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Geo W Wants To Be On Mt Rushmore!

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posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 02:26 PM
America is in crisis. The most glaring example is found in the president. Sworn into office in January, 2005, he coasted along until the Katrina debacle in August. That was followed by the FEMA debacle in September, October, November. Now we are learning FEMA gave away over $1 billion to fraud and theft. Truly FEMA is damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Then we had Scooter Libby, top dog for VP Cheney, the master-mind blood and guts behind the Oval Office. You know if you know anything that Libby did not act on his own initiative. Libby could only have received his orders from VP Cheney and Geo W himself. I’d guess both are culpable.

Porter Goss was first “snookered” away from his conformable House seat, then fired. General Hayden of NSA “let’s monitor everyone” fame is now in charge. The issue is how long can the professionals in the CIA survive this relentless onslaught orchestrated by Geo W and VP Cheney over the WMDs issue that will not go away and continues to sully #1's reputation. Teaching lessons is the number one past-time in W-DC.

Now comes the VA scandal. Well, s-c-a-n-d-a-l-s as everyday we get a new one out of the VA. It looks very much as if the current Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs was hired from the same employment agency as was Ken Brown, of FEMA. Birds of a feather flock together. Or, old time doe-doe birds. How could one employee take all the records of all the veterans and all the National Guard and Reserves on active duty, all at one time? And then, he’d have us believe, he was so unlucky that his home was burglarized and all the burglars took was his computer and the VA’s discs. Gosh!

Now, we hear those records are worth “millions” on the black market. That information would be “out there” in the ether for years, yea, decades to come. Now, assuming the VA employee did not sell the discs and fake the burglary, what are we doing about it? Why did it take 14 days for this to be reported to the Top Dog? And why did it take another 7 days for the FBI to “get involved?” Sweet Jesus. In between these mis-steps we have Abramoff and DeLay.

Wow! It looks as if Geo W will end up rivaling Warren G. Harding as the most corrupt president and Franklin Pierce as the least effective president and Richard Nixon as the most dishonest. All in one package of Texas bullcrap. B43 you were the most!

[edit on 6/17/2006 by donwhite]


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