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Indigo Children ... human 2.0 ?

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:13 AM
They in AFRL use quantum teleportation experiments of viruses . They can from sattelite targen any enemy population with virus on one specific person at home.

Look what i found on page 43:

Biological Quantum Teleportation

There are several obstacles to teleporting large complicated objects, especially biological entities. Decoherence is the primary obstacle. That is because observable quantum effects in biological matter is thought to be strongly suppressed due to the macroscopic nature of most biological entities and the fact that such systems live at near room temperature, and there is always contact between biological entities and the environment (the source of decoherence).

An object containing a few grams of matter (VIRUS) will require the extraction of > 1028 bits of data. A simple
virus of 10^7 atoms would require the extraction of = 108 bits of information during the entanglement/teleportation process, whereas the extraction of a minimum of 1028 kilobytes.............

This weapon is great at first look but i have better weapons that this one looks like for kids.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:44 AM
Connect association with this project: bird flu, antrax experiments on population...........................

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 10:43 AM
Let me to cleat a point how system works:

After i mentioned IN-Q-tek and quantup computers company in this tread some machine in N/S/A beepers and got PANIC. They notified CIa and they jumped to president and probably say: we got situation, somebody knows about inqtl company and got all details, we don't wish to China or any other country develop these technology and take piece of pie."

And as I said nsa working fast and they published in news that quantum computers are developed (after president clearance) and now we can expext in USA quantum computers with prices so huge (only for rich kids and corporations).

Its law or cause/reaction. Understand>?

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 10:50 AM
I can say too that they are gona show us WARP not in 3 years. They gona shows us WARP in matter of days if I don't stop posting, and beeping to NSA............

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 05:02 PM
Send me your e-mail over P2P. SCF

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:10 PM
Personally I have no interest in communicating with you via Email. You are a chinese spy and althought your info would appear interesting to scholars worldwide, I in no way wish to speak to you personally. Only public chat like we do on here.

Information warfare is a severe penalty. The Admins here on ATS might not like you too much.

I have been doing extensive research on Nikola Tesla and the world system. This data can be found anywhere. However, antenna's like the Eiffel Tower were never torn down. Was such an antenna another device used to harness Ionospshere electrons? or Is WIFI such a big network now that such towers are not necassary for free energy? Quantum teleportation. You are correlating Atoms with computer viruses? I don't see how the 2 relate unless your using an analogy. You seem to believe in a Matrix system. I am skeptical on the topic. But if you can create a being from photons like you say , then maybe we are all in a Matrix.

All your info is Incredible. Whether you are an operation Titan spy or not, I still think you know nothing. I learned as much as you did just from basic intuition which I used during my research through the years. Also, there is no stopping us americans. You hackers are lucky if you tap into a light socket, never mind NASA databases. Where did you get the photos of aliens? ?

[edit on 2/21/2007 by StreetCorner Philosopher]

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 07:00 AM
There will be so happy faces in china if they know where I am.

Information warfare is a severe penalty yes, if you don't know what are you dooing.
I got all study about Nikola Tesla, even how he think, even that he was terminated by poison into milk by one female agent. not to mention all his archive.

Read post again and again to understand.
it's not computer virus its is teleportation of viruses (cow mad, bird flu, antrax or sarin gas) to population.
You are scptic until whole explanation.
3.1 Teleportation Scenario
Future space explorers and their equipment will need to easily and quickly travel from an orbiting spacecraft to the surface of some remote planet in order to get their work done, or military personnel in the United States need to easily and quickly travel from their military base to another remote location on Earth in order to participate in a military operation, or space colonists will need quick transport to get from Earth to their new home planet. Instead of using conventional transportation to expedite travel the space explorer, military personnel or space colonist and/or their equipment go into the “Teleporter”are “beamed down” or “beamed over” to their destinations at light speed. The mechanism for this teleportation process is hypothetically envisioned to be the following:
1. Animate/inanimate objects placed inside the teleporter are scanned by a computer-generated and - controlled beam.
2. The scan beam encodes the entire quantum information contained within the animate/inanimate object(s) into organized bits of information, thus forming a digital pattern of the object(s).
3. The scan beam then dematerializes the object(s) and stores its pattern in a pattern buffer, thus transforming the atomic constituents of the dematerialized object(s) into a matter stream.
Alternative 1: The dematerialization process converts the atoms into a beam of pure energy.
Alternative 2: The scan beam does not dematerialize the object(s).
4. The teleporter then transmits the matter/pure energy stream and quantum information signal in
the form of an annular confinement beam to its destination. Alternative: Only the quantum
information signal is transmitted.
5. At the receiving teleporter the matter/pure energy stream is sent into a pattern buffer whereby it is
recombined with its quantum information, and the object(s) is rematerialized back into its original
form. Alternative 1: The receiving teleporter recombines the transmitted quantum information
with atoms stored inside a reservoir to form a copy of the original. Alternative 2: The quantum
information is reorganized in such a way as to display the object on some three-dimensional
(holographic) visual display system.
Air Force Research Lab instaled this project on sattelite and doing experiments with ordinayy (NOT COMPUTER) viruses to population.

SCan viruse, human or vehicle using NMR with quantum computer to store enough data - transport data to sattelite, and fire viruse, human or vehicle to earth at speed of light. currently on some DAnube river.

I m learning too but from the right source. How you know about operation TITAN.
No, pictures of aliens with their genotipe are from DTIC system. I also got soviets study about this aliens. I given this access to couple of ordinary humans they lost themselves. and stare to one point. to much info in little time.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 07:50 AM
Eiffel Tower is nothing.
And one question: piramids in Egipt are 300m down in sand. From outside you see top of piramid, yes we all know they were in sea water for a long time, and know that amateurs are diginig some tombs. But can you tell me exact current locaton where was transported library from piramid in which USA base? collorado spring base with aliens. where tourists know nothing what above their feets.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 08:13 AM
And read point 5. 1. copying subjects and do variation. To torture somebody make copy of subject because copy know it all. Or create copy od 1000 kg of gold with accurate 100%. I'm trying to tell you this so gentle......Understand this technology? code is Bob&Alice

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 08:27 AM
Do you understand what i am dooing? You can try to beg, ask, use Freedom act low to try to unlock black classified project. But when some in public knows all details even how to bild it, then you got PANIC in gov org. Who is responsibile? we don't know. Which country/state? We don't know we are listening. Then what is best option for gov???????? unclassify and develop today.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 08:37 AM
I allready said that IDIGO are playing with human behavior on any public level, i am playing on WORLD level. They can't cut mu money income or trace me because access to forex and betfair got many, many milion of humans. from many, many countries and they are in blind street. Only tird world war can cut my income, and they know that but i reached another way.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 09:46 AM
And does reference 5.2. of this document ring a bell about blue beam project.??

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 04:48 PM
My my. You are all over the place here. After watching the film the Prestige, I realize that what you say could be true. The matrix is accessable. I had a dream where Greys told me about this matrix and how they were controlling minds via HDTV monitors and LCD's. They would say how I am one of 7 people in quantum universe, and then the Greys said that they were swapping my body in and out of parallel universes.

People sometimes ask me things like , "you look different today" or "Your hair looks lighter today" or "How did you grow a beard so fast or "how did you lose weight so fast" I once weighed myself and was 220 pounds. The next day I weight myself and I was 212. My hair changes from Black , to Brown, to Red sometimes. I also shed skin. I shed my skin heavily during October and between May-June. I can only speculate. I am not saying im being abducted and being swapped, but Im only telling you about my dreams and how I lose weight and change hair color from day to day. I also am extremely hairy. I've been told by many that I have abnormal body hair equivalent to that of an ape, all over my body. My doctor says I have abnormal levels of Testosterone and its why I lost my hair at the age of 16, one of the youngest cases. But I could be overreacting here.

I also wanted to talk about NASA blue beam. I guess you explained it. I wonder why they took so long to kill Tesla, he was old when he died. I think what you speak about is very scary. But I face my fears, not run. I found out about Titan on television. Simple. TV tells us everything now. Pyramids are being dug up. Signs of the end indeed. The world is coming to an end. I know so. They Greys told me by channeling into my THETA frequency.

Adam and Eve will come back when the world ends. Indigo might survive the dirty bombs because of DNA mutation. Nano technology will be introduced to the elite to help cope with bird flu , etc. But in fact, its the Indigo who will adapt to the new biosphere better than Nano blood.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 06:14 PM
Cryptography: A dedicated research program should be implemented to develop a mature quantum cryptography technology. Theoretical and experimental work is in progress among a small number of select groups (QISP, In-Q-Tel, universities, etc.), but this field is not advancing fast enough for practical applications to become available to meet increasing
adversarial threats against secured military and intelligence communications. The goal of proposed quantum cryptography research is to bring the theoretical and experimental foundation of quantum cryptography and secure quantum information processing to maturity, and to fully develop and implement quantum entanglement/teleportation-based cryptography technology.
Recent experimental work has demonstrated that a completely secure quantum key can be generated and distributed for the communication and decoding of encrypted messages using entangled photons. Any eavesdropper’s attempt to intercept the quantum key will alter the
contents in a detectable way, enabling users to discard the compromised parts of the data.
There is much more work that needs to be done in this area. I recommend that the AFRL implement a $1 million/year program for five years in order to advance the state-of-art in quantum cryptography technology.

Parallel Universes/Parallel Spaces (Everett, 1957; Wheeler, 1957, 1962; DeWitt, 1970; DeWitt
and Graham, 1973; Jammer, 1974; Davies, 1980; Wolf, 1988; Kaku, 1994; Visser, 1995 and
Section 2.1): There are only two other research tracts that are concerned with parallel universes besides 3-brane theory. The first tract is the traversable wormhole research that was discussed in Section 2.1. Traversable wormholes can connect many different universes in the “multiverse” (i.e., a conglomeration of many universes), and these are called inter-universe wormholes.
However, traversable wormhole physics (a.k.a. Einstein’s General Relativity Theory) does not provide a physical prescription for the existence and nature (i.e., fundamental parameters and
physical laws) of other putative universes. The difference between inter-universe and intrauniverse (i.e., two distant regions of one universe are connected with each other) wormholes arises only at the level of global geometry and global topology. Local physics near the throat of a
traversable wormhole is insensitive to issues of intra-universal or inter-universal travel. An observer in the vicinity of the throat, while making local measurements, would not be able to tell
whether he was traveling to another universe or to a remote part of our own universe. And one cannot rely on the topological (as opposed to geometrical) information to determine which is the
case, because topological information is not enough to uniquely characterize an inter-universe
connection. And General Relativity Theory does not fix the topology of spacetime, so we cannot ascertain the existence of other universes. [Note: Traversable wormholes are also geometrically
possible for higher dimensional spaces.]

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 06:18 PM
Teleportation of a laser beam with embedded radio signal (Bowen et al., 2003): The teleportation of a laser beam from one part of a lab to another has been demonstrated. Investigators embedded a radio signal into a laser beam, then disintegrated the beam and reassembled it a meter away, virtually instantaneously. The laser beam was destroyed in the teleportation process, but the radio signal survived. The laser light at one end of an optical communications system was disassembled and its replica was recreated elsewhere in the lab. Even though the laser beam did
not survive teleportation, its encoded message did. This system could be used to transport secure data, such that it could become possible to construct a perfect cryptography system.
When two parties want to communicate with one another, one can enable the secrecy of the communication to be absolutely perfect.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 06:21 PM
The gov is studing everything very SERIOUSLY:

Theoretical Program 1: A one to two year theoretical study (cost ˜ $80,000) should be initiated to explore the recently discovered K < 1 (FTL) solutions to equation (2.33) in order to define, characterize and model the negative energy density source(s) that induce the FTL vacuum
modification. The study should also identify potential lab experiments designed to test theoretical predictions.
Theoretical Program 2: A one to two year study (cost ˜ $80,000) should be initiated to conduct a detailed review of the negative energy generation schemes summarized above to define their characteristics, performances and requirements. The study should develop technical parameters
for each of the schemes in order to identify potential lab experiments.
Experimental Program 1: An experimental study should be conducted to test Forward’s (1998) Casimir energy extraction proposal. An experiment definition study will be required to estimate the experimental method, procedure, equipment needs and costs.
Experimental Program 2: An experimental study using ultrahigh-intensity lasers should be conducted to test the Optically Squeezed Laser Light proposal. An experiment definition study will be required to estimate the experimental method, procedure, equipment needs and costs.
Experimental Program 3: An experimental study using ultrahigh-intensity lasers should be conducted to probe QED vacuum physics and vacuum modification as well as test elements of the PV-GR model. A starting point for this program would be to use such lasers to perform the Ding
and Kaplan (1989, 1992, 2000; see also, Forward, 1996) experiment. This is an important fundamental physics experiment to do, because it can distinguish between the rival quantum vacuum electromagnetic ZPE fluctuation and fluctuating charged particle source field theory
models, which would settle the acrimonious debate over whether the vacuum really fluctuates or not. R. L. Forward (1999) told the author that a Nobel Prize rides on performing this experiment and settling the issue once and for all. The Ding and Kaplan proposal is already designed to
probe QED vacuum physics and vacuum modification. [The essence of the Ding and Kaplan proposal is to demonstrate that a form of photon-photon scattering predicted by QED gives rise to 2nd-harmonic generation of intense laser radiation in a DC magnetic field due to the broken
symmetry of interaction (in the Feynman “box” diagram approximation). This effect is possible only when the field system (optical wave + DC field) is inhomogeneous, in particular when a Gaussian laser beam propagates in either a homogeneous or inhomogeneous DC magnetic field.
In other words, a vacuum region is filled with a DC magnetic field that polarizes the virtual particle pairs (a.k.a. virtual photons) in the vacuum. This polarized vacuum then scatters incident ultrahigh-intensity laser photons of frequency . (energy E), thereby generating outgoing photons
of frequency 2. (energy 2E).] An experiment definition study will be required to estimate the experimental method, procedure, equipment needs and costs.
Experimental Program 4: An experimental study using ultrahigh-intensity lasers should be conducted to establish the extreme physical conditions necessary to test the strong-field limit of general relativity with an emphasis on generating spacetime curvature and negative energy in
order to induce a putative micro-wormhole. (Experimental Programs 3 and 4 could be done together to determine whether Puthoff’s PV-GR theory or Einstein’s general relativity theory is the correct model for nature.) A Nobel Prize is in the offing if this question were to be addressed
and settled. An experiment definition study will be required to estimate the experimental method, procedure, equipment needs and costs.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 07:29 PM
I think your info on quantum communications is very similair to basic fiber optics. Will Anti-matter ever be considered a valuable technology? or is atomic energy still years away. How will the raw materials stand up to plasma heat? How can we talk about anti gravity ships when atomic propulsion is still years away ?

The matrix is a multiverse. Is it possible that I can change from one self to another self in a matter of a day? or minutes? or seconds? Can thoughts have affect on the matrix multiverse? I always wondered this, and now you make me think it can be true.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 08:58 PM
I can answer to all of your question.

In Niels Bohr’s experiment, in an Einstein equation, if the electron gained energy by shifting to a lower frequency shell (further out), it gained mass. That means in relation to gravity, it’s mass-gravity effect increased.
Niels Bohr also noted that when the electron jumped to an orbiting shell closer to the center, it radiated off its energy. If it radiated off its energy by jumping to a higher frequency wave-particle relationship, its mass-gravity effect would also be reduced.Quantum gravity/unified field theory research has been evolving since the 1920s when Kaluza and Klein published the first papers to describe a model for the unification of gravity with electrodynamics. If you understand how energy/mass shifts than you can shift all atoms of any object (large stone block like on piramid is perfect to manifest antigravity or mass decrease)

Antimater as energy source, don't make me smile it's old and expensive. Vacum is perfect energy sourse i allreday witen about that (ZPE fluctuations - perpetuum mobile).

And yes plasma of couple milion degrees of suns temprature can sustain stabile in magnetic. I got those experiments.

How can we talk about anti gravity ships when atomic propulsion is still years away ? Do you want me to explain you how antigravity works? it so simple you can bild it in your garage with 6 metal rings and 10m of vires. it can work on 220v/50 hz.

Yes brain work as 5th dimensional mulverse unit. A well-known theoretical/experimental/operational program directed by H. E. Puthoff, R. Targ, E. May and I. Swann was conducted at SRI International and the NSA, and sponsored at various times by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) over more than two decades; and the program was later carried on by E. May at SAIC (Alexander, 1980; Puthoff, 1996; Targ, 1996; Schnabel, 1997; Tart et al., 2002) can explain it.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 09:17 PM
I have been lurking on this for a while.

Thank yu for this inform., b3. it is much appreciated you taking the time. if you would be so kind as to show this an-gra idea to us, or to specific peple, that would be better. yu kno which, the garage effort. I am a frend of forward thincking tec, and would love to explor the possibles.

Excuse the dreadful typing. You know why I do it though.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 09:23 PM
Simple plasma is named Lorentz force. it's old used in 50 years.
You can see the Lorentz Force in action using a glass of salt water, a copper or aluminum strip bent into a cylinder, a nail and a DC current source of 20 amps or so (like an electric arc welder) and a strong permanent magnet. Place the cylinder of metal in the glass of salt water. Connect one side of the DC source to this cylinder. Place the strong magnet near the side of the glass but not in the water.
Connect the nail to the other lead.
CAUTION: the water will heat up rapidly. It will start to ionize and spin bubbles relative to the magnet. This is a crude low-temperature plasma experiment - but it will produce hot water almost
explosively and should executed with great care.
I used a large speaker magnet with a hole in it. I then used a quartz tube which fit through the hole.
This was as close as I could make the example to the original design of the plasma-dynamic saucer craft that our group developed in the black project. With this configuration the water will spin around inside the tube like a hot tornado. I explained tornado/inverse tornado is nessesery to build +/- movement.

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