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Another dream thing...Ideas?

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posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 11:33 AM
I really didnt know where to post this. Or if i should...
I was in some room that I felt "I have been here before". As I was looking around this room I see a boy/man sitting there "playing" with something (cars, toys doing the whole kidish thing, sitting on his legs and leaning on one of his hands, useing one hand to play with his toys) on this road. Now this is were it goes wierd on me. This boy/man wasnt playing on just any road. I asked him if he could tell me what he is doing. He looks ups up at me and starts to talk, I hear wierd sounds, wind, hummimg noise and I really didnt understand him.
I did tell him "I dont understand..." right as I said this he was now standing next to me pointing at what he was doing (sitting there he looked like a young boy, up in my face he was a tall man.)
As he began to explane to me what he was doing, this road was to close for me not to see/understand that it is a road 20ish miles south east of me. ( this area is just past a very small town.) And the mountain he kept pointing too was off this road...the only road that goes to this place is off this "main" road he is "playing" on. I ask him what he wanted from me, right then this man started to walk away from me. He was wearing all white, light short hair, whiteish skin (not pale or blue).
As he stoped and looked back at me I asked "What is up with this place? Who is going to....who will be there?" (I ask him more then that mind you) right then Im high above this road and looking down at this road. As soon as I find my grips of where I am at I start to move in the same path as this man explaned to me. As I was moving (another wierd part) this mans face is right in front of me ( like a window I just see the out line of him, yea see-through). Hes talking about the area, the poeple plus much more. No I dont remember everything, however I did go for a drive on that road and did see the mountain (range) he was talking to me about.( no I didnt go all the way to the point, It all stared to make me feel, well wierd) What I was seeing was just like in my dream. (Everything was in the same place up until the road that goes out to the "range" that is as far as I made it.)
Now, Yes I have been on this road before, not alot( Im not to keen on this place/town) and No I havent ever been to these mountains.
I do know I have a "active" mind. I have fallen into my own "story" tellings at times (thinking something is real and its not, thinking I seen something in the dark and found out to be a coat type thing), However this is as real as it gets. I have had some good dreams and some dreams that scare the hell out of me. I dont know how to take the information, maybe in the furture I will see what is really going on or what it all means.
Any ideas PLEASE. good, bad, funny, maybe some rude, I would love to know what you all think about this. I know in the past I have posted some wierd "ideas" however Im lost on this one.


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