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IRAN WAR: Please Put your views on this

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 06:11 PM
IRAN : I think The situation will be like this

Begining of the ConflictUS and EU

In order to get control over Oil... US Plans Attack Iran:

Gives some sort of Ultimatum .....Countries that Plays second feedle to US ie UK, Israel joins US ..some of the spineless/weak/loyal NATO nations join the group some other European Nations (France Spain) try to prove themselves "Great " by INDIRECTLY protesting this US action (what else can they do!)

Muslim world
The Muslim world unites against the US act (excluding Some loyal muslim Governments like Pakistan & Saudi Arabia ).....Mass Muslim Protests all over the World , organisations like Al-kaida take maximum benefits of this situation and is flooded with "muslim brothers" for an anti-American Jehad

Russia tries to gain maximum benefit of this situation to regain her lost glory ...becomes the "big boss" /Favoured Nation of Muslim nations by being the first country to OFFICIALLY PROTEST the US ultimatum .........But Russia knows Alone she can do nothing ....Thus looks for some POTENTIAL allies

India and Brazil
In the mean while the rising powers India & Brazil does the maximum pimping to extract maximum benifit from the situation ....since they have good relations with both the Sides (US and Russia ) stays officially neutral ...but continues all sort of pimpings

On this Critical Juncture all depends on China ...Probably China will Protest officially...without doing anything in order to ensure her Economy continues booming ...However if China(10 % Chance) joins hand with Russia and the two powers together threatens to send forces against the US camp in case of attack to Iran ....then again all depends on How the US reacts

Now again all depends on the US
If US understands the outcome and suspends her plan of attack to Iran :

Then it will mark a new era of multipolar world ...US will loose the BIG BOSS title that it has been enjoying since the collapse of USSR

If US clings to her EGO and attacks Iran : THIRD WORLD WAR...>>>>>NUCLEAR WINTER ...>>>>End of Human civilazation

Thats how i think about the current Iran situation ...let me know what do you think about this emerging situation .... let me know what other Political conspiracies can be played by world leaders to profit from the situation

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 08:13 PM
I quite disagree.

The middle east will be unstable and collapse into war with or without outside intervention. Iran will start a war with Israel, if it hasn't done so already.

I think that the western world needs to start developing and using alternative energy sources REALLY quickly, thus removing the importance of the middle east and let it collapse into a state of constant war and religous madness. The Israels and their neighbors can then duke it out, without western support, and they can all go back to the stone age with their stone age values that they are so find of holding onto.

However, if they want to join the 21st century, they better get with the program and start changing their own societies to reflect the modern world.

posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 08:27 PM
You don't think that we are dumb enough to attack Iran outright do you? Sure we may have even a major blunder from time to time but we know that if we want war with Iran we will force them to attack us or attack Israel and bam we have our war and nobody can do anything about it.

Now as for Russia i doubt they will do anything as harsh as sending troops against the U.S. see Russia is playing both sides as well, just like India. The whole point of all this middle east turmoil is to head off China from securing future energy resources that it will need, so it is plausible for China to draw a line in the sand however i Personally would rather goto WW3 than let those commies have any power whatsoever and before you ask yes i would join the military myself. Actually i'd like us to stop trading with China so much, i understand the tactic of introducing Capitalism in china to birth a rebellion but its time we put a little heat on them and find some countries willing to compete for our cheap labor needs like Mexico we could solve two problems at once.

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