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Project S.B.O.M.R

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posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 11:25 PM
We have taken a good hard look at the moon's surface. When I was doing this , I thought to myself,"What are the similarities of the earth's mining digs compared to the moons (Hypothetical) mining facilities and would there be any familiarities?"
Well, after some researching, I found a website that pretty much shows you every mining dig in the world via satellite pictography. Just go to the site I am posting , "Click" on "Satellite Images" and you will see an astronomical amount of satellite photo's from all over the world. The similarities are uncanny, but keep in mind, the photo's depicted in the websites page are colored, but if you "Copy" and bring them to "Paint", reset "attributes to black and white", the obvious is at hand.
Enjoy the page , and I will gladly take anyones opinion's on particular mining sites.

Heres the opening photo, remember, it is in color:

And this is the source: l&h=375&w=500&sz=283&hl=en&start=8&tbnid=l3Yoap7mpYWHfM:&tbnh=95&tbnw=127&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dsatellite%2Bpics%2Bof%2Bmining%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26l r%3D

posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 11:44 PM

Originally posted by Allred5923
I finally figured out how to use Photobucket and I went to paint to describe what I see in this picture. As for the LAT/LON, I don't know for sure, I will be exploring the previously posted "Lunar Atlas" to see if I can come across exact coordinates to be able to locate it precisely. There is an earlier post of mine that has it in a gathering of pictures, sorry guy's, I will look into it for more details for it's authenticity. If there is a problem with having this pic posted, "Let me know, I'll file it until I have the back up for it,K?"

I cannot out line the structures I see in the pic. You will see that they are pretty evident though. As you look to the center, bottom right you will see the largest and most pronounced structure, but at the bottom left of the main structure you can see 2 more anomilies that are remarkably close to the large one for design. In the complete upper right hand corner , you can see what seem's to be a "Satellite shaped dish" and under it there seem's to be a chasim with what seem's to be some kind of entrance, if you look closer, there seem's to be 2 square objects that do resemble generators of some sort. Below this structure you can see a colauge of smaller structures all over at the base of the high cliff, and also to the upper right of the main structure.
Like I mentioned before, I am not sure of the coordinates of it's location, but I have'nt given up on trying to find out. If by chance any of you guy's have seen this before and can validate it or debunk it, please let me know.

This is from a Frennch satellite photo of the earth's moon. The arrow shows where to look, I am not sure if this photo will show up thumbnail or not, but if it does, take and copy it and bring it to paint, use your zoom tool, you will see something there that look's like a "Moon Station".

Here is a picture that depict's 2 anomalies, the first to recognize is the center of the crater, there seem's to be, or what appears to be a factory of some sort and below the crater area there is a flying triangular shape, I have ran across alot of these triangular anomalies and I have come to the conclusion there is something to them.IF this picture comes out thumbnail , take it to paint and use your zoom tool to enhance it.

This pic look's as if it is a lunar facility as well,"What do you guy's think?"

posted on Jun, 28 2006 @ 04:45 PM
Greetings all, i have read over allreds data and i find it to be interesting, i recomend u view it

I have resised some images for u to all look over and post what u think about them.
here they are.

Examine these there are some strange things in there.
what do u rekon>?

I will be back


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posted on Jun, 28 2006 @ 10:56 PM
Here is a website that I came across. It has several different anomalies in it's pages. They are quite good pictures and deserve some attention. library/weekly/aa030899.htm

Here's another good pic from Apollo 15 panaramic pic's. To me it looks as if there is something in the middle of the illustration of the "Arcimedes Platform", "Wht do you guy's think? lunascan/luna1.html

Heres a close up of what they call the "Shard" I haven't ran across this in the post's yet, but for some reason, I think I have seen this somewhere on ATS.
Anyway,here it is.

Here is another picture of the "Shard" but with some very peculiar anomaly on the right hand side of the frame. If anyone know's of this picture and knows what this is, "Please tell me, via post or u2u." Thanks. For some reaso the picture is no bigger than 'Thumbnail' you may have to take it to paint to enlarge, unless Omega85 can take care of it for me?(hint-hint) lol

Here is a very strange anomaly that is very spacial. It looks to have some kind of vein going in all directions from the center, rather conspicuous?

This one is of a "Cross" type of formation, or so it say's in it's description of the pic. Personally I think it look's amazingly like an "Anarchy" symbol! LOL
I have inverted one of the pic' to show the depth changes in the anomaly, unfortunately, I have once again managed to get the picture in 'Thumbnail' size.
(If you wouldn't mind Omega, this picture is worth the fixing.[Thanx])

I have to go for right now, but I will be back, possibly yet tonight.

Well, I made it back for a little more research, for about a half an hour more anyway..

Here is a picture that is titled the "Tower", it is where the "Shard" is located with some very elaborate description's of what you are looking at.

The "Tower" from LO-III-84M is easily the most stunning and convincing artifact presented so far by Hoagland. Stretching some 7 miles above the Lunar surface, this enigmatic object defies all natural explanation. The supporting tripodal strcuture is clearly evident in these Enterprise Mission enhancements, as is the stunning "Cube", the top of the Tower.

The above explanation is for the relevance of the above quote.

The overlapping, multi-layered reflective glass-like panes are evident in this close up of the "Cube". Note also the symmetrical geometry of the object and the odd whisps highly reflective material around it.
The "Tower" is also cross confirmed in several other frames taken years later on a different mission, with a different camera and film ...

This image, AS10-32-4856 shows the "Tower" from some 45 degrees to the side of LO-III-84M. The same multi-paned internal geometry is evident, as is the geometric "haze" rising from the surface. These two frames constitute proof that the "Tower" is a real Lunar feature and not a photographic defect.

Well, thats a wrap for tonight, I will be here tomorrow,"See you guy's then,CIAO!!

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posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 07:05 PM

Below we have reproduced a recent article on the BBC News website (13th June,2000). Are we finally starting to hear the truth?

New evidence shows that the Moon is not a totally dead world as was thought by many astronomers. It does still occasionally stir with activity.
Even though they have been reported from time to time for hundreds of years, claims of changes on the lunar surface have always been controversial. Many scientists have dismissed the occasional reported sightings of glows and mists hanging over certain lunar features.
Light site: The mighty crater Langrenus, 136 km across
Now a French astronomer has obtained some of the best evidence yet that occasionally something does disturb the lunar surface.
It was seen in 1992 by veteran lunar observer Audouin Dollfus of the Observatoire de Paris using the one metre (39 inch) Meudon reflecting telescope. He has only just finished analysing the results, and has submitted them for publication.

This next photo is dubbed "The Fading Light", I have also exerts for the explanation of the photo and the possibilities to what it actually is. The one thing that had stuck out to me is ,"Gasess do escape from the moon's surface, but doesn't or wouldn't machinery , such as moving vehicles, do the same thing that is produced in this particular sistuation?" This is inly my theory, but I am very strongly leaning towards my first thought's of the moon being mined for an alternative source of minerals and/or something that we are not aware of "Yet".

On 30 December, he noticed a series of glows on the floor of the large crater Langrenus. They were definitely not there the day before. Professor Dollfus observed them for several days before they faded.
Clouds of light were seen dancing inside the crater. Each time he returned to the telescope, he noticed that the shape of the glows had changed.
He believes that the glows are due to escaping gas that lifts dust above the lunar surface into sunlight. Some lunar observers have expressed surprise that such a mist should have been seen above Langrenus which was not regarded as a prime candidate for lunar changes.
Professor Dolfuss points out that Langrenus, when observed in detail, has an extensive series of fractures on its crater floor and the gas could be escaping from these.

As for my thoughts of the moon being mined, I had to be realistic as to how that could happen (i.e. Equiptment,rations,materials for structyre's,ect.) and then I came across this information about the 'Payload' of this particular mission of 114-STS launch on July 26th 2005, and thing's seemed more possible and practical to be able to successfully accomplish this feat. Really soeaks volume's if you have an opened mind to my speculation's.

experienced some facets of Shuttle flight that are entirely new. On orbit inspection of the heat shield, manual repairs to that heat shield, and experiments with different methods of on orbit heat shield repair. In addition, Discovery carried over 15 tons of equipment and supplies to the International Space Station ( in the Raphaello MPLM module ), where she was greeted upon arrival by the Expedition 11 Crew. Three EVAs (Extra-Vehicular Activity or spacewalk) were carried out. These involved Space Station repairs, improvements, and attending to heat shield problems. A fourth EVA to repair a flaw in the insulation below Commander Eileen Collins window was cancelled as unnecessary.

That is quite a statement for the cargo capacity of the shuttle, I will look into it more ,but "In addition, Discovery carried over 15 tons of equipment and supplies" is quite a payload, ecspecially if you have the equiptment needed dismantled and ready for placement in other vacinities.

This next picture shows how an infrastructure could possibly placed on the moon. the exact location's are not mentioned, but the outline the picture provides is rather remarkable for the simple reason of being so wide spread and yet so accessible at the same time. I will let you guy's make up your own mind's, doesn't seem to be a possible "Natural" coincidence to me.IMHO.

Another one to ponder on:

Source of the last 2 pic's: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=165...

This next photo is very covincing to say the least. it is not just an "Anomaly" it is quite intriquette in it's layout and produces a world of thought's in my mind. I have color outlined the areas of interest and inverted to a blck and white photo to the left. The white arrows show the possible attachment of each site in the photo and the colored marked areas are possible passage ways and structure's. Though this is a "horizon" photo, it holds a lot of information, but in a very large area. I will go find a 'Satellite' photo of a earth bound mining site and see what when we compare the resemblances. You may have to take to 'Paint' and zoom for this picture as well,"Sorry".

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 09:16 PM
Greetings Everyone! Allred, awesome job on finding all of this information! I mean, totally awesome!

I looked at this picture that you had posted:

I ran it through paint, but all I got was like ten pixel-size dots. I don't know if that was the point, that we wouldn't see them? Or that I just did something wrong. Since I'm much more familiar with PhotoShop, I converted it to greyscale. There I at least got an idea of what to look for as far as mining would go. I didn't know how I was supposed to view it, but I think I got something out of it.

With this picture...

Cool find on this. I'm going to play with this a lot more running it through photoshop to see if I can find anything that isn't meeting the naked eye.

With this one:

Do you have any co-ods? I'd like to play around with that area and check it out some more. I'm feeling pulled to this one that there may be more to explore in the area.

This is what I'm finding really really intriguing.

This is super interesting to me. I've already posted the information about moonquakes in earlier pages. Thing is, by all respects that I can see, this tower is top heavy. With the moonquakes, wouldn't this have fallen over by now, if it is just a byproduct of erosion from a once larger structure? Also, why haven't we gotten any good photos of this anomaly if it is simply an eroded object? It would surely be an interest to people, and you would think this would be put out there as a lunar feature that is rare.


I think at this point, we are going to have one of two options to take, and this is just my opinion, but I think it will be important for our direction, unless we want two subgroups to explore each option and then compile data on a regular basis until we can take one or the other:

  • There has been a massive campaign to hide the actual pictures of the moonbase, and they have been edited out.
  • The moonbase is going to be made to resemble other features on the moon, to which we would have to intensely look at each anomaly for clues.

Personally, I am seeing the second option as the most likely. We have intensely looked at every picture so far, and there is nothing that is going to be obvious out there. On the other hand, we have many views of what could be base-like structures masquerading as lunar features. That seems to be the logical way to go, for me. I don't want to step ahead of everyone else, but I think our work will be cut out for us, so we should keep as focused on the end goal, and the most likely routes to get there.

I'm going to see if I can find payload lists, and also more info on the gaseous ruptures in the surface. This is something that I have been paying attention to already, so I'm happy to get the extra info in order to look further.

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 10:14 PM
Have not had a lot of time to read lately, but going to try and get caught up tomorrow.

Here is something interesting from Coast to Coast

I also have some very interesting pictures on the next post.


posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 10:21 PM
First Picture

Apollo 12 … dark side of the moon, large luminescent object lighting huge section of lunar surface

Second Picture

Apollo 12 … materials being moved from small crater and pouring into larger crater below

third Picture

Lunar Orbiter 4 ... cigar shaped object parked next to crater ... Casting irregular shadow beneath and behind it

Now this one is COOL!!!

More to follow


posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 10:26 PM
This is a website that has some definate implications of there being more than just "Anomalies" on the moon. The individual that has produced this next exert will be by the eye's and the judgement of other point's of view, other than the current crew of the "S.B.O.M.R." team. We are not alone in our way of thinking, there is plenty of research material to expand on this topic, and to me , if the information and possible insight's of other driven individuals is present, I think we should acknowledge the implication's of all poit's of view and probabilities to the given evidence's at hand.Here is "Carlottao's" point's of his view.

"Carlottas moon Picture"
"Although our understanding of the moon has grown and become clearer
from a geological standpoint, there remain mysteries that have not yet been
satisfactorily explained. Laid over the impact basins and maria, the craters
and rays, and other features of a clearly geologic origin are formations
which geologists call "special features". Examples include narrowly
spaced furrows or grooves, crater chains and other structures that repeat
themselves, unusually bright regions, trenches and tubes leading into/out
of craters, straight lines and other highly geometrical patterns on the surface.
There are also lunar transient phenomena --
lights that appear and in some cases move across the lunar surface.

Mark J. Carlotto

Several anomalies within a 300 km strip acquired during orbit 150 have been identified. The region shown in Figure 1 is west-southwest of the crater Endymion on the near side of the moon (latitude 50 deg. N, longitude 50 deg. E). The craters Atlas A and D indicated in the figure are approximately 25 km. in diameter. The total region shown is about 100 x 300 km.
Faint rays can be seen over the entire area. Rays are thought to be caused by material ejected from impact craters. A prominent display of rays can be seen emanating from the crater (A) in Figure 1. Figure 2 shows this crater, which is only a few kilometers in diameter, in greater detail. The rays do not radiate in all directions. Instead there is a gap or shadow from 6 to 9 o'clock. Also the rays appear longer in certain directions than others. Another unusual aspect to this crater is the thin dark line (10 o'clock). Initially the line seems to be a vertical extension such as tower with the somewhat lighter region at 2 o'clock being its shadow. Figure 2 combines two images acquired a few seconds apart to create a stereo pair [3]. Lack of parallax differences between the two ends of the thin dark line indicates that the line is oriented more or less horizontally (i.e., it lies on the surface). It seems then that the dark line is a trench several kilometers long cut into the side of the crater.

For the topic at hand, the above statement's and point's involved really do tend to back up the theory that "There is more to this Moon Base feasability. Though I have posted many picture's, there seem's to always be "One" more out there that strikes the imagination.

The Source of the top accusations and pic's: moon/markmoon.html

On the previous post that I made (Above this one) I have mentioned that there is a strong possibility that there could be some kind of "Mining" going on the moon as of right now. I also brought to your attention that getting the nesseccary equiptment and such there is very plausible.
Well, here's one for you all, "What if scientists took the botched experiments of anti-gravity and verticle flight machine's (Based on the UFO shape technologies) even though they didn't work on the surface of the earth very well, would they not be a practical impliment of a place that has a Gravity level that is 1/6 our own?"
Here's is a picture of something that kind of sent a light go off in my thought's that would allow such "Botched" design's to be used in pratical application's. Let me know what you guy's think of this part of my theories.

Source of photo:AS 15-82-11086 - Sphere and Star-like Object (2)-150 viste

Though the object's are a ways away, you can still legitimately both hypothetically and practically apply such invention's that are in existance today, but written off by the scientific world as failures but still could be applied in other matters and other places.(IMHO)

As for there being possible form's of transportation that could be initiated for moon surface traveling, there seem's to be something else flying around the area of the moon as well. Whether it is one of our's or from a different place, you can make it out right over the horizon above the slope of the mountainous range.

Source of the Picture:AS 15-82-11178 - Possible "Anomaly" over the Hadley Delta (St. 10) detail mgnf-92 viste

And of course we already know about the "solar Powered" vehicles that were implimented for Lunar use's, "Who says they couldn't build 'Larger Vehicles' ?(i.e., Trucks,cargo hauler's,maybe even Floating vehicle's)

This is a little off the beaten track of possible mobility on th emoon, but I think this is a shot of "Cobra Head" with some remarkable detail's in it. My eye tend's to trail off on all the connecting 'Mounds' or 'Circular tunneling' that is all around this particular area. Pretty remarkable indeed,"Ecspecially if they are natural formation's?"

This image is rather "Unnatural" to say the least. It looks as if the rim of the object over-hangs the formation of the 'crater'? inconspicuously it looks as if it is some kind of satellite/communications device.

"What do you think it could possibly be?"

On to the next post!!

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 11:58 PM
Thanks for your input niteboy82, I really like the way you think!!!

And I hope you can do something with those pic's.

SOme really great post's , I have checked them out and they are really abnormal.

Keep up the good work you all, and I will see you on the 2nd!!


posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 02:30 AM
I just want the other team members to know that I've been going through the Smart 1 data so that I can correlate it with images from NASA.

I still don't see a smoking gun for bases on the Moon, but the search will go on.

Any member of the team that posts a pic, please put a name or coordinates to the location so the rest of us can look into it further.


posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 08:44 AM
I posted as much information as I had on the pics.

I'm getting a lot of my information from C 2 C and the guests that have been on there. I have been corresponding back and forth with them in an effort to obtain more of the Clementine Pictures. Not sure if I can get the Coordinates.


posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 08:32 PM
Hello again all. I have been pounding my mind while I was away and I was thinking to myself,"Has there ever been a successful Anti-Gravity device and if there ever was, who would have it or who would of started something to those effect's superceding any natural beliefs as the physics that we know and believe in to this day?"
I was totally amazed, I found this article from a website called "The Revisionist" and it entails and discussess a book that was written by a man named Mr. Cook. It is the most profound thing that I have ever read, and the contents of the pages,(Even if it is only a review) are fascinating to say the least.
I have heard of stories that the Third Riech of Hitler's regime was doing intensive studies on the feasability of 0-matter and anti-gravitational devices, I just didn't realise how deep thing's went into the actual studies of this realm of physic's.
There are some great illustration's and some remarkable statement's to the known cause's and effects to this actually being a "Hard Core Reality" that we may be kept in the dark about from our Gov. once again. I hope that you all will read this in it's entirity and realize that there could be alot more to this "Theory" than I first imagined. To just update you on the thoughts that I was having, I was wondering if , with the technology at hand today, would it be possible to initiate past experiments of anti-gravitational aspects to the existing gravitation of the moon's gravitational variences? And also , wouldn't it be easier to with the fluctuation of the magnetism that is already found on the moon's surface?

Initial thoughtss that came to me were to the application's of what materials that could be instituted to the possibilities of creating a 0-gravity vehichle and the principles that would be involved, I searched around and I found this experiment called the "Repulsin Type A" prototype and apparently it is a proven theory of being able to fly on it's own "Coanda Effect" and produces it's own lift with a form of implosion facilitation. The article is very indepth and it has an explanation for all of the probabilities of the cause and effect's for this device to produce exactly what it was designed to do. Quite amazing information, and for it to made of aluminum only add's to the validity of a practical application of using something like it, or on the same basic principle's of a redesigned craft, to being able to use it on the moon.Have a look and tell me what you guy's think of my deduction's of being able to have this kind of technology implimented for this particaular use? html/repulsin.htm

BAr none, aluminum is the required alloy to use for low density and light weight construction for structures and other implications of design.

Aluminum is number 13 on the periodic table of elements. It is a silver colored metal with light weight properties, making it good for certain construction as within the aerospace industry. Industrial aluminum is used worldwide and its production and supply heavily influence economics everywhere. Aluminum alloys are also produced for use in machinery, automobiles, and as a chemical additive.

Engineering aluminum can be tricky, and requires and experienced technician who has dealt with the metal. While the reduction in weight is attractive compared to other metals, it is not as well-behaved as iron or steel. Aluminum construction material suppliers can be found online and offer different types of equipment. You may also search for an aluminum castings manufacturer to create specialty parts.

There seem's to be a few people that are finding the fact of mining the moon as a avenue of particular interest. This is a website that goes into very detailed aspects of the potentiality of mining the moon and using it for other form's of natural resources, the implication's are far reaching and very intrigueing for to be an idea that would work for the upcoming shaortages of fossil fuels,ect.. Looks as if this theory of mine could really hold water. The article is an older one and since the time of it being written, "Anyhting could be in place by now."

An international group of scientists, mining and aerospace engineers, policy makers, and other specialists met in Golden, Colorado to discuss the use of space resources. Space Resources Roundtable II was held at the Colorado School of Mines, and was sponsored by the School of Mines, NASA, and the Lunar and Planetary Institute. Participants discussed lunar, martian, and asteroidal resources, along with economic and legal aspects of using extraterrestrial resources. This report focuses on lunar resources. Manufacture of useful materials on the Moon, Mars, or asteroids requires extensive use of what we know about those places through studies of lunar samples and meteorites from asteroids and Mars. It is applied cosmochemistry

The source for mining the moon venture:

Here is a simulation of what it would probably look like form an artists point of view. It also helps us in our research to kind of give us an idea what kind of structures and anomalies to look for in our venture. I know there is alot of information to retrieve, but the more I get into it, the easier it is in believing there is something going on on the surface of the moon already, just to many past acknowledgements and too much preperation thought's for it not to be happening.(IMHO)

The source of the information:

Now, I don't know about all of you guy's with your personal preception's of the anomalies we have looked at thus far, but this next pic is a world of information for it's layout and for being so similar to some of the thing's that we have posted already. It just blow's me away to know that we are getting verifiable conception's of what this mining thing would look like and how it does resemble some of the thing's we have already put forth as part of our research, So, I gueqq this is the kind of thing's we start watching for, geographically speaking,"Enjoy!!"

I will keep going with this possible mining scenario, if you find anyhting please post or u2u me with it,"Thanks!!";

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posted on Jul, 2 2006 @ 11:36 PM
As I continue on the research mode, I have found some very amazing deduction's as to how the moon could very well be "Self-Supporting" for human's. This is a little information that I stumbled across that could very well be the "Holy Grail" for possible existance on the moon with the indulgences of the earth's atmosphere. Wether if it can be done or not, that is another thing. But the implication's and over all realization of it actually happening, I guess we will have to wait and see, "IF it's not being done already?"

By weight, moon rocks are about 40% oxygen. By heating the top meter of 1 acre of moon dust to 1300 degrees Celsius, we get 3000 to 3500 tons of oxygen. Every ton of extracted oxygen requires 450 kilocalories of energy. If we increase the temperature (and the amount of energy) just a bit... to 1500 degrees Celsius, we get a lot more than just oxygen.

Here is a website that propagates that H-3 or Helium 3 could be mined with rather strong implications of creating a new form of fuel or new chemicals to be initiated into everyday use's of the human population. There is so many initiated thoughts as how to utilize the moon's resource's for our personal use's that I believe that we are only scratching the surface for true and future implication's of mining the moon.

Another source on H-3 mining:

With the atmosphere the way it is on the moon, there are very optimistcal ramifications as to what machinery and other impliments on the moon's surface would seem to have a much longer standing life with out the eliments of erosion from water or basically less stress factor's on such thing's because of the moon's gravitational properties. Here is a short explanation of the three asset's of mining on the moon.


Possible mining site on Moon. Exact location is unknown.

Here's another possible site for mining on the moon, it has some very strong structural and facilitated features in and around it,"Remarkable!!"

Speaking of mining.
The next one's not too clear, but astounding anyway.
Look at the round thing in the crater, and how the trenches run and to what structures.

We have gone trough some very intriguing photos and some very profound statements of what could be happening on the moon as we research. There are many more thing's to go through before anything can be written in stone, but for the most part, I think we are on the right track for the "Truth" of this matter. I will be back to place all information I get as I run across it, it is a very hard topic of discussion, and with the pic's being of such poor values at times, we will just have to keep digging for the absolute's in a questionable query.
So until next time gent's and gal's, "Ciaos!!"

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 09:38 PM
Getting back to the heart of this topic, I have went to a few different satellite websites for images and one that I found really profoundly exceptable was some early pictures of the lunar surface from the "Clementine" satellite. The images I am about to post are rather astounding and very implicating to the feasability of there being "Other" individuals that have been interested in our local cousin for year's. The reason I make the statement that way, is because, with the estimated age of the photoes and the grandious size of the anomalies in lue, there is "No" definitive answer for how this structure had gotten there. It is a question of what we really see, though , like I said before, is no real varification for this to be there on the moon, and the size is enormous, still no one can explain it away as a "Natural Formation" or "A Placed Structure" either way. I will include the exert's of information that tag's along with the pic's, for the explanation that the website provides is a heck of a lot more information without creating my own "It's a Structure theory" and remaining unbias in our research,"Enjoy!"

Moon Base?
The moon traveling in its endless path around the blue planet Earth was unaware of the approaching spacecraft. The lifeless planet was incapable of caring that it was the craft's specific target nor did the moon care that a life form from another planet had sent the ship. The spaceship however had a rudimentary intelligence. It knew it was on a military mission and it had a job to do. Retrorockets firing, the craft braked and swung into orbit around the desolate satellite. Dormant electronic systems sprang to life. Cameras powered up and their cold lifeless lenses began scanning the alien surface below. Onboard transmitters greedily sucked up the data streaming from the cameras and hurled it across the vastness of space. Far away, in a dimly lit room, prying eyes watched intently as the images began arriving. The tension in the room was intense, then, almost as one, the watchers leaped up with a shout of triumph! The US Navy's Clementine satellite had successfully gone into orbit around the moon and the personnel in the mission control room were jubilant.
As Clementine continued its mission, mapping the surface of the moon, thousands of frames were sent back to Earth for study. There were many interesting features and some were, to say the least, strange. Below is one of the Clementine satellite photographs.
What is that rectangular feature in the middle of the photo?

Below are enlargements of the Clementine photo. The object appears to have structure. The corners are exactly ninety degrees (right angles). Right angles, as depicted, do not occur naturally, but there they are. Measure them for yourself. Try laying the factory cut corner of a sheet of paper over the object's corners in one of the photos. It will line up precisely.

These are close-up's of the structure from Clementine.The first one is a color inversion of the original pic's, the enhancement is quite astounding to say the least.

Judging from meteorite damage, the structure (if it is, in fact, a structure) is incredibly old. It is also very large. The long sides are approximately 40 kilometers in length. If natural, how was it formed? If it is not natural, who built it? When? Why? What is its purpose? Is it a fortress? Is it the remains of a mining operation? Is it a landing site, a spaceport?

If you would like to see the original photograph for yourself go to

Set resolution to 1 pixel=1 kilometer.
Set latitude to -2, longitude to 311
Important, set your monitor to its brightest screen setting.

Here is a photo that I ran across that was titled "Alien Base station on the Moon", I am not sure of it's validity to the present topic, but it is quite an unusual picture to say the least,"What do you all think about it?".
This is the source of this pic.:

Though the previous picture is rather sketchy, to wether or not it is a true pic. I have found no backing evidence to authenticate it, as of yet. But it is a good example of what we could be looking for in our analogies of the moon holding structures of either a mining capacity or lunar base. It was dubbed as "Alien" who's to say it's not?

posted on Jul, 3 2006 @ 10:53 PM

Some Astounding Lunar Anomaly Images
Below you will find some of the lunar anomalies. These are collected from Nasa, Clemingtine, Hoagland and some other famous sourced. Some of these photos were taken from the Apollo missions from space, others taken from Satellite. I want you to put things into perspective and think about these images after viewing them. 1. They are real 2. NASA feared releasing them because most people would be shocked to find that life did exist on the moon and 3.Keep an openmind these anomalies do not necessary mean they are alien in nature the Nazis were said to have bases on the moon. Consider this other most of the anomalies are glass since they give off reflections. Most of the anomalies are HUGE. The bridge is said to be 12 miles, the shard tower is said to be 1. 5 miles high and there is said to be cities near mountain ranges the size of LA. These are not camera tricks we are viewing here. There is said to be over 400 unexplained anomalies found on the moon thats enough to show me something is or once existed there.

The "Castle" Photoes:
This is a very vivid picture of what appears to be some kind of structure, I have pondered over it for hour's and do definately see geometrical structure involved with it. To better explain exactly where the picture come's from, I have decided to do this with the external capabilities once again. I will be doing some outlining and mapping of sort's with this particular picture in the near future, there is a lot of information when you concentrate on the anomaly and shadows seem to sugjest a much larger structure that what appear's on the the photo itself. I'll keep you updated.

The Castle. This strange object, photographed during an Apollo mission, has been named "the castle" by Hoagland. It seems to have a definite structure, like the remnant wall of some ancient building. The bottom looks as if it has rows of support columns, above which is a high spire. Whatever it is, it's much brighter than the surrounding landscape. Is it just a trick of light and shadow? A photographic anomaly? Or is it all that remains of some rich Martian's get-away retreat?

The next is possibly the Castle Again but this time in the reflection of the helmet. The object is casting a shadow and is above the ground so either its off in the distance or its something hovering. The castle is said to be a 7 mile large structure.

Click below to see a thesis of the artifact and better photo.

Though some of the picture's that we've ran across so far seem little more than "Anomalies of the Lunar Surface" let us keep in mind that there has been much rederick into the possible proof's of this truly happening. The research that is being done through this thread, though there has been other threads posted in the past with very little confirmation of the existance of these possible structures', have been written off as either "Hoaxes" which there has been,(to bad for us that are trying to prove the factual basis of this being very practical.) and a possible the actualities of this being more than "Science Fiction" and more of "Proof Positive" for the information that we can initiate into the studies that are nesseccary for us to utilize the insturment's at hand, the Gov. couldn't of possibly caught every single detail in thier attempt's to censor our knowledge that we deserve to know and should be allowed to speculate with no "Disinformation" crap.

Here is another picture that does have very unusual and very defined aspects to it,
It does seem to be very old, possibily ancient, but there is with no doubt "Something there." Enjoy!!

This unusual donut-shaped crater is found in orbit 150 Notice the symmetrical objects that flank the opening on the left side of the crater, and the bullseye-like inner crater, which contains two bright objects in the lower part.

April 20, 1972
Lunar Surface,NASA Apollo 16 photo.
An elongated, glowing white, cigar shaped craft hovering over a crater - or simply a reflection? This photo was taken by Apollo-16 just before the April 20, 1972 landing on the Moon. Down left you see the metallic foot of the Lunar Lander. NASA photo AS16-120-19238 This was taken by Neil Armstrong some say its a shadow but it does show something very solid and long.

Here's a rather strange formation with a "Glowing" spire at the top, "What could it be?", I'd be willing to bet it wasn't "Manmade".
I have shown the "Shard" on this thread earlier, but here is a good couple of resolution's of the picture that deserve's a good looking at.

below are the shard one of the most compelling of all photos I think. It shows a tower like object rising high above the surface. The shard was taken at many angles and still the same results. The shard is said to be made of glass and about 1.5 miles high. Its also said to contain a symmetrical cubical structure. What's it for we may never know it could be a building, a communications tower but this thing is huge based on how far away the photo was taken from.

You hear of the "Glass Domes of the Moon" so here is a few conglomerated pictures to see a few of the good one's..

As I go through with this research, I have found than more than one occassion there has been heated debates about there being "Human" structure's on the moon
post "Apollo", Here is an interesting find that actually cooberates the Gov. fear's of releasing such info.

The photos below show the hexagonal craters side by side. They also show rectangular ruins and a grid like patter for a city similar like LA when its viewed from high above. These once again are not natural formations. The moon is full of craters yet you got these rectangular like structures interesting indeed.

posted on Jul, 4 2006 @ 02:30 PM
I am waiting for, and excited about this book.

Looks like Steckling has done some good research and I will of course share it when it comes in.


posted on Jul, 4 2006 @ 02:33 PM
Just found this...

A catalog of reports of lunar events, or temporary changes on the moon, has been compiled based on literature covering more than four centuries. Each entry includes a brief description and date of the observation, the name of the observer(s), where these are known, and the reference. The purpose of this catalog is to provide a listing of historical and modern records that may be useful in investigations of possible activity on the moon.


This is going to take some reading.


posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 01:57 AM
I've been working on a lawsuit all week that had me up against a deadline, so that took precidence, and then we had the long week-end, but it was a working week-end for me.

I have some stuff to post, but give me a day or two so that I can get my act together.

I apologize for my lack of input, but I can't control the courts, and when the crap hits the fan all I can do is duck and cover, and then fight my way through the effluent.

But I won the case, and I only have a few others pending right now.
I'll be back with guns blazing in a couple days when I have time to review what others have posted in this project.

Someone involved in this project is gonna need to show me a smoking gun pretty soon, because I just don't see one yet.

At this point I don't see any evidence of bases on the Moon that would stand up to critical analysis.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 07:21 AM
Greetings SBOMR Team

First of all i feel i must apologise , I have not been able to sit down long enough to make a post on here so for that i am sorry, This is due to the fact that i just got a new job and it involves working late hours and some saturdays allthough i will get on of a night time nomatter how late it is You have my word.

Second of all i would like to say a big THANKOOOOO to everyone who has been contributing to this thread , your research is amazing and i also like the way you GROOVEY people are thinking about this subject , Looking at it from all angles and things like that . it is trully an awsome way to do things like this

Third . Heya ANX yup no worries man
I understand . if u have any dramas just U2U me and let me know . thanks for the heads up

This research is trully awsome i must say.
These are some pictures that i found trully interesting and some that Allred asked me to resise for him .

This one is one that trully made me think "What the F#$* is that!?" Notice the stuff that seems to be "pouring" Into the crater. Is it just me or dose there seem to be somesort of compacting cloud there at the bottom of the crater?? (Im really buggered so im not sure LOL :up

More to do with the above picture, I have zoomed and resised the image mentioned for a closer examination.
And here it is.

What are your thoughts on this.
Great work

This is one that Allred asked me to resise for him, I find this interesting and you will see a full image of this later on in this post.

This one is the shard , though this one is a bigger picture . NOTICE in the bottom right corner there seem to be some sort of patternouse flight going on. I am keen to hear your thoughts on this one .

The above are just some of the images that i found interesting there are more that have been posted in this thread by my Wonderfull team mates

I should get a day off soon so on that day my friends i will commit myself to this computer with my metallica blasting and i shall get knee deep in this

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, By the way I would like to know what the element "HELIUM 3" means to you groovey people

I shall return . you have my word .
Great work going on in here people keep it up

Any Qs or Anything just U2U me


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