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Police Photo Enhancement software reveals Pentagon 'phantom' anomaly, smoketrails & more

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 04:28 AM

Originally posted by zorgon
Fantastic! I have never seen these before, and thanks for the detailed work on this.

I do have one question for you. The size and duration of the fireball after the explosion do not look either big enough nor long enough to be a fully feuled jet liner. Your thoughts on this?

I used to work at an Airport, and Ive dealt with Rockets as well. Let me offer some help on all this. 1. Even an almost bone dry jet liner can blow back some massive blowback. 2. It doesnt matter what size RPG/Rocket they "used" there would never be a fire bomb that big coming from behind shooting out, if it had been a rocket it would have shot up. The smoke trail you see is from a 757 flying right above the dirt at 500 mph, Ever messed with a toy plane or heli right above the dirt?(hmm it tends to stir up dust, and if its a plane it will leave a streak, one from the engines, and two, bet you didnt think of this one, theres an exhaust port of the bottom of the jet as well so there you go) Also heres a question for you,


I Did, and I was there too, they didnt bring it in on some truck and peice it together on the spot, A PLANE FLEW INTO IT.

One more thing, please explain to me what happened to the passangers that were on that flight, and Where they are now, as well as why everyone is relying on a 2 second video from a CCTV camera.

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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by talisman
Cause my question is, what exactly is it that the powers that be want to keep us from seeing regarding this incident?

Well. I recall back when I first id these images and posted them in my Myspace blog the staunchest and most persistent 9/11 "Skeptic" messaged me in private, and after a couple back and forths he finally 'admitted' that the videos were doctored. But he wouldnt respond to the implications.

The big story with these images isnt whats in them, its the subpar doctored quality. They have world class image enhancement experts. They gave us litteral crap with absolutely no analysis. They even tried not to give them, and refuse to give us the rest (cameras designed for longer range shots).

But I hold the view that the plane really did hit.

So to answer your question:

It's my firm belief that the entire day and each crime site was deliberately designed to be infinitely debatable, and impossible to reach firm conclusions, on each and every possible facet and detail of the entire event. JFK is still being debated to this day, and always will be, without any firm action.

I did a huge thread trying lay out all the examples of this I could think of:
Insanely Incredible Issues as Proof of a 9/11 Conspiracy

Please do add more examples to it if you can.

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