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War On Terror is to Stop Another Great Depression

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posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 07:07 AM

you challenge that I'm the one with Rage whilst constantly insulting me?

SYRIA IRAN haven't been invaded you're right. Iran are vigilant you're right: They're angry at America pestering them about it's entry into Nuclear power. Do you believe the same rubbish WMD again??? When on God's earth are you going to get this lie??? Maybe when they've used the same line on 50 Countries you'll work it out.

What has Iran got to do with the USA??? Why is it that the USA is pushing this IRAN is making WMD crap to the UN? IRAN is simply trying to do what we in the west do - produce Electricity with Nuclear Power... America says: "Why do they need Nuclear Power with all that OIL?" There is a lot of Oil under Iran isn't there?

Hans Blitz will probably roll out again find nothing and then USA will attack 'couse they know there is no worry.

IRAN and SYRIA will first get sanctions, then get bombed. I'm not saying it'll happen over-night! Their only defense is to bow before the USA and allow the USA to plant Pro-American leaders there.

IRAN is so defiant at the moment to try and make America think twice about setting up a puppet gouvernment, or Murdering their people and Leaders if they resist, who can blame them?

posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 07:39 AM
This Web page is obviously for the Deluded Dreamers.

You guys keep on dreaming, you can't see the Bleedin obvious, because you don't think it can be that Bleedin obvious.

Quote your statistics all day long, people are dying in IRAQ more than before the US attacked.


Goodbye for-EVER, read the crap from the other posters, I tried to tell you the truth - when my predictions are proved, you guys will have a bunch of statistics that prove WHY it happened, and why I only got it right by accident!!!!...

The Cold War kept USA having to prove they were the good, Free, Nation. There is now no Cold War, and the American Economy is dependant on OIL.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 01:02 AM

Originally posted by Leif
Look we're going to have to disagree...

That's fair. I like this response much more than I like your most recent post in which you said

This Web page is obviously for the Deluded Dreamers.

Opinionated is fine. Heck, I'd like to think that I'm something of an institution around here exactly because I'm so headstrong. I do suggest however that you will find it easier to win friends and influence people (and not get warnings and or banned) if you avoid insulting other members; what you've essentially done in the quote above is insult ATS as a whole. This is unfair, because although you may not agree with everyone, it is plain to see in many of the threads around here that ATS has quite a few fine scholars and gentlemen/ladies who do not deserve the label you have branded upon this entire site.

The War does cost incalculable amounts I know. I'm suggesting that Oil sales are allready indirectly funding this War.

It is fine if we have to disagree on this matter, but I would like to ask you one last time to examine the math I have done using figures from reliable sources, which demonstrates that not enough money is being gained through oil sales for America to profit by the war.

My contention really is a narrow one and I wish you would consider this; I am not claiming that the war in Iraq is all on the level. What I assert is that the American people are not the source of the wrongdoing here, because there isn't enough money in it for us to be the culprits. The wrongdoers here must be those who
  • 1. Aren't paying for the war.
  • 2. Are reaping benefits from it anyway.
  • 3. Don't have the interests of America in mind.

This, in short, means certain multi-national corporations and select government officials who serve them either due to bribery or blackmail.

In a nutshell, all I'm saying is that you can't entirely blame decent American citizens for the corruption.

The guilt of America is limited to apathy that has made us unable to run our government in a more perfect manner. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone for that offense.

Bush is not a Hitler type? Why's he only after people in the Middle East then?

Using Nazis as icons of evil against which every wrong must be measured may not be the most effective argument to present. I'm not even going to get into the technicalities of where Bush is similar or dissimilar to Hitler because I know these discussions enver go anywhere. I will simply point out that the Nazis incinerated people alive; that's a tough act to follow in terms of grotesque evil. Virtually any comparisson to the Nazis will fall flat as a rhetorical strategy except with those who already agree with you, simply because the standard against which you are comparing is so infathomable.
If you feel an analogy is in order, compare specific events rather than broader concepts. For example, comparing the war in Iraq to the Italian Fascist invasion of Ethiopia might fgo over better (though I make no claims as to the validity of that analogy).

I would like to believe that the USA is the place it used to be.

Um, the USA never was "the place it used to be", at least not in recent memory. The Democratic Utopia was dead (to my mind) as of the Whiskey Rebellion and America as the international Mr. Niceguy never existed if you ask an Indian, and if it did exist, died during the Banana Wars.

We only founded the UN to divide up the world among ourselves and our allies and assure our supremacy over all challengers. The fall of the ROC and the start of the Cold War with the USSR didn't ruin the UN, it simply highlighted the offensively ambitious nature thereof by creating a power struggle among those who were supposed to rule the world together.
The end of the cold war brought about an American attempt to reinstitute the UN not for any noble reasons but as a guardian of our supremacy, and we pitched it out the window again when it turned out that Russia and China still had some backbone left in them on certain issues.

The good old days never happened. The American people have been slowly but surely wearing out one ruling conspiracy only to be enslaved by another for over 200 years. Again, not exactly our fault- just the nature of the world.

They did this even in Ukraine, fundingthe Orange Revolution and Victor Yushenko's rise to power over the pro Russian candidate.

Actually that was a good thing. Yes, we funded some professional "guerilla campaigners" from the former Yugoslavia. It takes a lot of money and a lot of know-how to win an election against a crooked government. At the end of the day though, the votes were there. All the money in the world wouldn't have made a difference unless A we resorted to violence or B the vote of the people was on our side.

You people are more informed than me in the facts, and I thank you for your information. However, I honestly think you can't see the wood for the trees.

Knowing less does not give you clarity of vision on the matter. You started with a conclusion. This was a mistake. Take the facts- look them up. The internet is very powerful- in 2 hours of skilled googling a person can become VERY well acquainted with most subjects. Form a conclusion from the facts. If you can start from scratch, and get to your conclusion just on the facts without making leaps, that's fine. If not, perhaps you should be open to the possibility that there is another answer. I'm wrong sometimes. It happens. It sucks, but it happens. Better to blush a bit and then fix it, than to become angry and then storm away from the discussion saying "you're all dilluded" and "goodbye forever". What happens when you've stormed away from everyone? Move up to the mountains and be a hermit?

Chill. There's no animousity here... at least not from me. Disagreement is no biggie; it's just an intelligent discourse on current events: good clean fun.

posted on Jun, 18 2006 @ 08:54 AM

Originally posted by Leif

Just to inject a little humor, I thought I'd mention that I found the answer to this question. Lewis Black told me.

You see, whenever you see pictures from North Korea, they are in black and white. It's not the film. These people are so EVIL... they have no color. North Korea is the country that the monkies from The Wizard of Oz came from. You don't (screw) with that kind of evil.

posted on Jul, 9 2006 @ 05:02 PM
Seemed to me a lot of professional Politicians got on my case. I'm stating an opinion that I am not going to back up with statistics and numbers the Politicians have that covered

If we are to have a real discussion we have to know how the enemy works.

I found the replys too ordinary to be from normal people - I have no interest in speaking to govournment Spin-doctors.

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 01:56 AM

Originally posted by Leif
Seemed to me a lot of professional Politicians got on my case.

I only wish. I'm about as amateur as a spin-doctor can get and still be taken seriously; outsider all the way. I aint rich enough, not protestant enough, not partisan enough... and culturally speaking I'm probably not white enough either.

If we are to have a real discussion we have to know how the enemy works.

The fact that not everybody sees eye to eye with you doesn't prevent this from being either "real" or "a discussion".

This is a potentially very interesting and very real discussion about something that recently came up in the ATS 9/11 survey regarding the possibility that the war on terror has something to do with maintaining a "wartime economy". My point here is that the very thing which makes it a conspiracy (as opposed to policy like any other) is that it is being perpetrated by a secretive and influential few for their own interests rather than by America as a whole through proper channels for the benefit of all.

There isn't enough money in this conspiracy to go around, and it isn't sound policy. Therefore the "wartime economy" angle only makes sense when viewed through a conspiracy lens; ie: that private interests rather than national ones are driving this war.

The difference from your accusation is mainly semantic. Most of the heat you're feeling is a response to your attitude. There is no reason this discussion can't continue with mutual respect. We can all take it easy on eachother and discuss this intelligently as long as people aren't being called government agents and deluded dreamers.

My contention is ex

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 04:00 PM
The U.S. was not the first and only country to ever use weapons of mass destruction.

Are you folks forgetting World War 1, when before we even contemplated being in the war the Europeans were chucking chemical weapons like mustard gas back and forth at each other? And possible bio weapons?

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