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Indigo Children ... human 2.0 ?

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 07:06 PM
Also. A friend told me once how he feels I read his mind and all. I also get into problems with family because of my emotionless existence. I feel none sometimes, I even scare myself. But i would still take a bullet for my dog.

Back to manipulation. I can talk people into anything ! I've been called names before, and some were not nice ones. Friends stay away from me because I change their beliefs all the time. One friend broke down in tears, and my cousin did once. Are we really that perceptive and clairvoyant? Is this basic human intuition or the result of microtransmitters.

Polonium, can marijuana affect them?

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 05:48 AM

As we take any point or solar system body in any Galaxy and follow it over time, we can see that the position of the point or body is spiraling inwards with each revolution around the galactic core. In the Milky Way galaxy, we make one revolution every 250 million years. As a wave, this is a frequency of “one” every 250 million years: such a low frequency wave that no living one person could actually live to measure it peak even a single time.

According to the observations made on the quantum model (Niels Bohr 1913 and David Sereda 2000), we can see that if the astrophysical model is the same as the quantum model, the mass-gravity effect has to be reducing as the position of each solar system body spirals into a higher frequency orbit moving towards the galactic core or “Black Hole.” This is in opposition to Einstein’s view that mass is increasing as the galactic
mass is absorbed by a Black Hole.
But before we even get to the Black Hole, we have to ask that if all of this mass is heading towards the “Event Horizon,” where does it go? Why doesn’t it all get piled up so far, and backed up so badly, that it inhibits the incoming mass from moveng ever steadily towards its core with no resistance? If there were even the slightest resistance, the spiral arms of the Galaxy would get crunched and crinkled as the spin velocity of the
mass-wave relationship slowed down. They don’t slow down at all. That means the mass just keeps flowing towards an infinite absorption point.

I could never accept that the Black Hole was just cramming mass into itself with no point of even the slightest amount of resistance to that absorption unless there was a flaw in the operation of Black Holes and Galactic Cores.

If “Black Holes” are reducing the mass-gravity effect (weight = mass x gravity), then the “apparent weight” charge of stars and planetary bodies are being reduced towards zero as they approach the infinite zero point mass of a “Black Hole.” As bodies get lighter, it takes less energy to move them around. This would explain why Black Holes can devour
whole planetary bodies, stars, gases, and all of mass with such apparent ease: because they no longer weigh anything comparable to what they appeared to weigh from our vantage point in the galaxy. Weight then becomes the greatest illusion in calculating the observable effects of Black Holes.
Because gravity is now reduced to an effect, Einstein assumed that Black Holes must have more mass-energy to produce the gravity needed to
devour the massive bodies (as we understand them) from our position in the Galaxy.
If this is correct, we should observe an increase in higher frequency wavelengths as we approach the event horizon of a Black Hole, and that we do: more Xrays and more gamma rays are observed. This is because, I predict, planetary and star bodies are being transformed into a much higher frequency wave form.

I could never accept Einstein’s theory on Black Holes due to this single fact: that mass could increase and the inflow of mass could flow without any resistance at that mass was cramming itself into the Black Hole. There had to be resistance, and the resistance would back up the flow of mass (trying to enter the Black Hole) so badly that the spiral
arms of the galaxy would crinkle and collapse.

When the mass-gravity effect of a planet or star body reduces towards zero, it starts to accelerate in frequency and velocity; and at the “Event Horizon,” it accelerates beyond the speed of light

This allows for the infinite amounts of mass that enter a black hole to flow
without causing resistance (back-lashing waves) to the incoming mass-particle waves.

With this advantage, mass is also observed only an effect, just as gravity is. Time is the big one, but we have to wait to get into that one. Galaxy Clock. It appears that all events have already happened, but time prevents us from experiencing (time inertia).

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 05:54 AM
Now to answer to your question IF

Had there been a Big Bang, actually, its core explosion temperature would be infinitely hot and as the universe cooled, over time, the background temperature of the universe would be a GRADIENT curve. In reality, it is not a gradient, but a uniform temperature. In order for it to be uniform, the Big Bang could not have happened the way Einstein thought with regards to Relativity.

But Dirac’s Sea of Negative Energy shows that when creation comes out of a uniform Sea of Singularity that is beyond all velocities of light, and is truly instant over any distance, thus as creation happens and matter is born into space, its friction (temperature) upon entry would be uniform; just as the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
appears, uniform in temperature.

So my conclusion nasa is playing with money to do old (public) adaptation or there is Nasa program (not public) continues like WARP.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:07 AM
Now there is some teory which scares me.
Its about time travel. Its spiral into spiral and can be simple altererd (in garage effort) but what realy scares me that spiral calculation of right time positions. Now take mincowski paralel universes (i asume it.s true)

Now I am thinking about ordinary world war between usa, sovjets and china.

There are many time lines if you try to trawel to past. Can time line be measurement by gravity/frequency/position potencal of local planets.

What i thinking is so complicate to explain even to everybody.
WE mast take ASTROLOGY into account.

»It is beyond any doubt that in the second half of the 20 century the USA became the most powerful country in the world. The fascinating thing is (like it or not) that they gained this power in less than 200 years of their existence. My first thought as an astrologer was that they must have had a powerful horoscope. However, I was puzzled when I saw the horoscope of America...
According to that horoscope, the USA was born under Cancer, Ascendant in Gemini. I started to have doubts about the accuracy of that birth chart and, after some thinking, I came to the conclusion that USA’s Ascendant must be in Sagittarius. For Gemini Ascendant the stated time of birth is: 4 July 1776, Philadelphia, 2. 15 AM.
Please note: don’t you find it strange for a country to be » born » at 2 hours and 15 minutes in the morning, and in the 18 century nonetheless, when people lived in accordance with laws of nature and went to bed as soon as dusk drew near! As far as I know history, there were no such pressing issues to make them burn candles and tallow-candles (electricity had not been invented yet) just to be able to proclaim the statehood of USA. I personally think that USA’s Ascendant is Sagittarius. The reason lies in the fact that in the mundane astrology Ascendant primarily represents the people who founded a particular state, that is, the people living in that country, their national characteristics, image of the nation and its myths.
Ascendant also describes physical appearance of Americans. The first thing we notice is their smile and big teeth, which fairly fits Sagittarius Ascendant. Obsession with the size of both their nation and things they use (big cars, huge houses and estates, biggest buildings and the like) also depicts the influence of Sagittarius Ascendant.

In the USA horoscope, Neptune is placed in the ninth house (this is the sixth house starting from the forth one) which tells us about Indians becoming slaves (the sixth house is the house of servants, slaves). Pisces Ascendant (forth house of the USA horoscope is their first house) indicates that they will be isolated in separate reservations.
Neptune square Mars also tells us that alcohol and other opiates (Neptune) had disastrous effects on Indians. Even today the descendants of Indians spend their days drinking spirits – a large percentage of Indians have drink problem. In addition, tobacco was discovered on the American territory (Neptune).

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:09 AM
In the early and mid-twentieth century, in the eyes of the world, America presented the beacon of the genuine democracy, struggle for human rights, country of promised hopes and dreams...However, by the end of the twentieth century and in the beginning of the twenty-first century, this has drastically changed. Almost ideal image of the promised land of dreams takes a completely different shape –America has turned into the absolute ruler destroying everything in its way only to achieve its selfish goals. Why is that so?

The answer is to be found in the position of its Ascendant and tenth house. The Ascendant in a country’s horoscope symbolises the beginning of this country’s existence and its initial goals. Sagittarius Ascendant, more than any other sign, symbolises DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM both of individuals and other nations. However, due to its extremely powerful horoscope, in the mid-twentieth century America has become, in a relatively short period of time, the RULING country in the world. The tenth house of a country’s horoscope tells us about the behaviour of this country as a ruler. Its tenth house (power, ruling position) starts in Libra. In that house, there is Saturn in Libra which, in astrology, symbolises DESPOTISM, desire for ABSOLUTE POWER AT ANY COST

American goals are clear: Ascendant (territory) in Sagittarius (expansion of territory) tells us about its land-grabbing politics; extremely strong influence of Saturn (control) in the house of POWER (tenth house) speaks of their persistent (Saturn) desire to rule the entire world. Saturn rules its second house (money) and is at the fourteenth degree (degree of Taurus-money), which clearly explains that their POWER is reached through money; Saturn trines (excellent aspect) Mars (war) in its seventh house (relations with other countries but also the house of war); all of this means that their POWER (tenth house) is achieved through WAR-MONEY combination.
Their seventh house (relations with other countries, allies, war) begins in Gemini (media), meaning that Americans before starting war with a country first do it through MEDIA. Unfortunately, we were the ones who witnessed it and learned it the hard way. In this house, there is MARS, the planet symbolising war in astrology. Since the seventh house is also the house of ALLIANCE they formed a MILITARY (Mars) alliance – NATO which helps them wage wars (Mars) throughout the world (Mars is at the twenty-first degree which conveys the symbolic of Sagittarius— entire world). Mars is in conjunction (with the help of…) with URANUS which symbolises aviation, airplanes, bomb, bombing and thus, they play it as their major trump card when waging wars. In addition, their Mars is in conjunction with the powerful fixed star Bellatrix which bestows success and victory at war. Ancient astrologers called this star a STAR WARRIOR. Thus, the Americans have (almost) ideal horoscope for winning wars and, more than any other country in the history of mankind, they are close to achieve their goal – rule the whole world.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:11 AM
However, their Mars has one unfavourable aspect i.e. square with Neptune which will prevent them from achieving their goal. In astrology, Neptune rules ESPIONAGE, which means that their enemies will always be informed about their military plans; Neptune symbolises HIDING. Thus, every American enemy able to hide will win the war. The only war Americans have lost in the recent history is the VIETNAM WAR. In that war the Vietnamese were able to perfectly hide in their dense jungles;

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:13 AM
New Russian State was founded on June 12, 1990 in Moscow at 9:45 GMT. It was born under the sign of Gemini, Ascendant Virgo. The Ascendant of a country describes its territory and the future of this territory. Virgo Ascendant rules all FRAGMENTATION processes, which means that Russian territory (Ascendant) is about to be fragmented (Virgo). In its seventh house (relations with other countries, cooperation, conflict, war) Russia has MARS (war) in Aries (war), which means that it will CERTAINLY be at war with a country (countries). The cusp of its seventh house (war) begins at Pisces, which means that this war will start bearing the symbolic of Pisces (concealed, underhand, terrorism). Writing this text, I’ve just heard that a bomb had exploded in the very centre of Moscow …Everything begins with an introduction...Their Mars (war) in the seventh house (war) squares (conflict) Neptune (something concealed, terrorism) and Uranus (bomb, explosion, shells, aviation), which tells us that Russia is going to be attacked STEALTHILY, by TERRORISM, BOMBS and SHELLS, allegedly used by TERRORISTS.

Thus, we reach the true SENSE of »current danger of terrorism in the world «…ATTACK ON RUSSIA IN THE FORM OF TERRORISM.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:16 AM
Putin has Pluto (death) in Leo (power, authority, President) at the twenty-second degree which, according to my theory on degrees, has the symbolic of - to kill, to be killed - as well as Uranus (bomb) at the eighteenth degree of Cancer which is, according to my theory on zodiac degrees, the worst degree in zodiac circle – DIABOLIC DEGREE. This degree was EXTREMELY active when ATOMIC BOMB was dropped on HIROSHIMA! That was on August 6,1945. Hiroshima (132E27, 34N24), 8:16:40, -09:00 JST –09:00.! At that moment, the Ascendant was at the eighteenth degree of Virgo, while the Moon (people, mankind), with Saturn (misery, sorrow, sadness), was at the eighteenth degree of Cancer – exactly the same place where Putin has Uranus (bomb)!

Thus, the life of the Russian president Putin is in danger (Pluto at the twenty-second degree) while in power (Leo), and there is a considerable likelihood that he will have the same fate as the citizens of Hiroshima!
In comparative horoscope of America and Russia, America has Mars (war, attack, conflict) conjunction Russian Sun (power, authority, domination), which indicates that America will attempt to prevent the EXPANSION OF RUSSIAN INFLUENCE by WAR.
In the comparative horoscope of America and Putin, Putin has four planets (Sun-power, domination), Saturn (limitation, inhibition), Neptune, and Mercury in the tenth house of America’s horoscope, which means that by his activities Putin will greatly SUPRESS the American power (tenth house). Out of ten planets in Putin’s horoscope, four are in Libra (diplomacy), which means that carrying out his diplomatic activities Putin will try to GREATLY harm America.
In the horoscope of America, the tenth hose describes what ways Americans employ to rule the world, but also how they LOOSE power over the entire world. This house starts in Libra (diplomacy, pact, association), which means that Americans will loose supremacy due to ASSOCIATION, PACT OF ALL OTHER COUNTRIES AGAINST America; Saturn (sanctions) in their tenth house tells us that the rest of the world will IMPOSE SANCTIONS ON THEM; thus, they will loose supremacy due to the diplomatic activities and the pact that will be formed against them by all the other countries. This will include: expulsion of embassy staff from (almost) all the countries in the world; refusing the landing permission for the military and civil airplanes by many countries of the world, non-allowing the American citizens to enter almost all the countries in the world; imposing a boycott on American products.
And how will America respond to all this? Its natural response will be WAR. However, no one has ever managed to win the war against the entire world

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:16 AM
Their decline starts exactly from the moment the current President Bush comes to power. He was born on July 6, 1946 at 7hours 26min(72W55, 41N18), EDT, +4:00 under Cancer, Ascendant Leo. His Sun (power) is at the twelfth house symbolizing LOSS, which means that in the course of his rule his country will start loosing its supremacy which had been so wisely, patiently and calculatedly gained. The stone of power (Saturn in the tenth house) has started to roll downhill...
Saturn (loss) in the tenth house (power) in Libra (colours) square (unfavourable aspect) Sun (power again) tells us that America will loose power when a coloured man is elected President...It can be perceived even now that the current President is surrounded by a lot of coloured people, hence the decline has already started.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:17 AM
The fourth house of America’s horoscope tells us about the end of America. This hose begins in Aries (war) where Mars in Gemini is the ruler of this house (ruler Mercury -fragmentation), which means that war will be waged on their territory and America will be divided into a lot of minor states….

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:22 AM

Great danger of a Great War followed by the use of terrifying weapons humankind is soon about to face. Serious warnings are general geopolitical events (new alliances, new unions-public and secret ones ) in the modern world, development of new weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying large numbers of people without adverse effects on environment (various types of radiation and the like), awareness of limited natural resources on the planet Earth which resulted in the thought conceived in «some people» that the Earth can host only 1 billion people (making thus 5 billion a surplus) along with the frightening fact that more than 70 percent of people have become «trained» to take as «truth» everything the media in their countries serve on a platter. The text also contains the astrological scheme of planetary position in the horoscopes of future world leaders who will expose the entire humankind to the serious risk of war.
Ten planets of the Solar system largely influence destiny of human race: the Sun, the Moon (due to its large influence on people, in astrology the Moon is perceived as a planet), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Mars provokes aggression, rage and anger in people making them prone to attacking others, getting into fights and produce and use weapons. Hence, Mars, the ruler of Aries, symbolizes war and warfare.
It was calculated that ever since the humankind appeared on the planet Earth, some 150.000 wars have been waged. People who lived 5000 years ago, modern people, and people of the future are no different: as long as the planet Mars exerts its influence from the skies wars will be waged – the only thing that will change in the process are weapons.
Therefore, war is a history, present and future of mankind.
In astrology, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, rules the brain, little gray cells, and human intellect. Thus, an increasing number of people started to use their brains, develop thought beyond any limits possibly conceived, causing emergence of a large number of scientists whose logic brought about an increasing number of breakthroughs in all areas of life.
Naturally, the war industry has also developed resulting in production of increasingly powerful and deadly weapons. Atom bomb is the deadliest weapon produced to date.
Interrupting his lunch, the American President made a phone call to order the first atom bomb to be dropped on the Japanese town Hiroshima.
At dawn, on August 6 1945, at 8 hours, 6 minutes and 40 seconds, the atom bomb exploded above Hiroshima (132E27, 34N24) producing tragic consequences: 140.000 people instantly died soon to be followed by the additional toll of 150.000 who did not survive the consequences of this tragic event.

Uranus square Pluto brings
about World War 3 - 2011, 2012

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:24 AM
Ever since the atom bomb was discovered and used, all wars waged from 1945 to date were controlled - situations which would provoke the use of atom bomb being carefully evaded.

However, in 2011 and 2012, we will be faced with the frightening square (very malevolent aspect) of Uranus and Pluto. Thus, the unfavorable aspect of emperor Hirohito’s horoscope, which brought dropping of atom bomb on his people, will repeat itself! In addition, the square between these two planets will be even worse for Uranus symbolizing bombs enters Aries which represents war and weapons.

Uranus in Aries results in uncontrolled reactions, loss of control and use of entirely new weapons, telling us that just any kind of worst-case scenario is to be expected. Thus, constrained wars that we have had so far can easily get disastrous and out of control, engulf the entire world and entail the use of the most destructive weapons!

America, Russia, China, India Therefore, in the horoscopes of America, Russia, China and India – four major world powers – dangerous Mars symbolizing war and warfare is to be found in their 7th house describing relations with other countries!

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:25 AM
The solar return charts of these countries shows when each of them will enter into war. When in the solar return chart Mars (war) finds itself in the 7th house, such countries inevitably enter the war.

In the solar return chart of Russia for June 2007/June 2008, Mars is in the 7th house (relations with other countries) in Aries (war), which makes me quite certain that in that period (probably the Spring of 2008) Russia will seriously enter war. In the astrocartography, Mars goes exactly over the Middle East – Iran in particular- implying that the events in that territory can embroil Russia in a war.

In the solar return chart of China for 2011, Mars is in the 7th house (war) trine Uranus, which implies atomic war.

In the solar return chart of America for July 2011/ July 2012 Uranus is to be found in the 7th house (bomb) in Aries (war) square Pluto (mass destruction), implying the period when America will be in a serious war conflict using its (latest) developed weapon.

The next solar return chart for the period between July 2012 and July 2013, with Pluto in the 4th house (American territory), will produce total destruction (Pluto) of American state (4th house).

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:28 AM
One such person already «qualifies» for the ruling position in her country – Condolisa Rice. When Moscow reporters asked her about her plans for the future she said that she planned to run for president of her country at the next elections. Take a look at her horoscope.

She was born on 14/11/1954 at 11:30 (CST+6, 86W48, 33N31).

In addition, the present Russian President Putin has the Sun (power, supreme position) conjunction Saturn (extended term of office), which could indicate that his term of office will be prolonged due to possible war events in 2007/2008. His Uranus (bomb) is at the 18th degree of Cancer – the same degree at which the Moon was at the time of Hiroshima bombing....
If in the near future more leaders emerge with horoscopes such as the ones mentioned that will bring us Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn-Atomic War.

"Heaven" stages for us the worst possible scenario in the near future.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 03:49 PM
I love astrology, I usually do not put as much stock into it as most people, especially women , but I do think B3's posts were some of the most unique pieces of information that I've ever recieved.

He writes with an authenticity. How in the world can you just make this up? When I speak about my visions, there are merely my inner manifestations when operating under Zeta waves. It is my nature to think of theory, but of course, I do know the facts because I need them to extract possiblitiy from them. How many possiblities, Infinite. Science Is discovered, never invented.

Now B3. You never specified with the alignments. Do you attribute this to polarization created by specific alignments of planets and the plugging of ENGRAMS into organics as the result?

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 03:57 PM
Being a Buddhist for half of my life I realized how similair Scientology is in some ways. I began reading Hubbard, but realized DIANETICS is overwritten in some ways. Nevertheless, overwritten can be good if all it is , is a piece of philosophy made up of many layers as it' base. The Hubbard version is only a different version because he added a new layer. THETANS ... Hubbard likes to call them. But so what. Better than "demon" or "spirit" . He calls them that because of a brain state they use to posess people. When someone is in a strong Daydream or before falling asleep. No Freddy Kruger is not a good name either. THETANS posess you when you are asleep. They basically engineer a being and configure his personality and attributes to benefit them according to thier plan. Whether it's to consume corporate products like Romero's zombies in a mall.

THETANS sometimes are forced to live in an organic as a host for an indefinate time period.

INDIGO could also be a result of "hippie generation" of late sixties when majority of psychotropic drugs were introduced to population. The organic too must be influenced to be compatible with soul.

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 03:58 PM
INDIGO are basically younger people who are connected VS younger people who are not connected.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 05:05 PM
As i mentioned specific alignments of planets work as pluging (mind/hormon/body) control so your or BUSH toughts can be predicted.

This frequency/position/gravity potential influence organics as the result.
So it is possible to predict 100% what newbourne child is going to do or think even exact second when he die as grov/old man.

Our planet is rotating/ spiral path around sun/ around Milky way/ centar of galaxy (black hole) in centar of black hole is singularity.
If Time wawes comes from centar and earth is closer by every 250 milion years in frequency than we got NATURAL TIME MACHINE and we can observe how time flows.

To make inverse flow of time we can HU i can't say.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 05:17 PM
Do you that there is missing planet in calculations of solar system.
This missing/destroyed planet is named FEATON

Planet was destroyed in atlantida/mu period and now we got MARS as war planet infecting STATES and their PRESIDENTS.

And there are aliens which protect MARS at all cost. Got a point.

MARS gravity/frequence/place influence toughts in conection with URAN IN ARIES. |Mars is iniciator and devastation of america teritory comes in URAN EXACT 90 DEGREES PLUTON combined frequency.


posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 08:24 PM
Natural. I see what you are saying. I also think that our Natural Psiotronic weapons which are the planets alignments are not natural at all. If Mars is kept safe for the sake of keeping humanity aggressive then the planet Featon was destroyed on behalf of divine intervention.

When I make decisions, I am almost automatic. I make the right one mostly. Now which is the right one you say? If there are parallel universes and all possible outcomes exist in many different realities then what makes a decision the correct one???? ILL ANSWER THAT .

Now HEAVEN means being closer to a positve , fun, happy, existence funneled into a universe resulting from many "GOOD" decisions. The better my decisions. The closer I get to live out my life in a parallel universe configured to my tastes. Therefore the Quantum Physical theory I am using is correct. Heaven is a state of mind AND.... a place. We all create our own reality.

Distractions and bad governing of emotion and passion will lead to erratic decision making . The bad decision making will cause you to warp out of your potential HEAVEN reality because you failed to listen to your inner conscience because of distraction. Whether its a jealous emotion of a spouse or mate or any of the 7 deadly reactive mind stimulators. If the Reactive mind can be suppressed, then one shall move closer to his HEAVEN. But all thes Universes are parallel to eachother and they all exist. It's one big spectrum of intertwining possibilities based on YOU the soul controller of your own reality. UNDERSTAND?

When I decided to walk my dog 3 times today instead of 1 time , I am aware of the universe in which I walked him once. It exists. Both days. The right decision was of course walk him 3 times so in decision adds to a better reality since the dog doesn't go on rug. Therefore one notch less chance of living in a stressful reality due to a good decision although small, still it all adds up. We make our day. Create it. Bad decision makers will create a chaos, while good decision makers will create a cosmos.

If a bad decision maker lives in misery, he/she only has themselves to blame. The other reality they could of had does exist, but they missed their chances to move closer to it due to a pattern of consistent bad decisions made over the course of time.

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