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Comparison between USA and rise and fall of Rome

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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 07:10 AM
Anyway, back to the main subject, what I find the most important difference between USA and Rome is the position of Jews. Don't get me wrong, the only thing I'm trying to point out here is their significance in some societies. They were present in every Reich/Empire (usually only by a low percentage like 1-2%), but although they had considerably high capital, it was often exploited and thaken by force, they were mostly in inferior positions and had to act very cunning to survive most of the time. Here is some info from wiki:
1)History of the Jews in Germany
2)History of Jews in Russia

Thing is that today they are making highest profits ever, and have the leading role in everything. Of course, you won't be suprised about their role in USA (its pretty obvious since USA donate more money to the State of Israel then to whole African Continent), but on the other side, many people do not know how how well positioned Jews in Russia are today, after the years of stalinist antisemitic campaigns, and campaigns of his successors. Many people do not realise that famous "Russian Oligarchs" like Abramovich, Deripaska, Berezovsky, Melnichenko are actually Jews. Here is some old list of Russian-Jewish Oligarchs i found:

name - fortune in billions - company

1 Mikhail Khodorkovsky 15.2 Yukos
2 Roman Abramovich 12.5 Sibneft
3 Viktor Vekselberg 5.9 TNK-BP, Sual
4 Mikhail Prokhorov 5.4 Norilsk Nickel
5 Vladimir Potanin 5.4 Norilsk Nickel
6 Mikhail Fridman 5.2 Alfa Group
7 Vladimir Lisin 4.8 Novolipetsk Steel
8 Oleg Deripaska 4.5 Rusal, Ruspromavto
9 Alexei Mordashov 4.5 Severstal
10 Vagit Alekperov 3.9 Lukoil
11 German Khan 2.9 Alfa Group
12 Alexander Abramov 2.4 Evrazholding
13 Vladimir Bogdanov 2.2 Surgutneftegaz
14 Vladimir Yevtushenkov 2.1 Sistema
15 Iskander Makhmudov 2.1 Uralsky GMK
16 Pyotr Aven 2.1 Alfa Group
17 Nikolai Tsvetkov 2.0 Nikoil
18 Leonid Nevzlin 2.0 Yukos
19 Alexei Kuzmitchev 1.9 Alfa Group
20 Mikhail Brudno 1.8 Yukos
21 Vladimir Dubov 1.8 Yukos
22 Platon Lebedev 1.8 Yukos
23 Vasily Shakhnovsky 1.8 Yukos
24 Leonid Fedun 1.7 Lukoil
25 Alexander Lebedev 1.4 National Reserve Corp.
26 Viktor Rashnikov 1.3 Magnitogorsk Steel
27 David Davidovich 1.3 Sibneft
28 Rem Vyakhirev 1.3 Gazprom
29 Vyacheslav Sheremet 1.2 Gazprom
30 Andrei Melnichenko 1.2 MDM Bank
31 Sergei Popov 1.2 MDM Bank
32 Igor Zyuzin 1.1 Mechel Steel
33 Andrei Gorodilov 1.1 Sibneft
34 Valery Oif 1.1 Sibneft
35 Yelena Baturina 1.1 Inteko
36 Alisher Usmanov 1.0 Gazprominvestholding

and there are some even more like Boris Berezovsky, Arcadi Gaydamak or Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor; I know, list needs some editing since numbers could be old but I pasted it only so you can make an impression of what I'm talking about here. You should take a look at this article which shows some extraordinary difference in relation of Vladimir Putin (who is, by the way, not a Jew) with Jews in Russia:
Putin's Jewish Anomaly

I think that Jews learned couple of lessions from the past and they will make sure they dont make mistakes again. They are well tied into the World's Society and wont risk having some Hitler/Stalin take their precious capital from their banks. Therefore I doubt we will see any "new Rome"/"new Reich" in our future however, I guess it will be someting like NWO with different and more sofisitcated system and complexity.

P.S. if you are interested in which of the famous people through history and today are Jews, take a look at this Jewish website (on English ofc) - It's actually pretty interesting:
Jew or Not Jew

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