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Baghdad: 7 explosions within 5 hrs 43 dead

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posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by MRGERBIK

Originally posted by WithoutEqual
Instead you turned us into a police force and we've been getting killed ever since.

How about the contract mercenaries ? But no you won't face up to those stinging truths at all. It's all the "LIBERALS"

I think it's the contractors
I think it's the war profiteers

Oh so I'm a republician? And a armchair general? I'm defending the war? So I SENT US THERE FOR WMDS? What patriotic bravado? Are you quasi-senial, blind, or do you just like to judge people beliefs even though you have LITERALLY NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE? First of all, I didn't vote for Kerry, or Bush, so nice try kid, want a second shot? You could not have misunderstood my post any more. Did I blame the war on liberals? No, but as you ovbiously know quite a few Dems voted for the war, so it's not like their totally in the clear, secondly I was blaming the duration of the war on LIBERALS, yes, THEY are the ones that wanted us to fight with handcuffs on, wanted us to videotape being shot at from mosques to cover our own ass. You think Republicians are concerned about us stepping on someones prayer rug? Hell no. Both of your parties will be going to hell for what you've done. So you didn't vote for Bush and that makes it ok? Even though you buy the oil that got us into the war in the first place. And hey, you buy the bullets, the shooters and rifles we as an Army used. Know what that means? The military is your hitman, tell me where else in the world do you pay a shooter to kill someone, buy the weapon, and ammo, and you be morally clear? THE USA!

As far as these armchair general remarks, I'm getting godamn tired of it. Unlike a vast majority of you folks that get your news from NYT, Fox, CNN, Prison Planet or whatever fake news outlet you use, I spent 1 year in Afganistan, 2 in Iraq, so unlike you I've actually been there. Secondly, I was born in Saudi Arabia and lived there till my teenage years, so once again unlike you I actually know what it's like there. You wouldn't know the impact of your oil consumption cause you live your puff puff lifestyle totally oblivious to the fact that a vast amount of people in the middle east are litterally enslaved so a few Sheiks and some white U.S. oil men can run away with a huge profit. Oh that doesn't fit into your fashionable anti war mentality? Sorry bout that, but it's been going on for decades, we can toss defense contractors and ect. around all day, guess what, my people will still suffer in 10 years thanks to you, and YOUR OIL. Solve that problem buddy.

Since you're so psychic why don't you tell me some more about myself? Eh? Cause you're preaching to the choir here. Even though you keep telling me what my own version of reality is. Was the war fought the wrong way? Hell yeah, you folks wouldn't have the stomach for a war fought the right way. Defense Contractors are a huge problem yes, so are mercs and all other aspects of the Military Industrial Complex, and guess what, that happens in every war. Vietnam? KBR was there. Iraq, KBR is there. As far as my avatar goes, it's a tribute to the U.S.S. Liberty so people will remember the day Israel attacked the U.S. Navy and the U.S. gov't covered it up, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe you should think of asking about it next time, instead of being an elitest judgemental snob. You see, when an Arab like myself hurts one of your ships, you launch cruise missles at us, when a jew from Israel does it you send them more weapons.

Instead of taking a rude tone with me, maybe you should ask me questions, and learn more about me, rather than literally screwing up everything I stand for.

Enjoy the OIL everyone, ignore the amount of dead people it took to fill your tank this weekend. Clinton, Bush, it doesn't matter, it's all the same thing anyway. The middle east has been under the U.S.'s thumb for years, and will continue to be so.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 09:38 AM

Originally posted by marg6043

Originally posted by MRGERBIK
If I was Iraqi i'd fight for my country and to get the occupiers off. II wouldn't give a damn if you were American. I'd want occupying force out of my life just like any american in this country would. And therein lies the hypocrisy and the double standard of cultural prejudice.

Very well say, you got my first vote of the month.

Only a patriot will understand how dying for ones country is the ultimate sacrify.

But in the mess that has become Iraq our own soldiers are trained to believe that that is exaclty what they are doing.

Anytime you pose this question to the Pro War crowd. You get a question dodge.
Think about it for a second. Spouting of "Liberal Agenda" It's this knee jerk emotional reaction to not think critically. Think Flag Burning and it's the same issue.
And yet we go back to this time and time again. I still think if people really supported the troops we would have all the benefits in the world to give them. Yet our Dear leader has cut VA spending like a butcher at a meat locker.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 10:42 AM

Originally posted by WithoutEqual
Obviously the problem as I see now you didn't have any quotes over what was said and I thought you were addressing me. So I apologize for that. I would suggest quoting next time to avoid the confusion from any future member discussion. It could create a rift that isn't neccessary.

Gore would have never attacked Iraq I believe. PNAC pushed it through. Those idealogues had a fetish for this War. I can't believe you really think that. Gore or Kerry would have been raked through the coals by FOX news. Dem leadership wouldn't stand a chance. The only big war they would try is the "War on Civil Liberties"

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 01:41 PM

Originally posted by WithoutEqual

Mission not accomplished? Of course not, the liberals in the U.S. and gov'ts in the EU won't let us fight like a Army ought to fight. Instead you turned us into a police force and we've been getting killed ever since.

But we went there to liberate the Iraqi's from Saddam's death grip. He's been captured, is on trial, that threat is being handled. There were never WMD's, that was a fear tactic used to sell those who didn't care about Saddam's rule but fear for their own self-centered safety. So what's the point of 'fighting like an Army ought to fight'? Is that the way to win hearts and minds? Don't hear much about those tactics nowadays, do we? But it made for such a nice cozy softsell.

Besides, the Pentagon should have known that a guerilla insurgency was a distinct possibility--and I don't for a minute think that they overlooked that possibility. Perhaps 'divide and conquer' was more the strategy they planned?

Originally posted by WithoutEqual

It's sad really, that people still can't grasp the concept that even if Gore would have won in 2000, or Kerry in 2004 we'd still be in Iraq, in the same mess, dealing with the same problems. The only difference would be consevatives telling libs that anyone who voted for Gore has blood on their hands.

People can't grasp that concept because there's no way you can ever prove a 'what if' scenario. And those who don't grasp it know that.

I believe that 911 happened BECAUSE Jr. was elected POTUS. Can't prove it, but without him stealing the first election, none of this may have ever come about.

Jen, I understand your disallusionment with the two party system. Try this instead:

Whatever you do, keep yourself informed.

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