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Safer Skies since 9/11....No New Plane Crashes...

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posted on Oct, 24 2003 @ 09:52 AM
A thought has been nagging at me.

Notice since 9/11, with the exception of flight 587, which crashed only 2 months after 9/11, have you noticed, that there has not been a single deadly plane crash of a major commercial airliner within US airspace. It used to be wed get one or two major accidents a year. Now, since 9/11, we havent had a single one.

Now, of course Im not complaining, after all, i am very pleased that people havent died. But, my question is, why> What ahs caused this almost overnmight state of super seceurity that airline accidents no longer seem to happen?

Is it because after 9/11, we got rid of illegal foreign aircraft mechanics, started doing heavier checks into mechanics and flightline workers backgrounds, or what? Perhaps before 9/11, they would let anyone fix airplanes, and thus, stupid and incompetant mechanics were allowed to tinker with the planes? or how manya ccidents where mechanical failure was sighted, were actual cases of sabotage?

We knwo airport security certainly hasnt gotten better, judging by what the young college student from NC showed us, so, any thoughts, as to why, Airplane crashes within US airspace, that is, major commercial airline accidents, have disappeared? Has 9/11 made airlines and FAA alot more scrutinous of basic safety proceedures and workings? Or.....perhaps....were many airplane crashes before the result of deliberate tiunkering?


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