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Indigo Children ... human 2.0 ?

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 03:51 PM
I have most of the known skills of the Crystallines, a.k.a. Indigos (The origin of my nick. With the exception of dark. I've chosen dark instead of sapphire.).

About the Crystalline skills, behaviors. It's really weird for the outsiders, it's daily for the Crystallines. That's why we don't care about this.

P.S.: It has no connection to any sort of drugs. In the last 4 generation, no one have ever used drugs in my family.

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posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by Legalizer
Indigo Children is a "new age" trick, nothing more.

I wouldn't say it's NEW AGE or what, but I agree it is a trick.

The world is crowded now, and too many things to do and to learn since young. School, sports which all lead into competitions. Not all kids can do that, they will rebel. Beside that there are many social problem such as drugs, guns, etc.

I know there are many problem kids, autist, hyper-active, lazy dreamers, emotional and ego kids.
I tell them story about Indigo Child, Star Child whatever, I tell them they are special and they come to earth with special mission.
I tell them about leadership, and they must be very discipline, and loyal to their leader. ( which is me )

One day they will become suicide bombers, assasins, do every dirty job I order them to do, they are my private army.

Watch out kids!!!!

You are no special unless you score A's at school, invent something useful, make million bucks.
Work harder, think smarter!!!!!!!

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 11:47 AM
Yeah. Sure. Trick. If you say so. You know those ones, whose have these abilities are don't really care about your or others opinion. Why? Because they have their own rules. You can't control them. You can't convince them. You can't derail them to reach their goals. They're not going to convince you to believe in their life, their abilities, anything. For the Crystallines, you're an outsider, an ordinary man, nothing more.

Crystallines, Indigos (I prefer Crystalline) are able to achieve anything what they want, even without any sort of degree, achieving A+ in schools, if they really want. But many times they're not interested in that knowledge, what they already knows... knows, what they've never learned (One of the basic abilities, called Universal Knowledge.). For the Crystallines, ordinary people is not a match. The ordinary men wants to race and beat them, but they always fail. Why? Because you can't defeat someone, who is not racing with you, who is not against you. You can achieve an A+, but in most case they knows quite more then you. They can get great jobs without any sort of degrees, because they can prove their knowledge for sure. And if someone should need to prefer between two person, one, who have a degree, but there is a risk, that person is not really knows his job, not bears that knowledge, or two, between someone, who don't have any sort of degree, but surely able to make his job... the companies are going to choose the last one, because there is no real risk with the Crystallines. They knows what they knows.

Oh. And don't worry. These sort of people are never going to hurt anyone, turn to a terrorist or something like that, because they're respecting all form of life. They're never greedy, never care about money. These people are helping where ever they can (Of course if they believes that man is deserving to get help.).

Of course you may say: Indigo, Crystalline effect is just a trick... or what. If you want to believe in that, go ahead. We're not going to tell you to believe in this or not... (shrug, grin) Because we simply don't care about this.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 02:05 PM
Yeap, it is so typical. Ignorant kids.

I wonder how many of who feel themselves indigo get a better job than A's graduate.

And I also don't know what good they do the society.

Do they cook or eat fast food? Where did they get the money from? parents? or government unemployment allowance? or stealing?

Who cares, you he she they don't care. And I am stupid to spend time reading and posting this to kids.

Just don't steal, don't ask money from parents or government.

Good luck.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 02:51 PM
Okay. I'm going to answer your post on "why not?" basis.

Yeah. Kid. Hehehe.
Actually I'm more then 25. I don't have any sort of University graduation, because for me, it's really matter that I have one or not. I have one Engineering degree (Secondary), but my work is quite different, have no connection to engineering or anything that I've ever learned. Actually, I have a quite better job and quite greater payment then the average (Totally legal, I'm also paying taxes, etc, etc... Oh. And I'm the boss in my own little, but beauty and successful corporation, that I've started from zero by my own strength few years ago and entered into a circle, where only very few and only the pros are able to enter.). I also have a calm and peaceful life. No criminal record. I never stolen anything, I never asked money from anyone, especially not from the Government. So, I don't have nightmares about my past.

I know many A+ graduates, whose are worth nothing, knows nothing, but have a big mouth because they have one, maybe two of those so called grades (No offense, because I don't know you. I'm speaking here about what I'm experienced until this time.). I've seen most of these people, one with three A+ papers, whose are working in a small office of Western Union or even in Post Offices (While they got their papers in the greatest universities.). Papers are only papers. Nowadays you can get it on many ways. And papers are never really reflecting your current knowledge (Reflecting the past maybe, but not the present knowledge.).

Remember. Crystallines are always achieving what they wants. They're hard workers. They don't need to steal or make anything from that list, that you've listed above. They're simply inventing themselves instantly anywhere, anytime, even in the worst situation, where A+ graduates are usually or always failing. Especially when you don't know that you're trying to race against a Crystalline and waving the A+ graduate. In these cases, Crystalline vs. A+ Graduate: 1-0 (75-80% of the cases.). Oh. And usually these A+ people have nightmares, because in 75%, they've did something in the past that they need to hide.

But as I said before, we don't really care about what people really thinks. I'm not going to try to convince you. It's our life and not yours. We're accepting your paper gathering life, living for an A+ grade, etc, etc... Please try to accept our way of life too. If not... as previously... (shrug, grin) we simply don't care about it.

P.S.: Thanks for your Good Luck wish. More the merrier.

[edit on 21-1-2007 by Dark Crystalline]

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 04:37 PM
Dark Crystalline we have a lot in common. I never needed to study and I could get an A on a test. While the kids that spend most of their time tediously studying and not enjoying their time get a lower grade. In all honestly, I could care less about money. I actually often lend out more money to help people out than I have for myself. Money doesn't measure success in my mind. Most of the biggest assholes I have ever met are the richest. Society pressures people into believing they need a degree or a high paying job to be successful.

One question Crystalline. Can you read people within 10 seconds of meeting them? I can usually read and judge somebody within 10 seconds just by body language and speech patterns. I have always been good at this.

[edit on 21-1-2007 by Incognito C]

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 04:55 PM
Iteresting view in this article regarding race as a factor saying Oriental being the top evolutionary race with whites being in the middle and so on view link to view info. on brain size, etc..

Link :

Here is another link which reviews The russian factor which is also very interesting.

Link :

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 06:55 PM
Incognito C. Yup! Me, my mother has, but especially my grandma had this ability in the family. Personally... somehow I feel the true nature of the person, able to sense the aura, but not see it (Somehow my mind is able to give colors to my senses, without seeing it in the reality. But my mind is immediately visualize it to me somehow. So without seeing, but somehow feeling the true aura, I can say who have blue, green, yellow, orange, red, etc... aura. And from that I can make an immediate conclusion about the true nature of a person. Only very few mistakes happened under this time. Usually woman, whose are usually makes me blind. That's my fault.
). And somehow I can sense the sudden or the slow emotion changes too. From these reactions, I know immediately when someone is lying to me or trying to hide something.

Well. Crystallines have the ability to see and feel that, what others can't see. They have a great connection to spiritualism too.

And same here about the money. I don't really care about it. Life means much more to me. For most A+ graduates, when all money is lost, life ends almost immediately. For Crystallines, when all money is gone, life still goes on. That's a huge difference by my opinion. We lives further.

[edit on 21-1-2007 by Dark Crystalline]

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 07:50 PM
Things in my life have recently allowed me to cast off my cares of what others think or believe no matter if I think they are wrong.
The way I see it, let people believe what they want.
Everyone needs to get through life somehow, be that finding love, believing they have some mystical purpose or be it making love to Pandas in a Zoo. Whatever gets you through life, because no one is better or worse than another person at the moment of birth. No one has a greater or worse potential for anything. Its up to the individual to seek out their strong points and work them.
People who believe they are Indigos are just people needing to validate their existence, just like everyone.
If they need to believe that some point in the future of no exact date they will do something great, let them.
I'm not going to label myself an Indigo because I'm not one, BUT I have that belief just as I believe everyone can and will IF they live to their potential.

Have a good life people, thats the best you can hope.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 08:20 PM

Originally posted by JebusSaves
People who believe they are Indigos are just people needing to validate their existence, just like everyone.
If they need to believe that some point in the future of no exact date they will do something great, let them.

Like other C/Is the others/I never wanted or want to validate our/my existence, because after we're/I'm a flesh and bone living person, we/I already have an existence. We/I do not need to validate it. The pure fact, that we're/I'm living, breathing air is already validating existence itself. C/Is never want to validate their existence. It's not a goal. We don't need to validate, prove something what is a common knowledge... well, for us surely. For others... well, just as the upper examples are showing that, ordinary people with their A+ want to prove something to themselves. It's not a bad thing. Everyone wants to reach something. But as I see, rather ordinary people want to validate their existence with their papers and their eternal race mania. But C/Is are usually skipping this paper collection, race part and they're searching something else in the world. But that is not validation, not race. Especially not for existence.

C/Is are not really believe that they will do something great, achieve an ultimate goal and save mankind as many are spreading this false statement. C/Is feels that they can achieve more then others and they can achieve it, what they want, sooner then anyone else. Then time will tell, what faith brings to them (Usually success). But there is no "Year 2012 - Operation Indigo-Indigo", where C/Is are going to take control over the world, or anything like that. These people have greater senses, feelings, able to experience that other people can't. But that's not our problem. Only those ones are spreading that something is dangerous, will bring doom, taking over the world, that they don't know, don't understand that thing. And in this case, it's easier to make false statements about C/Is, then accept their existence and presence. But if you don't want to accept it... (shrug) well, who cares? We don't really care about these opinions, because only those ones are able to understand this, whose are living, experience this life and it's advantages and sometimes disadvantages.

But you can't believe that other people, anyone is seeing, hearing or experiencing the same thing, on the same way. Well... you can believe that, but that's your problem again.
But for example; blinds have greater perception to their ears. Some are born with reduced perceptions. And some, usually called as C/Is are already born with greater perceptions on almost all front, including greater senses, and additional abilities.

The fact that ordinary people are fear from those whose have some sort of ESP (extra-sensory perception), a.k.a. PSI or something that they never experienced. People are usually fear and usually envy. That's why the C/Is are usually hiding their true identity, acting in the background, but using their talent day by day without being noticed by ordinaries. If C/Is would like to prove anything to you, they would do it. But only ordinaries' major goal is to prove that they're greater then the other one. And in these cases C/Is are just softly smiling in the background.

[edit on 21-1-2007 by Dark Crystalline]

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 09:59 PM
Whatever you have to tell yourself to get you through this life Dark Chrystilline is absolutely fine.
Me, personally, I wouldn't spend so much time on a message board telling everyone how great I am and that I don't care of peoples opinions if I was you. I'd not spend 30 minutes on a post replying to some annoymous guy who said nothing but 'live and let live' in their own ways.

I would go do something special. But then, i'm not you am I?

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 11:47 PM
I know this sounds a little self-centered and egocentric but most people encounter are not on the same wavelength as me. I am only 21 years old and experience this with most people I encounter. Crystalline you stated that this runs in your family. The odd thing is that it doesn't run in my family. I love my parents and are appreciative of them but they are not intelligent people. My father is one of the most closed minded ignorant people you will meet when it comes to social issues. As odd as this sounds to you as it is obviously not the norm, my parents come to me for advise. Isn't this supposed to work the opposite? Aren't you a product of your environment? I have noticed that people that grew up in the same conditions as me ended up totally different. I take a look at their parents and I can see their traits resonating in there offspring. Their intelligence directly coincides with the methods which they were raised.
I am getting to the point were I can tell what a person is going to say in a conversation just by word associations, speech patterns, and body language. It is starting to scare me but I have been experiencing a lot of ESP lately. Mainly in the form of concentrated thoughts or words. I will project a thought and somebody will say it almost right away. Crystalline brought up something that I don't see. I don't see certain hues or auras when it comes to people. I understand that people can be sensitive and sense certain auras that radiate through the bodies main shakras. I however don't experience this. I often can get a judge of character by just looking at someone for 10 seconds. Usually I am right.

I understand that people are not going to be understanding to this. I am not trying to be egocentric and brag about myself. I know this type of stuff seems elitist. I just want to hear from like-minded people who understand where I am coming from to see if there truly is an evolutionary awakening that has kicked into gear. Don't waste your time ridiculing me because I won't answer to attacks and ignorance. Take the time that you waste on rambling nonsense to improve yourself. Thank you

[edit on 21-1-2007 by Incognito C]

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 04:04 AM
Above mentioned is only 2% public (called baby clearance level) available (psychology) informations observed conclusions. The basic problem of IC is to transfer memory/mind/........ patterns to 5% mind level public/group/entity using simple primitive language.
IC understand every and other things which usual mind cant connect due a lack of informations/inertia resistance/mind complex resistance and innability to hold things together in memory field.
He understand how simple to use vacum to create el. energy and practical experiments of perpetuum mobbile (using ring and magnets, or observe Tesla’s experiments in creating ball’s of tunder which he describes as “differential potential” which is understuded wrong by physics (IC will(think of EKG screen pulse with one peak and other opposite peak) in rotational feeld differential with high voltage to create stable sustained em field)
- In question of AIDS and cancer cure IC will think of artificial virus which mutate faster then AIDS virus and spread memetic information via cells and AIDS virus communication) and connection between DNA wave patterns and interaction with ciclus pattern fields of local system and several other approachs which leads to gereantology nullification.
- Or in alchemy question will think of Transfer periodic elements into each other using electro magnetism (like H-effect of molibded rod) and (economy problem?) and will say i "I can explain you b'coz you can't understand it in 1000 years.....
- Basic is "playing" with human behavior of any public position
- On stupid question about "do you see death people" or "do you believe in God" i will say: Kirliyanov photo effect (observed in em high frequency effect on organic matters) which proves in lab existance of “invisible matter” of life forms this is effect and teory which can be proved in lab to show existance of matter in high frequency and possibility which are classifield (I cant mention here) but in connection with other above mentioned proven available evidence in connection with Dirac negative energy and natural spiral pattern which can be proven in lab showed that – IF SOMEBODY he/group/entity knowed this in history and connected/manipulated it than only association is using primitive laguage, that GOD and SATAN exist. And This kyrl. effect in simpliest natural foto/electic effect view: lizard cuted tale and grow of tale (assumed possitive electricity in tale end) /negative electicity on human vounds)
and I calculation your behavior/body movement/brain logic I say you could understand this for about no less then 1000 years, dear doctor.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 05:40 AM
- If doctor/entity consider himself "smart"/ then he will show IC some "stupid" film about aliens. After 15min IC stops film because it's boring/stupid. Probably will say nothing or "not true".
After "preasure" "Explain": I see this film starts with scene from public broadcasting TV station, after assuming how this alien looks/fly/tecn. level like, and can't remember any non-public/public report which describe this entity than only conclusion is that this "alien look" is immaginated by crew who make effects and their aim is to create money and create illusion to you.
- "Can you be invisible" - IC will conclude/think/search/ asociation about every possible/done experiment/teory conducted thinking how to say that in one sentence to stupid (doctor wait answer) and say: yes. (IC feel doctor wrong assume conclusion) and continue: laboratory blach holes which can be created using turbiluminescent material (most simpliest, which transfer UV spectrum frequency to electrons directly) to toroid calems which create opposite EM field element can explain that.
Picture in simple mechanic: first think of 2 moveing glass circle gyroskopes on same axis of stick (mark one point white color in this point is metal ball and rotate them oppositte, with same mass in local gravity earth field), think or different mass, or same mass but different central axis with little differential (different frequency) changing properties or radial distances of marked points watch movement in earth and zero field gravity which create elipsoid path , (that movement now transfer into EM waves (like double Tesla egg field ring into ring, ps egg discharge - ) (which creates swirls into swirls of gravity field (effect of tornado/inverse tornado lenses up and down/side of object) and consuming physics of space which can be used to understand (in lab (in connection to virpul medium) using toroid) how to construct antigravitation, gravitation, black holes tunnel, and your invisibility (which is simple observed when objects atoms (galaxies and em waves) pulsate in invisible range of light of human eye or transfer photons into rotational lens effect around object, or higher which cant be observed with sensitive CIR or FLIRT non-commercial cameras), how to construct to be invisibleh also do not me question about stupid magic to because It is possible to connect waves, DNA and create or influence anything (like narcis flower or bacteria to transfer into spaceship) because Fibbonatchy spiral patterns in nature in connection with Kirl. experiments on organic matter with DNA study can prove this. Any more stupid questions?

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by StreetCorner Philosopher
Does the following describe you ????
Have strong self esteem, connection to source
Know they belong here until they are told otherwise
Have an obvious sense of self
Have difficulty with discipline and authority
Refuse to follow orders or directions
Find it torture to waiting in lines, lack patience
Get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity
Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school
Are mostly nonconformists
Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons
Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks
Are rather creative
Are easily distractible, can do many things at once
Display strong intuition
Have strong empathy for others or NO empathy
Develop abstract thinking very young
Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent
Are often identified or suspected of having ADD or ADHD, but can focus when they want to
Are talented daydreamers and visionaries
Have very old, deep, wise looking eyes
Have spiritual intelligence and/or psychic skills
Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage
Need our support to discover themselves
Are here to change the world - to help us live in greater harmony and peace with one another and to raise the vibration of the planet
Some critics believe that these traits are not unique and are observable in most children, but adherents believe that this new type of child has come forward for a reason; most often suggested is that they will improve the world in some way. The changes generally discussed involve bringing peace, toppling corrupt institutions, and a shift from allopathic medicine to a greater understanding of more natural alternatives. Indigo Children are more in touch with something called the "universal truth".

[edit on 6/16/2006 by StreetCorner Philosopher]

I'd like to state that I identify with almost every listing on there with the exception of being creative. While my thought is creative, I am one of the most artistically challenged people you will ever meet...

I wanted to chime in though because some of these things are being viewed as negative, unchangeable traits of the "Indigo" children. I know that I have a huge problem with rage and personally I know that a confrontational situation and adrenaline for me is like running around a barrel of gunpowder with a torch. Now that I have gotten older and am more aware of my emotions and feelings I know to separate myself from the situation.

I think that the list of traits are just that, traits.. Some negative, and some positive.. I feel that I am one of these "Indigo" (Born in 1980) and I can relate to almost all of these traits. Some of them have caused me headache and heartache throughout my life, but I have learned from all of them and also how to control my hardwiring in a positive way. Also on the example of having a large amount of empathy for someone and also NO empathy is true in my life, but it describes how my empathy is more of an on and off switch vs there being various levels... Thought I'd share that as it is a different perspective then some others have on that statement.

Incognito C & Dark Crystalline, your posts have intrigued me.. I also have the ability to read someone shortly after meeting them and I can tell their emotional state as well. It's odd and I've been doing some research into reading auras and the like to see if I can pinpoint what my subconscious is reading and my conscious is missing. I never did any homework in HS and always was able to ace the tests, as a result I was a "C" student... Did a little college but no degree and I currently have a very good job with a large company and I have 9 years with them this February.

All of this just strikes too oddly "close" to me and I'd like more info and experiences of like individuals.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 05:03 AM
I don't mind people discussing all this New Age stuff like indigo children, but New Age, like all religions, is fictitious non-science, so why is it in the Science & Technology section and not in Faith and Spirituality at BTS?.

Like the Smoking Bear said, "Only you--[hack, cough, wheez, puff]--can prevent non-sense from being portrayed as science." Or, something like that. Only kidding (only about this part, not the first paragraph).

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 01:37 PM
I agree, I don't think Indigo children qualify as a Science and Technology topic, perhaps it would get more attention in the appropriate forum?

Only science I would be able to derive from it is the research that shows that people in this heading have been reported at times to have 24 codons vs 20 codons turned on in their DNA. Not sure if this is really that relevant, just thought I'd throw it in.

posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 01:05 AM

When I started this thread I called them Human 2.0. Or basically upgraded through sperm banks, hospitals. Many scientologists started the Freebirth movement going on now. The Chromosomes are manipulated. DNA intervened with. This is not evolution on behalf of the divine grace, but evolution on behalf of divine intervention. By other races. Or of course, humans.

I also want to add. We are so controlled that they call us sheeple. "Humans" is not even our real Race description. That word is short for "Humanoid" which is the 5 pointed Bi-ped. There are many other different species that are Humanoid. Therefore, "human" is not the name of a species.

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 09:17 AM
Then what am I? I was to see neuro-pcychiyatric last week. His conclusion is that my brain work on high level of dopamin which speed up my neuro cells to unlimited level. This neuro transmiter works like taking cocain and amphetamines in huge doses until deplete level to "ordinary humans". He tryed to stop my sensitivity with noradrenalin hormon (maprotilin) but there was no effect. I ususaly like to listen fast music (even to increase level to 150%) even sometimes it's look like slow. I'm not taking any drogs. But i study everything and can explain/demonstrate allmoust everitthing which i read on this site. My brain work automatic, when i see some person i can tell his weak points in two seconds. If i talk to that person i can "ripp" all informations i need, create illusion or change their belive/behavior, even to the point to commit suicide.
Doctor said that i have no ordinary "feeling of love" and was scare to some point. And ask me did i study psychology?

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 09:31 AM
Have an obvious sense of self
Refuse to follow orders or directions
Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks
Are rather creative
Display strong intuition
Have either strong or no empathy for others
Develop abstract thinking very young
Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent
Are often identified or suspected of having ADHD
Are frequent daydreamers
Have very old, deep, wise looking eyes

This is me, except my eyes don't look old, they look wise. They are dark and deep.

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