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Strange weather in europe

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 11:04 PM
i dont live in europe, im in america, but i check the RSOE site alot which is the global emergency and disaster database. it has been mentioned on here by me and some other people around here recently...basically it logs everything on a map from all around the world that has to do with any type of disaster from biological to weather related to terrorist related etc...

well i was looking on there today and i came across some wierd weather in europe mentioned and i thought i would share it.
here is what the RSOE states about the weather in europe:

Thunderstorms brought lightning and rain to much of Britain on Monday, while other parts of the UK basked in sunshine and record temperatures. In London the temperature soared to 32.3C, making it the hottest day of the year and the hottest 12 June on record for over 100 years. But the Midlands, the north-east and parts of the south-west were hit by flash floods and torrential rain. The weird weather was caused by the hot air mixing with a cold patch of air. The unusually high temperatures for June were the result of hot humid air from Spain trapped under hot dry air from Africa. When the cold air hit the hot air, explosive thunderstorms were created. During the storms several houses were struck by the lightning, but no-one was hurt. Some trains were also cancelled after signals were damaged. Although Monday was the last really hot day this week, it could well warm up again in England and Wales at the weekend.

if you want to check it out with the map of the area and some specific numbers go here: strange weather in europe

if you would like to take a look at things going on around the world on RSOE global emergeny and disaster database go here:GLOBAL EMERGENCY AND DISASTER DATABASE

and if you live in america like me and you want a close up of what is going on around here you can click on it on the big map i linked you to above or you can go directly to it here:RSOE: USA

So what do you all think of this? heard of any other out of the ordinary things lately?


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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 11:22 PM
why nobody has seen anything?


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