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Indigo Children ... human 2.0 ?

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 09:32 PM
Thank you very much. I shall add this to my notes.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 12:05 AM
?????????????????????????? WHO ARE YOU GUYS ???????????????????

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 03:27 AM
GUY, Philosopher. I'd wager its the same person, at the very least a 'friend' he has co-opted into posting to make his wild claims seem better.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 04:09 AM
Possibly. I find it odd that there is no record of past posts. Try clicking on his name. Either he is for real or is a compulsive liar.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 06:56 AM

Wow... you know, I had quite forgotten just how paranoid this place can be. And no, I have no previous with b3. but if he is giving inform., then I will recieve it with gratitude. Even if it turns out to be innaccurate, it adds to notes.

I know why he talks like he does (or rather, I hope he does for the same reason I do), and as such, I will comm with in a like manner.

Unfortunately SCP, due to this sites u2u restricts on a new user like yours truly, you weren't able to recieve the message I had for you.

Perhaps, in the future, we will talk at length.

In the meantime, remember: not everything is a conspiracy. Some things are just chance. The trick is to be sharp enough to pounce when the chance arrives. And don't look at that and feel negative: it isn't seizing on chances of bad, it is also chances of good.

Have a nice day.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 07:29 AM
Lorentz force in nature is planet Earth there is tornado effect inside (hot plasma rotation) which is spinning and creating movement of planet arouns sun/and control movement of moon, also watch in mind saturn and his rings. First we will dicharge sun orbiting centar of galaxy black hole.

Before we jump to 6 field ring we must discuse about inertia.
Now if you wish to cancel gravity on earth and float in inertia less fields like in place you must use The Kinetic Quantum Theory of Gravity which predicts that the weight can be controlled by means of specific electromagnetic processes. The most simple process can be observed when an alternating electric current passes through a ferromagnetic wire.
Starting from Eq.(59) of Kinetic Quantum Theory of we can easily deduce the following equation (which shows that the weight P of a conductor decreases when an alternating electric current passes through it. In this equation i0 refers to amplitude of the electric current; 0 μ μr = is the magnetic permeability of the conductor; c is the speed of light; ρ
is the density (kg/m3) of the conductor; S is the area of the cross section(m2) of the conductor; σ is the electric conductivity of the conductor (S/m); mi the inertial mass of the conductor (Kg); g=9.8m/s2 and f is the frequency of the electric current (Hz);
The terms S^4 and f^3 into equation show that the weight reduction can be observed in thin wires of several materials subjected to electric currents with extremely-low frequency (ELF).
However, the relative magnetic permeability of the conductor μr is also
relevant since it can be greater than 100,000 in the case of ferromagnetic
materials like Mumetal, Supermalloy, etc. One can easily find Mumetal
thin wires with diameter down to 0.005" , for this reason we will select this kind of ferromagnetic wire. Then consider a Mumetal thin wire with the following
specifications: diameter = 0.005" = 0.127mm (S = 1.27E-08 m2); ρ = 8740 Kg/m3; σ= 1.9E+06 S/m; μr = 100,000.

Now observe that if f = 10mHz = 0.01Hz, for example, the
weight of the wire becomes negative when i0 > 0.286 A, at
2πft = π/2, i.e., at t = 25s. For i0 = 0.36 A, the weight of the wire
becomes equal to − mi g ( total inversion of the weight).The
maximum working current this mumetal wire can withstand is 0.5a. The fusion of the wire occurs at ~2 A.

Note that the period of the 10mHz wave is very long
( ~100 seconds), but we can digitize the top of the wave to
produce an ELF working wave which is more adequate for practical

The figure above show how to build a gravitational shield ing u sing
the mumetal wire. F rom equation o fP we see that the gravitational
mass o f a Mumeta l th in w ire ( previous specifications) is given by
Then if f = 0.01Hz, for example, the gravitational mass of the wire
becomes approximately null when i0 = 0 .286 A , at 2 πft = π/2 .
Thus the ELF ww generato r p roduces th is ELF electric current that
passes through m umetal wire changing its w eight for a value very
close to zero. C onsequently, the gravitational interaction between
everything inside the gravitational shielding and the rest of the
Universe will also b e reduced for a value very close to zero.

As we have seen the sphere or the ellipsoid are the ideal shapes for the gravitational shielding. However from the Aerodynamical viewpoint the ellipsoid is more suitable. Thus we will give the ellipsoidal shape for the Gravitational Spacecraft. the acceleration
of the spacecraft will be a = F/mg. We have seen that mg can be
strongly reduced by means of the gravitational shielding.
Let us consider that in the beginning mg = mi =30,000Kg and that when
the shielding is actived mg is reduced to 1 Kg. The thruster provides a small thrust of F = 100N then the spacecraft acquires an acceleration
a = F/mg= 100N / 1Kg =100m/s2 . Therefore at t = 10s it reaches
V = 3600Km/h.
the inertial effects upon the crew of the spacecraft practically will disappear.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 07:38 AM
6 ring antygravity has:
1. Lift and drive capability
2. Rapid temperature reduction around the rp - -Approx 100Kelvin when in motion.
3. Loss of reflected light from the rp. Increasing amounts of power (in balance - ie no movement) leads to a gradual darkening around the rp - eventually to the point where the rp is no longer distinguishable.
4. Inertia less movement - instant change of direction for the device and anything contained directly in the field - not true for carried objects that are too large to be so contained.
5. Fixed device (prevented from moving) is capable of exerting a force on unattached objects - pushing them away.
6. Field is capable of being broadened and weakened or narrowed and amplified - termed gravitational lensing.
7. The field is capable of producing an air tight 2.2m diameter spherical vacuum.
Maximum lift achieved 5220Kg - power required 6.2Kva Maximum speed (nonload) 61.2m/ssqd
There is quite a bit more but that covers most things.
Spherical field effect is a production of a standard spherical rp but with all stubs powered and toroids powered beforehand - toroids and ‘rp’ are then spun and powered in phase to produce shield field.
Pull is reverse polarity on ‘rp’ and right hand rule(not left hand rule ) for spin on toroids.

The device acts to produce a regular gravitational field - the field strength is increased until there is equivalence with earths gravitational influence. Power beyond that is 'lensed' to produce movement the lensing is caused by increasing power above G threshold in one or more of the coils (providing they are not opposites)

Anomalous Effects
1. If power is increased to all coils and rp in equal amounts, the device does not move, BUT the area surrounding the rp becomes darker and darker, until at high power loads the rp is no longer discernible. If the lighting levels are low it is possible to make out a shell coronal effect (purple/violet), a sort of hollow ball of plasma surrounding the rp
but spaced out from it a few cm's. At very high balanced power the corona appears 'pinched' in towards the rp in the interstices of the coils. This affects radio and other em wave forms directed through the rp. Not seen when the device is moving at all.
2. When moving or producing an effect like the laser-lensed field or spherical shield field, the temperature of the rp drops suddenly to approx 100K (-173C). This might get even lower as the device is improved.
3. Turns are immediate, if you take the device up and produce a +X vector, then switch immediately to a +z vector the turn is immediate. Carrying a large load this is not true. It appears anything small enough to be held within the field can be inertially compensated for. It does not 'turn' like a car, but just processes sideways, instead of forwards.
4. A two chambered vessel held within the field, one chamber holding liquid, divided from the other chamber with no liquid shows that anything carried within the field effect also is subject to inertialess turns.

5. The spherical field produces a perfect vaccuum as it is powered up and formed. It also forms a barrier that can be physically felt and hit and work as "startrek" shield.
6. The beamed field effect can be used to knock things over or knock a hole through thin sheet copper.
7. Two devices can be used in close conjunction with each other with no obvious interference.

Toroid The coils can be thought of as rings (simplistic view), more a sort of modified toroidal coil. If you imagine the core is a ring of mild steel with a bifilar winding then you are close. One winding is pulsed +ve/-ve the other -ve/+ve offset by 90o
If you imagined the toroid had a central hub (it doesn't) much as a car wheel then the toroid ring spins around its virtual hub at a speed of approx 4,200 rpm.
The coils are mounted in individually fixed drive units on the outer edge of the device.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 07:44 AM
The drives house the power take off brushes and drive cogs that spin the
toroid in place.

All six coils are 'linked' much as the two links of a chain, but all six are linked together and not in series. Asymmetrically placed for each coil is the charged fixed device termed the ‘rp’. All six coils are free to rotate without impacting each other and each pass very close to one side of the ‘rp’.

No one coil can be made separately and then added. The cores are first linked and precision welded then heated to yellow heat for an hour, annealed and cooled, then the inner stubs are attached with an insulating spacer. The stubs are wound and then each of the coils is wound. The coils are then balanced (for weight).
Each coil is held at the furthest point away from the rp in an adjustable drive capable of spinning them up to 5000rpm (4,200rpm is sufficient). The drive is mounted and connected to each of the coils from an external cuboid frame which is also used to mount the centrally charged device (rp - reference point).
Adjustment is made so that the coils do not interfere with each other and run as close as is possible to the rp. The coils spin around a virtual hub - in plane - much as a bicycle wheel would do if the back of a bicycle is held up and the wheel is spun. But of course the hub is virtual.
The coils are adjusted so that they pass very close on one side of the rp. (loop position rp)

Stubs Within the inner circumference are 12 small insulated coils perpendicular to the toroid which are appositionally pulsed - depending on their spin position relative to the ‘rp’.(diagram loop 4stub shows just 4 of the 12 stubs)
The first versions that produced MAJOR effects were all 6 coils intertwined.
(reason is position re rp) I am sure there are other configurations however. Each pair of coils is set in either x/y/or z plane but each pair are obviously slightly out of plane to provide clearance. +ve rotate clockwise -ve anticlockwise. Push follows left-hand rule, Pull follows Right hand rule (rp polarity reversed)

Toroid purified Iron. (the latest versions anyway as I've had them cast
molded)(variants include steel welded) [3% silicon iron (note this is the
same as transformer steel]

Toroid 15cm torus is 12awg 90 turns.
10/12 AWG bonded bifilar double wound helical 90degree offset.
Windings are 30degree to edge, second winding begins one quarter
diameter (90 degrees) after the commencement of the first.
Each Bifilar winding is 90 degrees offset Think of a helix, with an out of plane pitch 30 degrees off perpendicular to plane, so as you commence with two wires, beside each other originally then one passes to the right, one to the left of the plane, and then back up and over again.
The windings are 210 turns bifilar (helical) on 162 (10 AWG)

Simplest bifilar arrangement is to take TWO single strands (not
bonded bifilar) and hold them so that when you commence winding around the torus you are winding TWO wires in parallel - so the simplest way of thinking of it is as winding a PAIR of wires not just one. In the ones sent there are actually 4 wires (2 pair of bonded bifilar) You'll notice one wire is green one red for each winding pair - these are parallel connected - I have tried series connected as well. The TWO pairs of bonded bifilar are a
counter-wound caduceus (think DNA) coil. These are series connected - again I have tried parallel.
30 degrees to edge isn't any too clear - I'm sorry - imagine you are looking down on the top of a torus so that it looks just like a rectangular section. If you commence winding so that the wire is being wound (approx.) + 30 degrees from perpendicular to the long axis
(or the plane of the torus) then you've got it.
Sorry - meant to say that for the helically wound the cross overs are top and bottom - so there are precisely STRAIGHT lines of bumps - on the upper and lower median of the
torus. Sort of like a spine.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 07:46 AM
Toroid Toroid is a circular flattened ring (variants from 15cm up to 50cm in
Six coils intertwined.
Two coils make up the -x/+x think of them as left and right.
Two coils make up the -z/+z think of them as near and far.
Two coils make up the -y/+y think of them as up and down.
Weight of each coil is about 0.7 Kg or 1.5 lbs.
x sectional ratio is, width = 1.5* depth (15cm torus 18mm*12mm)
Toroids Each Torus is clamped within a 4 wheeled curved drive - the drives can be powered individually or in groups of three.
The drives clamp the torus at the furthest point from the ‘rp’. The torus's
are always driven (for lift and motion) +ve clockwise, -ve anticlockwise.
Or all torus coils are powered independently.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 08:14 AM
If a spacecraft’s “Mass- Gravity Effect”can be reduced to zero first, before mobilizing propulsion energy, the energy required to attain the speed of light and beyond (for a Zero-Mass Gravity Effect Spacecraft) in an Einstein formula would be so small, near zero energy, that the final conclusion would be that it (the UFO) would not be detectable as Dr. Van Landingham
suggested it should be considering Einstein’s law: at 1 TeV or greater. In fact, it would be invisible as mass, but detectable somewhere in the EM spectrum, even the invisible,as a Zero-Mass-Gravity Effect Spacecraft.

After getting completely frustrated with the impossible energies required to get mass toward 99% the speed of light, and the current approaches being impossible, the only logical alternative in the game of process of elimination, is to explore this new idea that the mass-gravity-effect is just that: an effect and not a solid reality. That effect can be weakened or increased.

Considering some of the maneuvers of UFOs (sudden acceleration, sudden stops or sharp angular turns all at high velocities, and invisibility), their behavior can only be explained by the idea of a craft having attained a zero-mass-gravity effect state. Because only at zero-mass-gravity effect can a pilot or spacecraft experience Zero G-force at such high velocity turning, stopping and sudden acceleration. Invisibility can be understood
with the same principles later in this paper. This IS the way they are doing it.
Because matter and antimatter are not annihilating and we all exist, the particle and anti-particle pairs would have to be at slightly different radial distances from the center of the atom in order to pass by each other without a collision taking place. If this is true, then the inner most particle is in a higher frequency orbit than the outer most particle. Between them would be a small left over charge of electromagnetism (differential) that is so small and so weak, it could explain why gravity is such a weak
force compared to the other nuclear forces.

If we can prove that mass has a tiny, weak, electromagnetic charge on it, we can merge electromagnetism and gravity into a single teory.

The history of radio, wireless transmission of information, telephones, etc., and television has shown us that we are able to transform wave forms if we are first in phase with them.
What will happen if we can first identify gravity waves, and then manipulate them? Will this discover how anti-gravity propulsion physics operates?

1. Spin protons (or electrons for a weaker effect) clockwise in a field and another set counter-clockwise with one set being in a slightly smaller radial orbit (higher frequency) than the other. This will allow for the "differential" to manifest between them. The differential is the "gravity wave" itself.
2. To manipulate the gravity wave, just widen the gap or differential by changing the radial (circumference) in the wave generator between the positive spin proton and the negative spin. The wider the gap the stronger the gravity wave you will create.
This can then be used to manipulate gravity effects: lowering the mass-gravity-effect or raising it.

In an Einstein equation, if the electron lost energy it lost mass energy equivalent and therefore reduced the mass-gravity effect. But this is just the beginning of understanding this because to reverse or cancel out gravity, we have to go much deeper.
Goal Number 1 would be to calculate the differential between the proton-anti-proton
pairs of a single atom, and then the same for the pairs of the electron. Once we know the differential dimensions of these wave pairs:
1. Wave-Particle Spin Velocity
2. Wave-Particle Amplitude
3. Wave-Particle Frequency
4. Wave-Particle Differentials
5. Wave-Particle Propagation
We can build a wave generator that can duplicate all of these same dimensions of a wave-particle in a single atom.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 08:16 AM
The idea is to build a wave generator that can duplicate the wave of mass (dual pairs), and be in “Phase Synchronicity” with it.
Once our wave generator is capable of pulsing waves in “phase synchronicity” with that of the single atom, then we can start to manipulate the wave properties. If we want to produce a “Uni-pole” mass structure, all we have to do is flip the wave generation on
the anti-particle pairs over so they spin positive. This should cause all of the waves in mass to spin positive creating the uni-pole effect.

This alone could cause mass to be
capable of moving at the speed of light.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 08:19 AM
if we can know the exact wave dimensions of the “differential” (theoretical graviton), between the dual pairs, we could build a wave generator that is in phase synchronicity with the graviton. If we change the frequency of the graviton, I believe this is where we can best manipulate the effects of
gravity and cause anti-gravity and mass-gravity reductions on a significant scale.
By speeding up the frequency of gravity, we can reduce the mass-gravity effect. By slowing it down, we can increase it. For any aircraft to have this ability would be great. The implications would be staggering.
If we can reduce the mass-gravity effect down to zero, we can go light speed on zero energy in the form of propulsion. The mass-propellant problem with long range spaceflight using propellant mass would be solved. Tiny amounts of energy would be needed for maintaining light speed, and energy would only be used when the ships and
astronauts wanted to increase their mass-gravity effect.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 10:17 AM
are we all just slaves mining precious metals for aliens?

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 11:26 AM
The implication are stagering.

With this WW generator we can make influence to earth (lorentz force) and drive planet Earth near pluton.

But there are conseqences like (ice age where aliens moved planet from ecliptic path and created winter age) or closer to sun (when dinosaures were exterminated in hot ages). Shield is needed.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 01:07 PM
And now we can speak about Blue beam project. If you consumed all sentences above than you understand THAT:
1. in case of movement planet from ecliptic path by any alien/source operation BB start to emerge.
2. Stars will be projected into jonosfere holographic from sattelites like nothing is happened, nasa is to do measurements.
Alternative: in case of public panic start to emerge earhquackes and illusion voice of god/devil. (because of fear people looks from their gov to protect them)
3. Start HAARP as yonosfere shield to prevent influence on Lorentz force of earh.
4. Establish alien invasion scenarion and move humans to shields in case of panic. ETC

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by b3rgY
If we can reduce the mass-gravity effect down to zero, we can go light speed on zero energy in the form of propulsion. The mass-propellant problem with long range spaceflight using propellant mass would be solved. Tiny amounts of energy would be needed for maintaining light speed, and energy would only be used when the ships and
astronauts wanted to increase their mass-gravity effect.

I understand your point regarding the zero mass-gravity, and thus being able to reach high velocities using virtually no energy, but I'm confused about traveling at light speed.

I thought it was a pretty much agreed upon theory (as well as any theory could be agreed upon!) that it's impossible for anything with mass to travel at the speed of light, because in doing so, that object's mass would become infinite, which, in itself, is impossible.

Oh, and by the way...I thought the topic of this board was "Indigo Children" (and no, I'm not claiming to be one)??

[edit on 23-2-2007 by Soylent Green Is People]

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 04:38 PM
Ican explain even instant travel from one point of space to another.
E=mc2 yea sure but Einstein didn't take into calculation that m is illustion and can be changed with frequency. It's not a teory it was demonstrated.

Basic of Bilefild Brown effect experiment:

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 05:44 PM
Yes, i can read B3RGY and his technical journals all day long. But we need to stay on the topic. I read most of what you said B3. I confirmed most of it here:

You see, the "sheeple" are being spoiled. The corporations release technology in intervals to maximize profit. If the Magnetron (device in microwave oven) was invented in 1900, then how would GE sell all those toaster ovens in the 50's ? There would be no need because we have the Microwave oven. If we had the internet in 1950, then how would Zenith sell a primitive media device such as the television? You see why they introduce technology in intervals? First sell 4 miillion units of the Playstation. Then in 7 years, introduce the playstation 2. If they would of introduced the playstation 3 in 1980, Then all 4 million units would sell by 1985. Sony would of lost so much money. But it was possible because the technology was available back since we were playing ATARI. It's a slow methodical process used to maximize profit. The big problem now is that they are running out of products to invent. IPODS to HDTV's. We are almost becoming equal to the shepards. Now the Galactic federations respects god so it can't enslave a technologically sound race like we are soon becoming. So they have no choice but to leave this planet.

Indigos are the system busters. Why ? I don't know. And B3RGY doesn't know. Id be glad if he told us.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 05:53 PM
Yes it's true. Infinite mass is created if you use no gravity wave sheld and use ordinary rocket propulsion truster, ot 1TEV energy. Imagine scenarion of humans in that rocket (16 G) they die before attain 300.000 m/s and mass goes infinite.

But if you use gravity inertia shields and you spacecraft if heavy near zero then you can drive 300 times of speed of light.

Read other posts as i explained light is slowed down to speed of C by inertial waves. If you can propagate and change properties of inertial waves than you can drive UFO at Andromeda constelation at 1 sec.

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 06:34 PM
Yes maximize profit also remember Microsoft and how gov controled it.

And now we can speak about (old) Montauk project, (i remembem many programs after this one about time experiments) and i founded even one scientist which was losed in time rotation vortice hole in past and continued to live.

MONTAUK i will not mention newer classified projects.
Look at his technology level:

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