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The Idea Thread

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posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 04:53 PM
He I wanted to get together with everyone here on this site and just throw up ideas between us about new things we could do for the site, I have tryed contacting the site through the Ideas/Complain but i never had got a response, so I was just thinking amybe we could do this here, it is not really a specific topic but it all goes around a better ATS site. I know many of you have asked alot of questions and have got replys, so I think it would be way better to here from you guys what you all think and instead of asking the admin. we ask each other. So I believe this can work and we can be optimistic and stay on Ideas for this site and not any complaints.

Here are a few I have, I really do not know what the Blog is, but i thought it would be cool to have like a Myspace feel for each person here, like we all have our own little sites and we off of that carry on conversastions and so on, this would be a great way to make up the attraction of the site and gain independence for the members at the same time experimenting in new ways to interact, I know ATS has a goal or a certain they stay between the lines, but as a sister site this would be awesome. Also a sort of ranking system, unlike a catorgized " I have more power kind" but more or less a naming system to where we are just more than ordinary members, I know it must be hard to become a moderator, but what about steps before that, lower end types.

Please anyone who has any ideas or anything feel free to put them up, I hope through this the admin will see what we think and feel.

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