to be very aware of EVERYTHING around you (seen and unseen).

You have to get your body in the groove, and then you will automaticaly become more able to sense things that you normaly haven't.... at that point, we start the little exercises and practice


My sentiments exactly. Techniques definitely work better when you're healthy in mind & body. The grounding part is oh so essential. It's kind of a paradox. The more content one is with their life, the more benefits one tends to receive with little or no effort.


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